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Registered: 07/06/08
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Well my Saxon was found behind the entertainment center. This is a place he never went before. I actually don't know how he even fit back there. He knew he was leaving me forever :(


Registered: 06/15/08
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 He was adorable!!He looks VERY loved too.Sorry for your loss.ugh...those words can't even express how hurt I know you are.


Registered: 08/17/08
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My dog, Kelly, was almost 17 years old. We have the invisible fence and she has never left our property on her own. Three days ago, I put her outside while I cleaned up her "accident" in the kitchen. When I went to let her in, she was gone. I immediately searched for her and we have spent the past 3 days searching everywhere for her with no success. Some of our neighbors have suggested that she ran away to die. She was struggling with severe arthritis in her hips and was also deaf with very limited vision. We can't believe we can't find her because she couldn't walk far. We are devastated and I feel so guilty because the last thing she will remember was that I was angry at her for having yet another accident in the house after just being walked.


Registered: 07/14/08
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i have been posting about my little scrappy dappy who died on july 2, 2008 but after reading this thread i remembered something.  about 4 years ago my sisters black lab who was about 8 at the time wasn't himself.  i'm not sure but i think he had severe arthirtis on top of being overweight and was very slow at walking.  my niece called me up and said that ace got out of the yard and was missing for a couple of hours.  somehow he managed to get about 1/2 mile away from her house and through a fence leading to a parkway where he was hit by a car.  it crossed my mind a couple of times that i wondered if he knew what he was doing and wanted to just end his life.  does that sound crazy?  we just couldn't believe that he could have gotten that far when he couldn't barely walk.  Lisa. 


Registered: 07/07/08
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Akita,  Layla only wanted to be close to me. She didn't want me to leave her in another room--I had to carry her up and down stairs, and it almost broke my heart a night or two before we had to PTS and I thought she was sleeping peacefully downstairs with her papa, so I came up to my office. She somehow made her way up the flight of stairs and found me. I think it may be different for little and big dogs. Little ones have been in our laps most of their lives and many feel most at home there. Even if she didn't want me to hold her, she wanted to be next to me.

I had two older dogs who showed signs of doggie dementia, which is what I think may happen to those who wander off.  It came and went with my two. Gaelin would suddenly look like he wasn't sure where he was in his backyard (fenced) and I would help him back up the step onto the deck to come inside. They also did things like wet inside which he never would have done and chewed the wood on the chair legs in the kitchen--this was a very disciplined, well-behaved dog who had never done things like that in his life. We allowed Russell to stay a little too long--over 18--and he was senile. He would stand at the French doors and pee in the kitchen because he was mostly blind and thought he was outside. He was also almost completely deaf, but it was the fact that he started to cry when he got up and down that made us decide it was his time to go the the Bridge. The vet said he could probably live another year but there was no quality in his life. I'm not sure he knew us any more.  He didn't really want to be petted or touched any more at that stage.

Wild animals often do go off by themselves and hide when they know they're dying, so I see no reason to doubt that some of our dogs and cats do the same. Even though they've been domesticated a long time, they still maintain some of those traits--like pack behavior in dogs, marking, etc.

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Scouty, my darling Cocker Spaniel passed three nights ago. He knew it was time to go. In spite of how weak he was because of the illness, he wouldn't come into the house - through the very doors he was always eagerly waiting to run in. He knew. But despite the pain, he sat outside, first in the backyard, smiling, and then he moved to the front & sat there smiling. When I got his leash to bring him in he stood up & wagged his tail profusely but refused to budge, with a look in his eyes that was telling me - “I am not going to come in with you now, but if you want we could take a walk together”...and so he walked out the gate & I followed. First one slow round, then back into the yard for a little rest, but still with the lovely smile & the wagging tail. Then one more round - which was his last. He just lay down, cried & died, right outside our gate. But he wasn’t alone. I was right there with him. It was the most painful moment in my life. And his passing the greatest loss I have ever felt. But I know that Scouty knew it was time to leave & he was happy. And I believe it was he who took me for the walk & not the other way around & he did it to share his joy & happiness for the life past & the eternity to come, with me - one last time. He is now alive with me, in my heart. The pain is terrible, but I have to learn something from that last walk we took – embrace & cherish every moment you have with the ones you love & do it happily, like my Scouty did.


Scouty – my dearest I shall love you till my last breath & then I know you will greet me at heavens door probably even before St. Peter gets to me.




Registered: 09/25/08
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I am so sorry about your precious Dusty.  I can say I've read that the animals natural instinct is to go to places that are not their familiar places when they know they are dying or seriously ill.  Such as you may find them under a bed, in the back of a closet, places they never had chosen to rest before.  They know how ill they are and they know they are vulnerable to prey at that point - so they burrow or hide to rest.  This is all part of their natural DNA.

