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Dear Brenrae, 

Thank you so much for stopping by for Buddy's 5th anniversary celebration. I know you are right, he and Harry are sharing special moments together, planning for the times to come when we come to rejoin them, and also playing with their many friends. I try to imagine how beautiful it must be there...such a happy place with many fields, sunny spots, lakes and streams and of course, lots of delicious foods! 

I hope you are doing mentioned another kitty in your life, Smokey. I know he must have been sent by Har Har to bless you, just the same as Buddy sent me Evie and then Shi. As you said, our babies would always want us to share our love, especially with needy other ones who don't have a family or much hope of one.

Shi is doing OK...she had a little cut just on her lower eyelid (right eye) last week...I am putting salve on it every day from the vet, so she is healing from it, very slowly but it's coming along. She was playing too roughly with her pals across the street...but dogs will be dogs as they say, and so, I have to keep a close eye on her when they get a little too wild.

Thank you for being there for me through these difficult years - I am so blessed to have my friends here. I hope Gabby is doing better.


Elise, mom to Shiloh and Angel Buddy 


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Dear Bud Bud, 

It's mommy wishing you a very happy 61st month anniversary at RB, baby! Mom hopes you're having a wonderful day today...(well, every day is great for you kids because you babies are always celebrating anniversaries every day!). 

Mommy is with Grandma quite a bit now...she is going to retire next month from the library and she is ready to go part-time and not have as much responsibility. Joelee is doing really well...very much in love and has two beautiful kitties...a mother and son. The mommy kitty came to their place, crying for help...she had just given birth to new litter and only this boy survived. It was like she knew just where to go for help and a new home...maybe you had a hand in that, my sweet boy? Mom wouldn't be surprised one bit, as you sweet angels are always watching out for us and sending along miracles and blessings! 

Shi is doing pretty well...she is back in your old cone right now (you know, the one Joelee put stickers all over and we all wrote on it how much we love you?)...because she has a little cut on her eyelid, but it is slowly getting better. She is such a patient girl...

If you get a chance, please come in a nice dream visit sometime, OK baby? That would be so nice, to feel you close by in a dream...

Love you forever my Sweetness Boy...sending you lots and lots of hugs, kisses and tummy rubs...


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Dear Sweetest Bud Bud, 

Happy 62nd month anniversary today, baby! Mom hopes you are having a wonderful day, playing with all of your precious pals. Five years ago today, mom posted a video of you playing in the field out back with Joelee...we were playing frisbees and you were so happy, looked so good in your blue scarf! Mom had put the video on Facebook five years ago, and it came up as a memory today. It was just so good to see you baby...just being your happy joyful self, and making everyone else happy too...

Gram has retired from being full-time at the library. She was sick on her birthday this past Sunday but I know you were watching over her, as it wasn't anything too serious, nothing that can't be helped with some medication. Thank you baby, for always being our family Guardian Angel. Mommy always misses you on special days...Thanksgiving coming up and then Christmas not long after that. Shi is doing pretty good - she had the strangest problem with her ear, something you never's called a hematoma and mom's not even sure how it happened but mom has been giving her some colloidal silver, about a teaspoon, with her food twice a day and it has gone down really quickly. It's like a broken blood vessel and the vet said she should have a drain put in, and would have to be sedated, etc...but thankfully we found another way. 

Hope you enjoy all of your favorite treats today baby...sending you so much love and hugs and kisses...please share them with all of your angel friends...

Love you forever and ever Sweetness...

mommy xoxoxoxo!!!!!

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Dear Sweet Bubbly Nephew,

Wish you a happy 62th anniversary, surrounding by your friends, Mom misses you so much and she is so blessed that you are close to her, making sure that she and the family is well.
You are a HSC Bud!
Sending you Lots of warm  tummy rubs and hugs!
A. BedoTropiMom

Dear Elise,

Wishing you and you mom well, I know the anniversary brings back so much of happy memories of Bud, and you know that he is always near!



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Dear Elise,
Time certainly continues to roll on by doesn't it.... month after month... coming up on 63 months for your Sweetness.... and yet he is always faithful in his love and care... watching over you and your family...  sending you precious memories just when you need them most and yes, I believe directing that poor mama kitty just where to go - how awesome is that!

I'm sorry to hear of Shi's eye and ear issues, I hope that she is fully recovered by now - she is such a beautiful, kind girl and I know a much loved member of your family. Give her some belly rubs from me...

Thank you for your wishes for our trip - yes, we had good time - such a beautiful area of our great country - and as always, the Amtrak ride was perfect.

I hope that your Mom is doing better and is enjoying her retirement... not finding it too stressful to be away from work after all those years of service.  

May you and your entire family have a good Holiday season and may your precious Buddy visit you in a very special way. 

~Lee Lee's Mama~

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Dear Nance, 

Thank you so much for thinking of Buds and for sending him his favorite tummy rubs for his 62nd anniversary! Hard to believe how much time has passed, and here it is, his 63rd today. I'm not sure where this year got off to, but it sure seemed to go by in a hurry. 

I think about how we were all struggling so much, five years ago with Christmas coming...the despair and grief we were going through. I try to focus on the blessings our babies have given us since that we have all had so many precious signs from them, letting us know they have never left us...they truly are close by and watching out for us...

Wishing you and your family the joys of the season and a happy and healthy 2019! 

Elise, mom to Shiloh and Angel Buddy 

Posts: 2,114
Dear Melanie, 

Thanks so much for stopping by...and yes you're so right, I was just writing to Nance how this year has just flown by. I'm glad you were able to get away to a beautiful part of the country earlier this year...I know you and Roger must look forward to those special times away. Every time I think of the Amtrak, I think of my mom and dad taking it out west, through the Rockies and to California for a couple of weeks before Joelee was born. It was their "trip of a lifetime" and I'm so glad they were able to take it while dad was still healthy. Mom still mentions it, as it truly was a highlight for them...

Thanks for sending my sweet Shi the belly rubs...of all the special pups, she loves her belly rubs the most and is quite good at asking for them! Her ear is back to normal...thankfully she never lost her appetite...(well, she's always been good in that department and I'm thankful for that). She is a happy spoiled girl and continues to be a blessing for my family. It's so sweet...sometimes I'll hear mom talking baby talk to her, just the way she used to do with Buds...

Thank you for the well wishes for mom...she is enjoying her retirement although not completely retired, she is only working a few hours a week and doesn't have the responsibility of being in the manager position, which is much better for her. She didn't need the added stress. I hope that your mom is doing well and all of your family... 

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season and blessings for the new year...I hope your precious girl comes for a dream visit very soon.


Elise, mom to Shiloh and Angel Buddy

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