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It is with a very broken heart I write this, our Papa Lobo passed away this morning. I am in shock and will write more once  my hands stop shaking.
My Poppy you are forever and always in my heart.
Donald Lee Dade
August 16, 1941 to January 31, 2017
The colours of the Rainbow called him
Just Walking
Just walking in the rain letting
the gentle rain drops merge with
my silver tears. As I walk, remembrance
comes back to haunt me, the feeling
of your hand holding mine. of you letting go
as the colours of the rainbow called you
Now I gaze into the sky and watch the rain fall
waiting for the moment that the clouds part
and I see you once again in the rainbow.
When I hear your voice speaking to my heart.
Raindrops bring cleansing of the soul by helping
wash the pain of separation away. Hear me now
as I whisper to you in the breeze. You are in the hands
of love. In a father's embrace who will hold you
close till I can. He saw you falter and wanted to
ease your pain. As he called you home, he gently
stroked my heart letting me know you are safe.
Just walking in the rain with my hand upon my heart
I send this prayer to the one who waits to guide us
home. I know one day, there will be healing in reunion.
Is only a heartbeat away.
J.C. Stewart Aka Blues Wolf

Posts: 583
This is just devastating news.  Lobo helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life.  I'm typing through a flood of tears.  I was honored to call him my friend.

My deepest sympathy to his family.  He will be missed forever and one more day. 

Posts: 648
Papa Lobo you will live on forever in all the hearts of the people you have helped in their time of grief and tears.  I can see you smiling through your tears of joy as you meet Shewolf and all your beautiful fur family and walk across Rainbow Bridge together Your health renewed..... RIP Beautiful soul....loved and remembered forever Housecatwolf aka #1 Cupcake ♥♥

Site Owner
Posts: 1,427
Lobo last posted in the Chat Room on Monday, January 16, 2017, at 10:37:51 PM.
And so typical of this wonderful caring man, his final words to us were “I love you all”.
We love you too Lobo. You are forever missed.

For Lobo:

Posts: 542

For The Love Of A Father

When I was growing up I was as close to my father as he would let me be. I was daddy's littel girl He would take time to play with me when he was on his vaccation. Taught me to throw a baseball. I know when he wanted moments of peace he would take me with him. One of the moments that stands out most for me is fishing with him in Davidson Bay and the setting moon as our background. We would listen to rolling water and he would tell me stories. This was the closet he had let any. So when I think of him I see this memory frozen in time. Repeated many times in my dreams. I still long for a chance to say to him all the things I never had a chance to say. I wonder would he like the person I became. I am so different then him. I see things so differently then he did. I know he would never understand my need to reach out to strangers to help them find peace of heart. Maybe I am wrong and he is looking down from heaven and saying well done daughter.

After my father passed away I felt something was missing from me, part of my heart. I never thought I would ever get it back. But never doesn't always last. One day I was on line in a support group dpong what I could to be there for others who were going through what i had. I saw a someone come into the room whose name i had heard before. This was the first time I had met the man who I was to call Poppy later on. I don't trust easily and I trusted him in a heart beat. I saw him come in and thought yes I know him. Each day that i spent talking to Poppy I felt that part of my heart that was missing coming back. My heart is whole again.

I see things in Poppy that are similar to my Dad. But as I come to know Poppy more I see him for who he is and love him for who he is. So many lessons he has taught us about caring and understanding. But not only this he has given me the courage to do things I never thought I would never be able to do. Just being able to b put my thoughts into words like this is new for me. We make pages of memories for those who have lost loved ones, to help them find peace. I also find that each one i make brings healing to us too. He taught us also not to be afraid to stand up and fight for what we believe in. To treasure the wildlife around us and to protect them for the future generations to come. He is a man of honor and always keeps his word when given. Many have felt their lives enriched because of Poppy's caring heart. He is forever and one day more the Father Of My heart. He is the one who I first said "I love you" to with out fear of it not being returned.

Through my meeting of Poppy I have made special friends who I hold dear to my heart. So with my special family of the Wolf I can face each day with faith in love.

I have been so blessed to have two special men in my life that are my fathers each so different but having a special place him my heart always and forever.