But certainly know, Dusty was not trying to get away from you.  He was just trying to go somewhere where his scent could not easily be found by other animals that could hurt him in his vulnerable state.  

If you would like to read more about it, you can google it - I'm sure there are many articles that discuss this.  Once again, I am so sorry, but Dusty is with you - talk to him.
Murphy's Mom

Registered: 12/10/08
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I'm sorry for everyone's loss here but I too just went through this ordeal. Just the day before yesterday my 12 year old Jack Russel Terrier "Barney" dug out from the backyard and my wife discovered him just laying down on the backdoor mat. It was strange since he usually ran away before we could grab him and put him back in the yard. But this time he just laid there looking at my wife with a sad face and didn't want to go back in the yard as if was spooked by something. So I put him in the kennel located in the garage since we were on our way out and decided to deal with him later. Well, he stayed there all day and didn't wanna get out and seemed depressed. I finally told my kids to go walk him and feed him outside. He ate and drank fine, barked at the birds in the bushes like always and barked at the other neighborhood dogs. That evening it stormed outside with thunder, which he was terrified of, and sure enough he dug out again. So yesterday I expected he'd show back up after he had his romp in the neighborhood like he always did when he escaped. But late afternoon came and nothing. On my way to pick up my wife from work, the kids and I decided to drive the neighborhood and look for him...and to my shock, he was laying dead on a grassy patch next to the sidewalk by a busy road. It was not like him to wander that far from home. I don't know how he ended up on the sidewalk because you could see where he got hit on the road. Well, I hope to God he did not suffer. Although I do believe it was his time to go because he acted different this entire year. He seemed depressed at times and didn't get happy to see me like I remembered, but I figured it was because of his old age. He used to jump up and down wagging his little tail. Sometimes it seemed like he didn't even recognize me but I thought it was due to some eyesight loss. I just wonder if he was trying to tell us something that day he was laying on the mat. He even wanted to jump into the truck when my wife went to turn it on to warm up. We'll never know what he was going through but I hope he's enjoying heaven right now, running all over the place in an open pasture. He would've of loved it! We will forever miss and love you Barney! R.I.P 8/1986 - 12/2008

Registered: 02/04/10
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Hi I found this thread because I was thinking of my precious dog Yovel and how he went to the basement early in the evening of the night he passed.  I used google to find out if dogs do in fact go to the basement or other unusual places b/f they die... and found this thread.

We didn't know he was sick, but he must have had great pain according to the vets (the examination indicated he died of a burst tumor).  It's been more than two years, but I still think of him (of course) and also that night.  This thread helped me to understand that yes, dogs do seem to go somewhere hidden or safe and  usually away from their family when they are very sick.  I'm glad I called Yovel up from the basement and specifically  asked him to sleep in my bedroom that night.  I woke up from his distress in the middle of the night and was able to bring him to the vet who put him to sleep.  This shortened the amount of time he suffered and allowed me to be with him.  I love and loved my baby boy.  He was such a loyal, beautiful dog.  Probably a german shepard-lab-akita +??? mix. I now have a rescue Cockapoo, who is a companion dog to a family member who is ill.  Dogs are precious and make life so much better for us.  May my baby boy Yovel rest in peace.  I love you Yovel!

Registered: 01/25/10
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Reading this thread has helped me so much with the guilt I have been feeling over not being with my Sugar when she passed away at the hospital. Maybe she was one of the ones who prefered to pass alone. Perhaps she was glad I wasn't around to witness it. I hope so. I hope she wasn't afraid or disappointed in me.


Registered: 01/31/10
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I am so sorry for everyone's loss of their precious fur baby.

I believe my Sadie tried to run off alone 2 weeks before she passed and, before we even knew she had cancer.  I knew she wasn't well.  Took her to the Vet and she had a UTI.  I knew something more was goign on or this was a secondary infection.  Two weeks later, this past Wed. we found a mass that was not there two weeks before-turned out to be aggressive cancer and the mass was aggresssive.

Anyway, when she first started to appear ill, whe wanted to go out and then come ine.  Couldn't make up her mind.  Then at one point she ran off, turned her back to me (I could still see her, and was laying in the snow by our Hemlocks).  She NEVER did that. 

I got her back in and last Friday we ahd to put her down.

{{{HUGS}}} to all!


Registered: 03/13/10
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Hello All -- 

First, thanks to all persons on here who have opened up to share in their grief of the loss and deaths of their animal family members. I'm currently going through the absolute pain and confusion of losing my chocolate lab of 16 years, Murphy Brown.  Its sad, but nice to know I'm not alone in the manner she seems to have vanished in her last days. 

