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Registered: 05/23/07
Posts: 343

I like to know how long outdoor cats ususally stay away from home and does anyone know the reason for this extended abscence in cats? I know they are predators, terrortorial and curious but why so long at times?


Registered: 05/18/07
Posts: 24

My Su Cat used to stay away for days at a time when he was a youngster!!  As he got older, he never stayed out and I never let him out at night, he was always inside in his bed :-)  As to why they do it .....i have no idea, sorry xx


Registered: 03/11/07
Posts: 183
In my experience, the size of the territory depends on the presence of other cats. My female cats never roamed as far as the males either. I never had cats go for more than a few days with the exception of a couple that never came back. One was seen living in a new place a few months later - not far from where she started out (about a mile). The other one I never saw any sign of so I assume he died somewhere. I have a friend who had an outdoor cat who was gone for a month then reappeared. The more feral they are, the more likely you will see this type of behavior. I have no idea why they do this, perhaps to enlarge their territoy or to hunt. Perhaps just to travel and see the world. Perhaps just because they can.

Registered: 04/20/07
Posts: 558

I have no idea what to tell you???  We have always had indoor kitties.  I know that when we get them they are either indoor or outdoor and it is almost impossible to make them something other than what they are.  I just wanted to say that it has to be really difficult for you if they stay away so long.  I'll pray that yours comes home right away!!  Golda's mom

Registered: 06/17/07
Posts: 58
I am not totally sure myself, i guess all I can offer is my own experience with my cats, over the years. I have 5 in total. 1 is about 6 years old, and he has always been an outside cat, he has never been gone for more than a day, and I have lived at 3 different homes in that time, he has always been a loner and independant, never had an accident with dogs or the road, where I live now is a busy road, my other one, he is about 10..turned up as a stray when he was about 4, again...never gone for more than a day..unlike my C'for ( the first cat mentioned )..he had NOT had a sheltered kittenhood, dumped I'd say...he also has not been gone for more than a day...however I believe C'For just luvs to hunt and well, he might even meet up with other cats, all are fixed by the way. I have farmland all around me except this horrid road that took my Shaska ! I believe they roam for possibly a few reasons....territory, hunting, independence ( sum cats have it, sum do not ) in my opinion, boredom ( sum might get bored easily ) and also their they were brought into this world, and their upbringing ( spoilt by luv and affection) meaning , allowed to be inside as a kitten all the time and constant attention versus, * I will leave you too it I am off to work*, then maybe they simply find other ways to pass the time , after all cats sleep 16 out of 24 hours a day ! lol..and my Wookie is only 8 months old, he lost his sister Shaska, he is not allowed out now unless I am with him, and my 2 babies whom also will be monitored constantly  ( due to the road ) grrrrr....our furrbabies can not talk to us, I am sure, like us, they have their reasons..just as sum ppl choose to travel and sum choose to stay at home, either way I feel that it is just natures way, when we let our cats out, day or night, we never really know wat goes on or worse , wat might happen to our loved babies, if only there was a tracking device, so we could monitor where they go and wat they do ! maybe oneday, such a device will become available, to save not only heartache, but too satisfy our curiosity as well.

Just my humble opinion :)

Shaska's mummy

Registered: 11/21/06
Posts: 1,516
In all my years of living with cats, it seems that the males are more likely to disappear than the females, and that younger cats roam more than older ones.  Mine usually return in one or two days.  But once Miss Whitney didn't reappear for three days!  At the other extreme, the kitty who moved in here from across the street sometimes doesn't even go outside for two or three days at a time; now that he's here he doesn't want to miss a minute of it.

All my cats have been neutered, so it can't be hormones that give them wanderlust.  I think they like the adventure, to go exploring, since they are such inquisitive creatures.  (If they lived in the wild, it would have survival value for them to know as much about their world as possible.)

If one of mine misses two meals, I immediately go to the Humane Society and file a missing cat report and ask to see *every* cat in the building.  Happily, so far every time I've had to call to let them know the wanderer has returned, but if ever one of them really does get in trouble, the alert has been posted early on.

Good luck!


Registered: 05/23/07
Posts: 343

thanks all for your responses..I am missing a female black calico that I had been feeding and rescuing her sickly kittens for the last 8 years...its been over a month and this is highly unusual for her, I usually see her most every day....strange..she disappeared after I finally kept her last 3 kittens inside with she was waiting for me to do this all this time...I miss you Spooky..I just wish I would get a sign from you...too much emotional stuff going on lately...its been so you forever........Yoda  Sandra


Registered: 05/23/07
Posts: 343

thanks everyone for your replys, I cant face any more sadness and grief right now with additional cats getting hurt and/or missing it is actually having a negative impact on my health.  I try to stop caring but it dosent work...sounds strange but its gets to be overload.....Yoda  Sandra


Registered: 06/17/07
Posts: 58
My prayers are with you Sandra. I know this is a very difficult time for you , and I know when the heart aches so much, it becomes unbearable. Maybe your Spooky could see that you will love and look after her babies, and maybe she decided it was time to take a cat trip, explore the world visit other cats, my prayers go out to her on that journey, and if she is at the bridge, then you know she is very happy with all of the other furbabies, and she will forever be free of pain as they all will b.  The furbabies that remain with you, Sandra, they need your love , and only you can offer them that love, try and be strong for them, for we will all meet again at that bridge, and hold and b held once again by the loved ones that leave us on earths plain.  I will say a prayer for Spooky every night, pray for her well being and pray that she is safe, and my Shaska will b right by her side at the bridge, if the angels have decided to take her, as they did my Shaska.

((( Hugs ))) to you Sandra Yoda, be strong have faith and love with all your heart, for the ones that remain with you, until we all reunite.

Hugs from Shaska and her mummy, Kim
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