(c) BarTendersBluesWolf Aka Jackie Stewart
January 31, 2017


Posts: 264
To everyone at pet loss and the Wolfpack our leader who is now a Spirit in the Sky my tears are of sadness.. you are a man we all looked up to.. the man who brought us comfort.

The man who was proud to call us his Cubs is now reunited with his loved ones this time my comfort will stay remembering all of the conversations we had.. the teasing that he knew he could do to me ..all in light spirit and humor.. I am going to miss that very much right now I am still in shock and I hope I can write something else when I come out of this fog..

Papa..wherever you are send us a sign send us a smile or a whisper so we know that you are at peace .

I will also remember how you sang a few verses and how I was out of tune...but that didn't matter I know.

Love from one of your Cubs
Thank you from my heart for choosing me to be one with the wolves.. I am proud to have called you "papa"

katmomwolf3 and Bubbles

Posts: 7
I am so shocked to hear of the passing of papa Lobo.  He helped me through the worst time of my life after losing my beloved Sandy.  I'll always remember him in our Candle Cermonies.

Although I  have not been very active in here lately, I will never forget him and when  he called me to join the pack  

I know he is joined by his Shewolf and all of their furchildren

God Bless his family in this sad time.

With a heavy heart
Donna Schindler


Posts: 1
Many tears of joy at Rainbow Bridge!! Papa Lobo is Home.
God Bless you Papa. I will Never forget you. I am honored
to be called your friend. This is Not goodbye, only Fare Thee Well,
my giving and beautiful friend. Your loving spirit is eternal. 


Posts: 189

I'm so sorry to hear this news.  I was here a couple of years before accepting Don's invitation to join the pack.  When I did, he declared me a brother to him, an honor he rarely bestowed in the early days of the pack.  In our grief let us remember all that he taught us and all that he showed us by his beautiful words and the example of his life so well lived.  Let us never forget the blessing he was to so many of us for so many years. 

You will never be forgotten my brother.  This safe haven for broken and grieving hearts has suffered a terrible loss today but we will carry on in the spirit of the great wolf.  We will continue to do what you always wanted us to do.  Though you are no longer in our sight your spirit will never leave those of us who knew and loved you.  Fly free my brother....till we meet again.

Steve1492 / Music Wolf 


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Jan 17, of the darkest days in my life..Yet at the same time a light glistened in the distance when I stumble across a chat room..The Petloss chat.  I was welcomed with open arms by a gentleman who called himself LoboWolf and a group of hearts that called themselves the WolfPack.  After months of chatting we became friends.  At a time when my own relationship with my father was strained, I called Lobo Papa just like the others.  I became a member of the Wolf Pack about 9 months later.  Through the years, Don became a great friend through the keys..Always ready with a quick joke if the mood became somber or a bit of advice for those struggling to make sense of a loss.  My original name here was Shrtkake...Lobo would call me his shortcake cubster..He will be dearly missed by all who knew him, all who loved him whether through the keys or in person

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Words cannot express the sadness and pain my heart is feeling. My mentor, my teacher, my beloved soulmate...You picked me up from despair and grief with your warmth and compassion and guided me towards a path of love and understanding. You taught me a great deal. Your genuine love and concern for everyone was the greatest source of inspiration there could ever be. You gifted me with your friendship; our special connection was a blessing. You honored me with the name that would stand with me for years to come; the one of mother of the wolfpack.Each time a new cub would be added to the brood , you would jokingly advise that there were starting to be too many mouths to feed. So many precious memories; so many tears flow because of still so many things left unsaid... Tonight not only I but all the wolfpack mourns a great man who was an earthly angel and has now earned his wings. I offer my deepest condolances to all the wolfpack family. Thank you my beloved soulmate. I love you forever ...and one day more.  MamanLoupWolf

Posts: 1,743

     The Silver One was resting near the edge of the Reflecting Pond. "I feel you near, Daddy, but also feel your wishing to be in 2 places. I wish I could help you, but this is not my call, is it." The Silver One spoke to no one but knew he was heard by the Winds That Whisper. As he watched the Rainbow Sky darken into beautiful night he continued speaking to the Winds That Whisper, "I have missed the others, SheShe, Grizzy, and so many left with Momma. When she first came she was so confused, felt it was a mistake and that any moment she would wake up and be back with Daddy. With time she realized it was time and they all crossed the Rainbow Bridge. There are so many new ones now, and I continue to try to help them, but it was easier when my family was also here."