Murphy has been by my side since I picked her out as the runt from the litter.  I do believe it was her runt attitude that helped to provide a very long life for a labrador.   But the past few months had realized a very progressive downturn in her health.  She started exhibiting all the normal senior dog symptoms -- very limited mobility, mostly blind and deaf, and incontinence.  A full physical and bloodwork this past Monday confirmed the expected grim news:  She was nearing her end. 

We live in a nice secluded neighborhood that's very kid and animal friendly.  Most every person has at least two dogs and a horse or two.  I let Murphy and her kid brothers out for their normal morning potty breaks yesterday.  The little brothers ran to the barn as usual, and I observed Murphy no more than her normal 10 feet from the house gingerly walking the grass.  The dogs, as usual, told me they were ready to come in less than 5 minutes later -- All but one, Murphy.  She has never wondered off, and was, from all apparent indications, physically incapable of doing so.  We, with the help of some great friends and neighbors, combed every inch of the woods and neighborhood without any sign of Murphy.  Needless to say, the sense of guilt and grief are almost unbearable.  I truly thank all persons who have shared similar stories -- It helps to understand I'm not alone in this experience.  To have an animal family member apparently vanish in their last days is hard to understand.  I do find solace in one small detail of this experience -- For the past several weeks I prayed for God to please not put me in position to euthanize Murphy.  Ultimately, I prayed for God's will. But, I think He might have answered the first plea to be gentle with Murphy and not let us be forced into a position of euthanasia.   Regardless, not knowing is still hard to swallow.  Thanks again for all who have shared. 

Registered: 02/04/10
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I am sorry to hear of your pain with Murphy's disappearance.  I hope you find her or if not, find peace with her decision to go away on her own.  It is quite amazing how animals do go away when it is their time.  Peace to you and your family, Yovel's mom.


Registered: 05/23/07
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Akita,   My brother just had a very upsetting event where he lives in Virginia.....he has 5 acres and has that electric fence around the perimeter for his 3 large dogs. One had darted through the fence and was pronounced dead by my brother for the dog never returned that day. He thought for sure something happened to her because she had a level 3 heart problem.  I was up all night.  I called him the next morning early at 7am.......he said the dog never returned.....At this point I was losing hope......During our conversation he was getting another incoming call.  His neighbor.  His dog was in another neighbors yard that had the electrical fence and she could not get out!!!! Sasha is home now, my brother is not sick anymore about.   I dont know if you are in a rural area or not, but I hope your Dog isnt caught somwhere like my brothers dog was.......Hopefully this is it......I am praying that Dusty is ok and will be home soon.    Creamcheese


Registered: 03/19/10
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I need to thank every reply on this thread.  Based off of odd behavior, I googled the question, "do dogs run away to die" and found this site, and after reading your entries.....I bawled like a child.  My dog was ready to die when I wasn't ready to let him go.  The evening before, my dog did many of the things I read in responses and it was a reality slap....I needed to let him go.  I took him down that afternoon (2 days ago) and sat with him on the ground and watched his heart stop beating and moved on to another thank you for giving me the knowledge to realize that I needed to do the right thing for him, and not the right thing for me.  It was the hardest thing I have EVER had to do, but I have to believe it was what he wanted. 

I'm sad for every single one of your losses, especially if they were half as special to you as my Mojo was to me. :)  Rest in peace my beautiful Mojo Puppy....

Registered: 06/30/10
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We just lost our beloved Sam after 12 years of faithful, loving companionship. 

It is so hard for us, as humans, when our pets leave home to die.  We feel as though we have in some way let them down or been found wanting or neglectful.  This is far from the truth.  In fact, it is because they have become a member of the family that they leave when they sense the end is near.

Dogs are pack animals and utmost in their minds is their family.  The urge to leave home to die is inherited as they do not want to bring predators into their dens who would hurt on kill a member of their pack.  So they move away from their home, to protect us.

My husband wanted to keep him home.  But having grown up in the country,  I understood that he would struggle again to leave, and that he deserved the right to die in a place of his choose. 

We live at the end of a short country road and have distant neighbors.  So I did not worry that he would intrude on them. 

As a last faithful act of love and devotion, Sam, who had severe hip problems and with COPD, drug himself a quarter of a mile away from his home and family to die by a stream. 

I cry even harder as I write this.  Thank God we were blessed with such a strong and faithful companion for so many years.


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I am sorry to hear of you loss Conrad. Sam is now free and without pain running with our fur family. The first few days after they leave are so overwhelmingly painful, it is hard to imagine. Please come often, share stories of your Sam and let us know how you are doing.

My thoughts are with you and Sam. Godspeed!


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It happened to a girl that I know.  Her dog Scout wandered off at 4am, with this girl right behind Scout and Scout wouldn't come back.. She never found Scout again, she was old and we think that she left to go die by herself.  Possibly saving my friend the heartache of watching her die?


