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Many a tear shed to this day... One month to the hour since my wee Chihuahua laid to rest. From my initial posting, now attempting to put all in prospective and no easy feat. Not easy going down Memory Lane with Perry of 16 years. Got him at 3 months of age. Miss him more than words can express. He was THE focal part of my Life ALL those years. He WAS my World. Such a void !! Grief is the price We pay for the love and as such it endures as long as love does forever. Happy to have had the unconditional love of Perry. All 16y/5840 days of his Spirit, I truly miss his presence. He is at Peace and Forever in my daily thoughts.  He knew he was Loved all those Years. God bless his little Heart.

                                                        x BELOVED PERRY x
                                                 Feb 7, 2002 - January 10, 2018

Posts: 122

Dearest Perry,
Sun down and shadows fall, one who ranks above all is Mr. P, my Perryxx, 16years, a Gentle and Happy wee Chihuahua who brought nothing but HAPPINESS to my Life, all 5840 days that he lived and breathed. A complete ray of Sunshine every day All day... The truth being, pets love US more than we even realise. Many pets act as our emotional guide in the current Life, they continue to do so in the after Life and they transition to Spirit guide. I am convinced of this... Long live the One's we Love-- in Our Hearts, in Our Spirits and forever in Our Souls.
Has not been easy the last 8weeks and then suddenly happy thoughts pop into my waking hours. Recalling Memories in days gone by, Forever with me in Spirit. You were **Always There** by my side. Eternal Love..Sherry


Posts: 27
God bless! May God comfort your heart, and may God bless your sweet doggy's soul 😉 I know how you feel my friend. 
Our doggy's are being taken good care of up there in Heaven 😉 They are waiting for us. Though this be true, it still is very empty and lonely without them here on Earth with us. I do miss their hugs and their smiles. God bless them...they certainly knew they were loved here on Earth 😉 And they still know that we love them, even all the way up there in Heaven 😉

Posts: 122
SYMBOLIC  X PERRY X  Month 3 ...
The passage of time does not stand still, physical form no more, but Spiritually my Dear one We are on the journey of Life together...
 You were so Loved, so much so, a wee bald spot on your left temple from 16y of daily xkissesx.
The candles glow, your photos adorn and Mr pig sits silent...
Eternal Love.. yesterday, today and for all the tomorrows...
Forever in my Heart... Stay with Me...

Posts: 122
Dearest little One--PERRY--

Time marches on, will Always long for and Miss Your presence. You, such a gift 16y, 5840 days ago......Your wee frame of 3 lbs, mighty in Spirit, abundant energies back when, carefree and living large. You were '''SIMPLY ADORED''', loved beyond words, lived in the lap of luxury, top dog and how you knew it.
Living large in my waking hours--in my locket--on my Heart.
                                  Memories keep You close


Posts: 122
SYMBOLIC..... XXPERRYXX,  Month 5 .....
Precious Perry,
Lost count, with the kisses, surely a million, o'er the 16y of your precious Life.
You were my priority, my World, always there, ever present in a shining light !!!!!
You were my shadow, your Spirit as near today as the day you departed-- a tight bond.
Your framed photos on display and especially atop the piano, larger than Life and there you stay...................
Living in-on my heart forever.
Loving you forever along this journey of Life.
Eternal Love, yesterday, today and for all tomorrows.
Sleep now, 
Forever at Peace.....


Posts: 122
SYMBOLIC ..6months..
Dearest little one, my Perry,
Minutes to hours to days to months and 180 days since you laid your wee head. Summer now and the hot temps would have been too great for your tiny heart and lungs.
To Memories, Cherished times and knowing full well that You my precious knew just how You were Loved to the moon and back. If Love alone could have kept You, You would have lived Forever....................................
My Pride, My Joy, My steadfast Companion.
You are  with me in ''Spirit'' and Always will be.
Candles lit to light the way in honour of You.
Love Always XPerryX

Feb 2002 --Jan 10 2018
One and only Mr 'P'-chihuahua-



Posts: 122
Dearest Perry, my little one... Now 7 months without your Presence. With heavy heart I type this and how very much I loved You from the day you came into my Life, so very long ago, 16 years, seems like only yesterday, all so very fleeting. You are in my daily thoughts and are with me constant. Mr pig dons your lavender sweater,  still scented, holds a photo frame of YOU between his feet, sitting atop kitchen counter, you know the spot. Have not missed a day- candles lit first A.M. to lite the way for You and therapeutic for myself.
With me Spiritually-morning, noon and night. You left my life-not my Heart.
My wee protege, Perry- so many endearing qualities, always there-ever present-unconditional love, packed into your wee frame of 3 lbs. Small yet mighty. Your Life- a Blessing for me.
Such gratitude I have for 16yrs of dedication shown to me.
Loving you Always ((XPerryX))