     He sensed a familiar presence, then more - all so familiar. "No," he thought, "it is only my missing all of you." He crossed his paws and laid his head upon them to rest as his thoughts wandered back to happy times with his Daddy. He was so lost in thought he didn't hear the movement behind him.


     "Well, Momma, it is good we came to meet Daddy, Looks like my Big Brother is asleep on the job." The Silver One recognized her laughter, knew instantly it was his beloved blue-eyed sister, and Momma, and all who had already gone before. They all ended up in a huge pile of laughing playing fur and feathers.


     After a few joyful moments Momma spoke to all of them, "He will be here soon, have we gathered everyone? David will be here soon, as will Nashoba Baleli, and his mom."As the looked around to see who might need gathered up the saw David and his Grandmother Rita approaching, both glowing with health.


     "You wouldn't allow this gathering to start without me, would you?" a large voice boomed.
Nashoba Baleli grinned ear to ear as he strode up. "You didn't think I would not be here to greet my adopted son? He will need us just as all new here do until they gather their bearings."


     The Silver One looked up at Nashoba Baleli. "What of this place Grandfather? Who will help the new ones? And what of the Pack? Daddy's cubs will be lost without him and hurt so badly. How can we help them?"


     Grandfather looked at The Silver One, "This is the way of life my friend. Older ones lead the way, teach the younger ones and pass on their wisdom. In time the older ones move on and the younger ones become the older ones, and new younger ones are born. Such is life on earth. As to this place, it has been here since before time, before the first ones to come here. The first ones were able to find peace and get their bearings long before any of us ever came here, and the angels will continue to help those here as they always have."


     As the sun began to wash a bright rainbow sky across the heavens waking those at Rainbow Bridge the group waiting at the crystal clear Reflecting Pond felt a presence approaching,Daddy had arrived. The Silver One rushed forwards leading the rest. Lobowolf hugged all his beloved ones, crying tears of joy to be with them again. He looked to the Reflecting Pond where he could hear and see his many cubs, crying in pain. "How can I leave them in such pain, who will look out for them?"


     As if she had been waiting for his question an angel appeared and smiled softly at him, "You have taught them well, And He is greatly pleased at this. They will carry on your work, and they have each other plus all who will join them. You have worked long and hard and now it is time to rest and enjoy your time. And you will always be able to go back and see them, watch over them. For now, come. Join with you family and friends. It is time for you to walk your family across Rainbow Bridge.

Candace 1/31/2017

I will miss you and love you always Papa, Forever and one day more
Papa's Ghattencub

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So sorry to hear the passing of Papa Lobo. I've been in this support group for two years now,everyone seems like family. Papa Lobo now will be reunited with his wife and furchildren

" The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

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Poppy Poppy Poppy...I remember the first time I entered this site, so scared, confused and broken. I had just lost 6 cats and everything I owned to a devastating flood. You gave me comfort, love and support in true Lobo fashion. You always had an aura about you, so uplifting and you oozed positivity. Then one day Papa came to me one day and asked me to pick my official wolf name. I already knew what it would be, *Renegade Wolf* after my wolf man. When my wolf boy went to the Bridge on May 11, 2011 at the ripe old age of 16, I lay in the grass with him in the middle of the country in Oklahoma and honed in on Papa as I always have. I could hear him in the breeze, I could feel him in the sunshine, I knew it would be okay even though, again, I was broken. My soul torn apart. Even though I never personally knew Poppy I felt him all the time. He had that way about him. He was truly golden, you knew you were in the presence of greatness and yet so humble. Once Papa touched your soul, you knew it was forever. God Bless you Papa, there is a hole in all of our hearts that just can't be filled. You are now home, healed and have a very important job at the Bridge. Let us know you are okay please send signs. I just know your job here is not done, you will still be helping, at The Rainbow Bridge.