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my inlaws little black pug luca went missing on the 17th. he was only 7 years old, and never tried to run away before.. luckly we had found him on the 18th around 6pm. he was quieter then usual but we just thought he was so scared of his ordeal. he didnt have any health problems that were noticable and was always a happy little guy. my inlaws were so happy to have him back they didnt wana leave his side. but the next day he wanted to be outside with the other dogs so they tied him up so he couldnt get out again. not knowing how he did in the first place... and they let him have aliitle freedom early afternoon and came back to check on him and he was taking his last breaths. my father inlaw tried everything to bring him back but it was just his time to go.... so devestating! no one seen this coming.. my parents just told me today that dogs do run away to pass to spare us the heartbreak. i thought they were crazy until i found this website. now i believe some dogs do do this. i just believe god wanted to spare us the heartbreak on wondering if he was ok and brought him to us one last time for us all to say goodbye. even though we thought it was a very welcoming back hello. yes we are all suffering deeply in our loss but at the same time i am so grateful we all were able to give him a propper burial next to our other dogs he was able to share his earlier life with. i no he is not alone and we all will be reunited again someday. my heart goes out to anyone that lost a pet they love, for i know threw alot of experiances it is beyond painful.. they will always be in our hearts and never forgotten. till we meet again luca RIP we love you always! love your family


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My beloved 15 year old Alexis (what a royal name for such a beautiful Samoyed!) had suffered from spinal arthritis for about the last year and a half and I knew I was on borrowed time with her.  It was inconceiveable to me that life could go on without her, so we worked out a routine that kept her comfortable (with meds) and I became her primary source of "transportation" (which was no small feat, since she only weighed 25 pounds less than me!)  After getting assurance from her vet that she still had "a few good years left in her", I planned a family vacation during which time she was checked into her favorite pet hotel.  I kissed her goodbye, told her to be a good girl and off I went to the beach.  By day #4, I received a call from the kennel owner that she was not doing well and I needed to return ASAP.  When I arrived 2 hours later, I was heart-broken at my little girl.  She could not stand, was in pain when moved and could barely lift her head to lick my face. I made the painful decision to leave her there so as not to move her and made arrangements for a vet to come put her down the following day (the soonest we could get someone there on a weekend).  I have spent the last four days riddled with guilt for (1) leaving her there, (2) not putting her down sooner, and (3) fooling myself in believing my vet when in my heart I knew she had all but given up.  The pain and loneliness has been unbearable...losing Alexis has left such a void in my life that will take quite some time to recover from.  This morning I spoke with a friend of mine who gently reminded me that pets go away to die and that she was convinced that Alexis chose that time and that place to go to make it easier on ME...she said that Alexis knew it would be too difficult for me to experience her passing at home, so she chose a place that distanced her from me and our home....If this might be true, it is a great consolation...Does this sound possible to anyone?  I need some hope! I need some reassurance that I didn't fail Alexis when she needed me the very most...I would never be able to live with myself otherwise....


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Dear Mimi - Your kind words and condolences were a comfort to me this morning when I read your post.   Although it has only been 6 days, I continue to feel that I am living a very bad dream and wish more than anything that I would wake up, find Alexis curled up on the floor at the foot of my bed and life was normal again. There is no one to happily greet me at the door after a long day at work, no one to share morning coffee with, and no one to unconditionally love me like only Alexis could. I had a long conversation last night with her spite of the fact that Alexis was 2 hours from home and we never made it back to Baltimore to the wonderful vet that loved Alexis almost as much as I did, I just felt that I needed some questions answered from a professional...I need to find some way to make sense of all this and get my head and my heart in a place where I can smile when I think of my silly little (not so little! LOL) girl instead of battling with the guilt that I continue to feel. Although my conversation with the vet made me feel a little better, I still continue to question my decisions over the past year and a half when Alexis began to fail.  I remember when my mother died of lung cancer many years ago, it was said that we cannot be selfish and pray for her to hold on for OUR sakes---that she was in pain and had made peace with God and was ready to move on to a better life free of that pain.  The same holds true for Alexis...and I know that. But, as you well know, for those of us left behind, the pain and emptiness is unbearable.  Your story about Surfer touched my fragile heart and I have no doubt that Alexis and Surfer are this very minute happily romping in the clouds!  Alexis was a huge cat lover and thought they were put on this earth for her pure enjoyment *LOL*  Anyway, as I struggle to remember my girl as a carefree, frolicking puppy, it gives me peace that one day she will be waiting for me at that Rainbow Bridge and we will share the rest of eternity as we did here on earth!  Thank you again, Mimi, for easing the grief and sharing a piece of your heart with Alexis and I.  We are truly grateful.