Mr P**- the Chihuahua
Feb 2002-2018


Posts: 122
Dearest Perry,  my little One....Where does time go... Now 8 months since since you laid your wee head to rest. You were all of 16 years, some 5840 days, and you aged right before my eyes. Blessed that you made it to 16years. Just the last quarter, the road ahead, became obvious, you were struggling with appetite, seizures, disorientation, seizures and cataracts. You sought out your comfort spot, soft blankets and head covered always... You knew how to bury yourself and there you be. Yes, the wee tail did wag, but the overall enthusias everywherm of yester years was just not there. We were a tight Bond, knowing full well your Love, beginning to end--- One Special Chi, Mr P...You knew the morning drill....teeth cleaning and you actually opened for me and then which sweater for the day and into the shoulder bag and away we went to the park. Carry you in my Heart Perry and keep you close in thought in my day. Oh, how you were Loved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I know that you Loved me, how you liked to win at pull tag, and fly around the house daring me to catch you, all of your wee 3 lbs. Once caught, I scooped you up and planted a ***million*** kisses to your temple, that side became bald o'er the years. You knew me like a book. I was always there for you. You were always there, 24/7. You were King. Still have the throat lump when speaking of you and that will never fade. Loved You to the moon and back. So special you were from 3 months of age, expressive eyes that followed me at home. Have framed your photo with fur enclosed and there you be.....You, also on the piano, where I sing... Somewhere over the Rainbow....Silent tears run deep.......Simply, Love You Perry. A Life without You-so, so sad. Trying hard to recall Happier times-Happier Days with frolic. A full Life you had, was not meant to be with ailments, You knew I was with You to comfort. Peace Perry..With me Always....Love never dies.. To Memories-Our Memories...........
RIP-Dear One...Mr Perry
2002-Jan 2018

Posts: 122
Dearest Perry....
Seasons come and go and now Fall, your passing on 1/10th seems like yesterday and You knew I knew what was best for You, still very painful, final moments ending your long Life of  **16** years- fun and frolic. You were king !! Never miss the daily candles and talk to you on my walks passing by all your favourite areas. Sadly, to each of Us, where there is a beginning there is also an end--- A fact of Life. Cherished You from day 1, at 3 months when You picked Me !!! A Good Life !!! that in itself eases my heartache. Every photo of You touches my Heart and tells of a Good Day with pats and kisses galore.
With Me in Spirit, Cherished Memories.
One and Only Mr Perry---Oh, so Loved,

Remembering You, Mr P-- The Chihuahua--XXXXPERRYXXXX



Posts: 122
Dearest Perry,
Now 10 mnths since you left my side and how you are missed. You are constant in my thoughts as I go about my day, recalling days of Glory and your playful ways even though you were a senior, age 16y. I keep saying, seems like yesterday, when you were 3m and into my arms for a full and happy Life. Your photos near and fur enclosed. Still very hard to speak of you to others, silent tears still flow and will always. L-O-V-E-D you to the moon.......... I knew You knew You were Loved, your wee tail telling me, I was the greatest mom. Still hold my winter gloves/your gloves that you rested your wee head on in the car, oh, so soft . You liked your comforts !!!! Love never dies, You live on - On my heart and in my mind, eternal Love.
Feb 2002-Jan 2018
.................. ................ ............

Posts: 981
Beautiful.   I've felt what you have. Isn't it amazing?  My Tuffy left Feb 19, 2014. Still constantly in my thoughts.  Love never dies.  Thus we continue to grieve month and years later.  We miss our loved ones.

Your Perry was very special and surely you two were meant to be together.  

Tuffy, Toby, Ellie and Missy's Dad

Posts: 122
Mondo- Thankyou for your sincere thought.
             For the L-O-V-E of ''Our Beloveds'', and with that comes deep Feelings, deep Love and the deepest Grief imaginable !
             Our pets have short lives compared to Ours.
             Those of Us left behind grieve their Loss-minutes, hours and forever...............
             Because of the Loss, I choose to find that ''ray'' of sunshine, the happier times that once was, bringing to mind the spark that wee Perry once had.
             The 16y that he had on the face of this earth mattered dearly, he Was and Shall be Forever remembered.
             For the Love of your departed Tuffy and to Others that also had the '' Connection '' to their Fur Family Members, heartwarming to know that Our Pets were Devoted to US. No greater Love.
            To Happier Memories... Memories are ALL we have.


Posts: 122
Dearest PERRY,
It is now 11 months to date since your wee head rested.
Seasons come and go and the eternal Love for Y-O-U is ever constant.
Again and again...You knew you were Loved ALL those years, happy fun filled days totaling 5840 days=16years. I relish  the daily thoughts, moments of yester years, flooding my daily memoirs. Well meaning friends enquire, still not able to talk about you without outward grief.
Framed photos of Y-o-u near when you were Healthy-Happy & frolicking.....
You left this World with Dignity intact, I  at your side, You knowing I knew what was best for you at all times-how You were L-O-V-E-D, You felt my L-O-V-E as your Spirit rose.
Candles flicker going forward---Forever On my Heart--Forever in Thought.

Feb 2002-Jan 2018

Posts: 122
Dearest Perry,
Now 12 months since the passing of your wee frame.

A unique and intuitive little chihuahua... small but hearty !!
Loved ALL of 16 years,
Candles flicker -- Memories flood,
Mr. XX PERRY XX 2002-2018


Posts: 5
It will be three weeks tomorrow that my Ellie was released from his broken body. He suffered steady decline in his health in the last 21 months of his life from a degenerative disease. Although we knew it was coming, there was really nothing that could have prepared us for the day when we had to say our earthly good byes.

The shock and numbness have receded somewhat. Ellie, my corgi boy, was my best friend. We only had 11.3 years together, but our love and bond were stronger than anything I’ve known. I don’t suffer guilt because I did everything in my power to help him. I suffer deep sorrow. His sister and I remember him on our daily walks that we used to share with him.

Thank you so much for sharing your love for Perry, your 3 lb wonder. He sounds like an amazing little man. Grief support seems to focus on the short term, which makes sense because that part is especially painful. Although I feel my grief has changed in 3weeks, i know it will be with me for as long as I live. I am comforted by reading your thoughts over the year since Perry’s passing. Thank you.

I know that Ellie’s love and spirit did not pass with his body. I feel it every second.

Thank you Sherry. May your Perry be free to frolick with angels and like minded chihuahuas.

Elliesmum xoxo
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