Posts: 264
I'm sending this message from one of our sister wolves Angel2Wolf9..
It is with deep sadness and a broken heart on the loss of our Alpha wolf leader...A wolf who was the leader of all of us I am writing this for her as she would like to express also her sadness and her condolences to the family of Papa.

Katmomwolf 3 n bubbles

Posts: 16
My heart aches at the loss of Papa ~ he guided with such gentleness and love to every hurting heart. He too suffered loss too many times, but was always compassionate when someone needed a kind word. He always brought a smile. Our lives have been enriched and blessed for knowing him. We will meet him again one day and what a glorious meeting it will be. Don't cry because it is over, smile because we had him for a while. Walk with the whisper of the winds and know I hear you.

Posts: 2
Such sad news.  I haven't been to PetLoss in a while, but this group was invaluable as I healed in 2000 then again in 2015.  Rest Peacefully at the Bridge Lobo.  

Posts: 217
Such sad and shocking news. PetLoss is such a family, and our lives become entwined with people we never even meet. Rest In Peace, Papa Lobo - I know you're surrounded by furbabies at the Bridge.

Posts: 1,910
How very sad for all of us left behind.  I don't think I ever actually communicated with this wonderful man, but references to him have been laced through this message board for well over the decade that I've been here.  He helped so many people and did so many good things, all the comments were positive ones- every single one.  The world is a poorer place now... and heaven is a happier place.  My condolences to all of  you who knew this wonderful man; this is a  hard loss to bear.

Posts: 55
I first came to PetLoss in 2006, after losing Boo Boo. Lobowolf helped me through a very difficult time. What a tremendous loss to so many ...but he is now with all his fur babies. I am so grateful to you, wherever you are...😻

Boo Boo & Trouble's mom

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My heart is saddened at the news of this great man's loss.  On my first Rainbow bridge ceremony, I was fortunate to have chatted with him in the loss of my pet.  His strength, compassion, support and understanding helped me through the loss of my beloved fur baby Riley a couple days after Christmas.  Such a great man cannot be replaced. I pray that the good Lord bless his family and friends at this difficult time; and that his soul be given eternal rest. 

I loved you best (Jim Willis)

So this is where we part, My Friend, And you’ll run on, around the bend.

Gone from sight, but not from mind, New pleasures there you’ll surely find.

I will go on; I’ll find the strength. One long embrace before you leave,

Share one last look, before I grieve. There are others, that much is true,

But they be they, and they aren’t you. And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought,

Will remember well all you’ve taught. Your place I’ll hold, you will be missed,

The fur [you] stroked, the noses [you] kissed. As you journey to your final rest, Take with you this…[You were] loved you best.


Posts: 438
I am so sorry that I never had the pleasure of getting to know this man. As I read all of the posts on this thread, I remembered a quote I read after the death of my own beloved Dad. "A great man is one who leaves others at a loss after he has gone." When someone leaves behind such a legacy, they are never completely gone

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I am so sad and shocked. So often we take people for granted and think they will always be around. Then before we know it, we have not had a chance to say goodbye. That irreplaceable person is gone and we are left with our tears and hoping they somehow knew how much they meant to us and how different our lives will be without them. The world will be a colder place now. Though our paths crossed only through Petloss, it is and has been a big part of my life and will not be the same now, though still a family of loving and supportive people. This song is not perfect to express how I feel, but it is close. RIP.

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Papa Lobo You have had so much loss over the last few years. I hope and pray you are Rainbow Bridge with all those you love and cherish. This Wolf cries for you.

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I am very saddened by this news when I opened up the website today.

LoboWolf15 was one of the first "rescuers" who came to my aid after I lost my beloved kitties Clarissa and Toby within four days of each other in October 2013.  He saved my life - never had my heart been so broken.  He was one of a kind, and I am sending loving thoughts his way and know we will all meet again.


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The PetLoss website is a special place. It gives comfort and closure to know that I can, in a sense, "visit" with my beloved pets, and that comfort can be found in the Chatroom.
I remember LoboWolf15's posts after I found the site in 2004, having lost my Serendipity. She was the first of my own pets lost after moving from my parents' home, and he was very understanding.
May his soul find peace at the Bridge.
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