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Dear Mimi - Thanks for all your kind words....I still struggle the tears every day and the weekend has been extremely hard. Living alone has taken on a whole new meaning to me and everything just seems so wrong! When the church bells on the corner used to chime every Sunday morning, Alexis would howl and I would always say she was a God-fearing dog.  This morning there was only silence...Her ashes are ready for me to pick up but I just didn't have the emotional fortitude it will take to make the 3 hour round trip ride to go pick them up...I wonder if I'll ever be ready since that will make things so "final"...I did get a beautiful frame on Friday on the way home from work that says: "DOGS are what unconditional love is all about".  I was actually unemotional over the frame until Alexis' picture went into it, then her smile seemed to follow me all over the room.  Yesterday I cleaned out her medicine shelf which was so very hard...I remember the high hopes that I had with each new Rx that it would give me my old Alexis back...Her toothbrush and toothpaste (which I think got more on her lapping tongue than on her actual teeth cuz she liked it so much), made me think of our Saturday afternoon grooming sessions in the gazebo in my back yard.  There's not a place I can go to get away from the pain....I only pray this emptiness and hurt someday goes away. The love and suppport from folks like you, my three wonderful children and the distraction of the 4 most adorable grandbabies in the whole world have gotten me this far...It's just so very, very painful!  No, Central NJ is not that far...Please stay in touch and have a great Sunday :)


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Good morning, Mimi! Boy! You do have an animal houseful, but that is so cool for oyour boys.  I am certain my love for animals (particularly dogs) came from my parents....My father was a hunter and we were raised with Springer Spaniels (excellent family dogs). When I grew up and moved out on my own, it just seemed "normal" to have a dog.....How I came across Alexis is a real heart-warming story.  We had lost of 2 year old "wild and crazy" yellow lab and it took me almost a few year to want to embark on the responsibility of another dog.  My children were still young, I was a single mom working two jobs and the idea of one more responsibility was more than I could tackle. But one Saturday afternoon, I walked into the pet shop at the mall (YES! that one dreaded place where everyone will tell you is the LAST place to get a dog), but little butterball Alexis immediately grabbed my heart.  At the time, I was living hand-to-mouth, so the fact that she was "on clearance" for $680 was a deal I couldn't resist....but think about it, $680 15 years ago was a boatload of money! Anyway, I always called her my clearance dog....I never in a million years imagined the joy and pleasure that bargain purchase would bring me! Alexis was always healthy until the last two years and in spite of being a papered puppy mill dog, she turned into the best dog in the whole world for me. She tolerated all my life changes (which there were many for a while) and settled in just fine anywhere as long as she was with me...Anyway, how did I get off on all that? I am jealous that you are a stay-at-home mom, something I always wished I could have done for my kids....and I think it's great that you have such a variety of pets for the boys...animals give kids a sense of responsibility, they teach them so many valuable life lessons and teaches them that, unfortunately, no one lives forever.  I am sure that your son feels the loss of Luca and may need to be just a little older before the full concept of death makes sense to him...He's just lucky that he had time to know Luca and love him the way the rest of the family obviously did....How sad I am for your parents! The idea of cremation is really not my first choice, but since I live in a rental house, I would feel better knowing that should I ever move, I will always take Alexis along with me.  My daughter's bulldog (Della Rose) passed away during the blizzard and they had no other option than to dig through 3 feet of snow to bury her.  My daughter now somewhat regrets that decision, since, as their family grows, they will need a larger house. Leaving Della behind has discouraged that for the time being....Mimi, thank you for making me feel better and helping me realize this grief thing is a process and one that only time will heal....Your idea of volunteering sounds tempting to me and is something I will definitely consider.  Question for you: I have always always loved Italian Mastiff's! Would it be totally inappropriate for a 93 lbs. single (old) lady to own one??????


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Dear Mimi, SundayI finally picked Alexis up and brought her home....where she belongs.  It was very difficult and emotional for me, since obviously this isn't exactly how I had planned to bring her home, but at least she's with me again.  The people at the kennel were fantastic and the place they took her to (Delaware Pet Cremations) did a lovely job. She is in a very pretty brochade box with a pretty tassle and they also included a nice card that said "Alexis" August 21, 2010. They included a nice sympathy card that said "We took extra good care of Alexis for you" which I thought was very nice since they never even met me .... She currently has exclusive, top-billing (over all grandchildren pictures) on the dining room table -- the room she spent most of her time in at the end since it was close to the kitchen and my bedroom.    This has been a lot harder than I ever expected....I am still adjusting to the silence and solitude and continue to ask myself all sorts of questions: "If I had... If I hadn't.... What if I had...." I still believe she chose the spot to die although she had to have known that that is nothing close to what I had ever imagined for her....I just need to convince myself that I didn't fail her in her last moments of need...My heart still hurts so much!


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We had a cocker spaniel 11 years old that we couldn't find while getting ready for work. We finally saw him laying down in the sandbox and when we approached he tried to run from us which was so odd. We got him and brought him in put him on the couch with a.blanket just thinking he.might be ill. I had just started a new job and My husband had a meeting that.morning so we both had to leave. When my husband came home an hour later he had crawled under the coffee table and was gone. So yes I believe most dogs don't want you to see them "go". Heartbreaking as it is I would recommend if you have an elderly pet to keep them in a fenced area or inside soi u don't have to go through the heartache of not knowing where they are. I have two elderly dogs and a youngster and I keep pretty close tabs on them. My heart goes out to all of you who have lost pets recently. The joy they bring to our lives is so worth even the short time they have with us.

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We had a cocker spaniel 11 years old that we couldn't find while getting ready for work. We finally saw him laying down in the sandbox and when we approached he tried to run from us which was so odd. We got him and brought him in put him on the couch with a.blanket just thinking he.might be ill. I had just started a new job and My husband had a meeting that.morning so we both had to leave. When my husband came home an hour later he had crawled under the coffee table and was gone. So yes I believe most dogs don't want you to see them "go". Heartbreaking as it is I would recommend if you have an elderly pet to keep them in a fenced area or inside soi u don't have to go through the heartache of not knowing where they are. I have two elderly dogs and a youngster and I keep pretty close tabs on them. My heart goes out to all of you who have lost pets recently. The joy they bring to our lives is so worth even the short time they have with us.

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 I'm am so sorry. I lost my Brandy a couple of weeks ago. She was weak and stayed inside most of the time. She was also blind.  She was really sick that last week. And she was trying to get into our closets.  That was the first time she had ever tried that. My husband and I thought she was trying to hide from us to die. So yes I believe they do.   Hugs Rita


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I have a 13+yr old shep/lab mix I adopted her 13yrs ago as of the 8th of this month, because of it being around July 4th and that I was recently divorced I named her Libertie. We knew she was having vision issues and we have seen what seems to be aimless wandering in circles around the house. She has always been the kind of dog that would not even push an open door wider open to go out, but just in the last week she has been trying to wedge herself in a tight spot between a big rocking chair (not a wooden rocker, more "lazy boy" type) and end table! I have to move the chair to get her out, she isn't exactly a small dog! When we are in our bedroom she rarely snoozes in her bed, but in our bathroom alone! We had her checked by vet mid-late April and were told her liver and heart were enlarged. I feel it may be time to help her just "rest" but at the same time I just feel to heartbroken to (or is it just selfish??) to not be "ready" to take her? Any thoughts and opinions would be gratefully appreciated.

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It doesn't sound good but I sure don't blame you for trying to keep her
as long as you can but you don't want her to go on in pain and suffering. 
I know this is hard, but are you getting  feelings that she is trying to tell you it is time? 
I would start with the opinion of your vet first then go from there.

I wish you blessings while you have to go through the decision-making.
Magnum's girl, Barb


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Yes, it is instinctual for animals to go off and die.  It goes way back to their roots when they were wild.  A sick or injured animal will move away from the pack in order to keep predators away from the healthy ones.

We have domesticated our cats and dogs so most of them can't get away and go off and die.  But if they were allowed to roam freely I think many more of them would move away from us to die.

Sometimes if people do not interfere they will find their pet has died under a bed or in a closet...or somewhere in the house away from us where they can be alone to die.

The night before my Lil Guy passed he wanted to go out in the backyard.  That was not like him.  He was always the kind that loved to sleep through the night.  But this time he just wanted to sit on the deck looking out to the yard.  It was only later that I realized he was saying his goodbye.  If he could have gotten out of the yard he might have gone off to die.

As it turns out he died at the vets the next morning...only a few short minutes after I left.  No one expected him to die he had to stay for a few hours for observation. I was coming right back...but Lil Guy had other plans.   He wanted to be away from me to protect me.  He protected me to the end.   He didn't know that would be the worst thing for me -- to not be there when he passed.  I am glad he didn't know that.   I am glad his remembrance of his ancient wild roots made him feel comfortable to pass away from me.

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In the Good Book, there are several messages from the Ultimate God the Father/Yahweh, in the so called Old Testaments. If you believe in the Son, Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah, you must believe in the Father, agree? Well, the messages were the Kingdom is going to come to us. There won't be any tears and pain. IF you believe the truth of the Bible, the Truth, only the TRUTH, then............. We should all be happy and confident that we can ask to be REUNITED! With our babies, our beloved pets. That simple. Nothing is impossible with Yahweh/God the Father. Who said it? The Father and the Son. You must however, do the will of the Father/Yahweh. Although controversial in different writings or maybe even altered, You must follow the law, and we know we are not perfect, but through Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah, we are saved! From the heart, not just a fake out or uttering the words just like a lot of false teachers do, just like a lot of different congregations/denominations......the outside of themselves are mostly fake. Unlike our pets and animals, they purely live true to their actions. They love and eat and drink and play..and they go to the bathroom.

Porgee, roughly 17 yrs old, our corgi/shep, was put to sleep this last Saturday Oct 22, it was painful. BUT she gave us the SIGNALS. Things that you would notice she never did before and things she had done to tell us I've got to go signs. She wanted to go out even her legs were giving up, she still wants to play with Kita2, our German Shep, and still doing her business. Then she can't control her normal routine of doing her business. Later she wanted to go out, but she will just rest and sleep. She nodged my hand and look away and slept. As it was getting cold, we woke her up to get inside. She went along with us, but we knew it was almost there. Then the definite sign. We went out again, but she was not happy being help to walk, as we support her at times and massage her. She then would stop unlike before, for so many months as her health was plain to see that it is not getting any better. The night before we took her to "Saving Grace" in Roseburg, OR, Porgee, true to her character, got mad at me by showing her fangs when we try to get her inside. Porgee was telling me to leave her alone.  Animals usually leave the pack to die alone.  I told my wife, since she is closer to her, that she should convinced her to go inside. It worked. But we knew, it was time. So next morning we dropped her off, HOWEVER It is not that easy.... for her also. Not just us. She barked strongly towards the workers. She hadn't done that in awhile. She did not want to go. She gave me that look. As if to say, "Pops I am still can and will protect from these guys and I don't want them near me!"  When you know your pet's character and their facial expression, you know what they are saying. So...I have to massage her, hugged her and so did my wife. Our other dog Kita2 was not sure, but she also have that look of being sad for we were sobbing. I whispered to Porgee "But you gotta go baby, you can't get up anymore". She stopped barking. My wife said good bye to her and she cried. I walked out of the room sobbing and my throat all sore from stopping an outburst of tears. Then I wanted to go in again and stared at the door. In the end, I said to myself, that this is just temporary blues. For Yahweh/God the Father will grant what I asked for. That my wife Claudia and I to be together in the Kingdom of Father/Yahweh, with Kita, Ty, Porgee, and Kita2. After the judgement of Yeshus/Jesus the Messiah, a new Kingdom. All we've got to do is... TO DO HIS/YAHWE'S WILL. Not easy but our love for God the Father/Yahweh and His Son our Lord Yeshua and the power of the Holy Spirit, will help us succeed. The same identical level of love that our pets gave us. The UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, NO MATTER WHAT WE ACCOMPLISHED, RICH OR POOR. That Freewill must still be exercised by us. To do the righteous ways and must believe in Yeshua the Messiah. We will fail here and there, but we'll get up and do it again. Remorseful Repentance is the key, and rejoicing that we are saved, but must guard and do our best to avoid breaking the law. Once accomplished, rejoice! We will be together with our pets whom we love dearly.  I believe it for I prayed and asked for it! With confidence!


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My German shepherd cross is 14 years old and she went missing 48 hours ago. I live on a cane farm (about 120 acres) and she has roamed free with no leash of any sort for about 5 years. I am worried that she has gotten stuck somewhere, but I have been searching for ages, looking in all her spots that I usually find her around the farm, and walking through the cane. I also have a massive 12 acre damn on the farm as well, I'm worried that she attempted to swim across it and then got tired.
She has been very absent minded for a while, and if she has gone for one last walk before she passes on, then I would understand, but it's this constant nagging of ''she could be here, or here..''

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Oh my God! you all would not believe what has happened today! I found my 15 year old german Shepard stuck down a small steep hill that leads down to one side of my damn. She had been there for three days, not being able to move as her back legs were very weak, and couldn't climb up the hill. It took my father and I half an hour to get her out, trying to find a safe way to carry her up. 
She is now being well fed, watered and I will be caring for her tonight to make sure nothing goes wrong.
I would like to thank some people for their support!

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Since Feb. 7, 2012, I have been wondering if my Gabby had gone off to die somewhere. Though I searched and searched - and I still look around - I have not found her. She was very frail and rarely left the house. I have a feeling she died under my neighbor's house. I was watching a video I had of her laying on the bow of my boat acting like "The Queen of the World" (it's a reference to the movie "Titanic"). I knew she had gotten frail but after watching that video, taken in April 2011, I was surprised how healthy and vibrant she looked in the video compared to how she had been looking recently. She had lost weight. And she just had a visit to the vet's in December. He told me she was an old cat at 12 years. I'm not sure if he knew something and wasn't telling me. He also knew how devastated I was when I had to put my cat Alafair down.

It really bothers me not knowing what happened to my Gabby. I can only hope she died in peace, with an angel close by waiting to take her to meet her sister Alafair who also died in the month of February in 2010. Maybe my Alafair was there my Gabby to led her to the Rainbow Bridge.

When my Alafair got sick - she had a tumor - I noticed she was hiding in places like the remotest corners of the kitchen cabinets, beneath the azalea bush in the corner of the front yard and underneath the work table in the shed located in the backyard. I would find her asleep in the bathroom cabinets too. I guess she knew her time was coming and was trying to find an area to go in peace. Unfortunately, I had to take her to the vet who had to put her down because of the tumor.

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It is with sadness and shock that I write this.  We adopted Elsie (three years) from a rescue in Nov 2005.  She literally had one day left at the pound before she was rescued.  She got along with our other two dogs wonderfully as well as our other seven grand-dogs.  Six weeks ago, she started hiding in the bushes.  She was healthy so we couldn't figure it out. I was a little worried because my childhood dog Mitzie did that before she died-but Mitzie was sick, Elsie was not.  One of my grand-dogs Pippin who died in November 2011 also started hiding. He even went to the point of cleverly opening the gate and closing it behind him and then he would hide in a neighbor's yard-but Pippin had cancer.  Five weeks ago Elsie got kennel cough, she healed nicely in a little over a week.  Last week she started coughing so the vet put her back on a dose of antibiotics she did fine.  Last Friday I played fetch with my little girl she was fine. Friday night she took a three mile walk with us,she was  fine. Saturday we woke up and found that Elsie had taken a turn for the worse.  Her tongue didn't seem to be working and there was saliva  all over the kitchen. We called the emergency vet who told us to wait until Monday.  Sunday she was worse yet so we brought her in.  They could pinpoint nothing, her kennel cough was gone.  We brought her to our vet on Monday early, she had a fever so her gave her fluids and antibiotics.  She perked up and he let her explore his office.  He called us at 11:30AM pleased with how well she was doing.  Alert, tail wagging, ears perky, drinking water, curious-- he told us we could pick her up.   An hour later, he called us crying.  He said she was happily walking around when he heard a clump. she had dropped dead on the spot and he could not bring her back. Right in the room with the vet.  So far we have no cause of death, but they are still searching.  It is beyond baffling. Did Elsie know something six weeks ago?  She was a healthy 10 year old dog. Up until Friday she took three mile walks with us, played with the other dogs and played fetch.  The only thing she did differently is hide.  I am grief-stricken. What did we miss?  What did two vets miss?  Darn I loved that dog.  I miss her so much.            : (

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My Zorro was hit by a motorcycle last Wednesday.  He was limping and bleeding from the mouth.  I did not have the money to take him to a Vet.  I picked him from the road and cleaned him up the best that I could.  He went under my bed and cried in pain all night long.  T he next morning, I was hopeful that since he had made it through the night he would be all right.  My husband made a pallet for him on the front porch as he was still bleeding a little.  By Wednesday afternoon he somehow got out and I have not seen him since.  My heart is breaking because I did not get to say goodbye or bury him.  I pray that he is at peace.  I love you Zorro!

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I have a 14 year old black lab named Molly who recently ran away. The past few months she would fluctuate from not being able to get out of bed to acting like a puppy running around the house. When she was younger she had a habit of running into one of our neighbors' yards, but we'd always get her back an hour or so later. This morning at 6am, my dad let her out and she came back in, but when he went to feed her and she was making this weird bark/yelping sound and then ran out the door, ran around the house twice and then bolted into this wooded area that separates our land from our neighbor's land. We've been searching for the past 9 hours and can't find her. We called animal control and they told us an older dog had been brought in, but when we got there it wasn't her. Now we've been alternating going out and looking for her to see if we can find her, but no luck yet. My mom decided to go door to door to look for her. I am leaving tomorrow early in the morning to go to another country for two months and I had told my dad earlier this week that if Molly needed to be put down to please wait for me to come home. However after reading all of these stories, I think it was her time and she wanted to see our whole family together before she left us (this past weekend my brother came home from school). She was a wonderfully sweet and funny dog who I will miss terribly.

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We found her!!!!!! I am so happy. She managed to walk across a highway, a few streams, and through woods to a house over a mile away. She is limping around the house and keeps trying to get more water and more food, but so far she seems to be very happy. The house she ended up in called animal control who then gave her our number and then they called us. We had to carry her in the house, but she seems to be content. I am so happy we found her and thank you so much for your kind thoughts.

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We found her!!!!!! I am so happy. She managed to walk across a highway, a few streams, and through woods to a house over a mile away. She is limping around the house and keeps trying to get more water and more food, but so far she seems to be very happy. The house she ended up in called animal control who then gave her our number and then they called us. We had to carry her in the house, but she seems to be content. I am so happy we found her and thank you so much for your kind thoughts.

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Thats great news that your aMolly found her way home. I'm so glad for you both. :-)

God Bless.
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