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The sky grew dark and buildings fell as people tried to leave.
The call went out for us to come and help the hurt and lost
We are not heroes in our minds but what we all believe
Is we must search and find them all no matter what the cost.


Twisted metal and broken glass lay beneath our paws,
Heat and fumes that filled the air burned and stung our eyes.
We could feel from deep within the greatness of the cause.
So with our handlers, brave and true, we answered victims’ cries


Sounds of panic filled the air but not from those we trust.
The ones who trained us well to rescue each and everyone.
Though tired and weary at days end, we all knew that we must,
Keep searching from dawn’s early light and through the setting sun.


We only live to serve mankind obeying each command,
But  many heroes on that day helped those they never knew.
So heads held high with wagging tails we all so proudly stand.
In honor of the ones who brought our country pride anew.


Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf

© September 11, 2007-2011


In Our Hearts



Yes the heart beats strong and the heart beats brave
When the world comes down and there are lives to save
And the heart beats bold in the bright of day
The heart beats strong

Well they give their all and they guide our lives
They share our struggle and our sacrifice
Through the darkest days and the darkest nights
Their heart beats strong

There goes the heart of a hero
There goes my very best friend
Taken away on that terrible day
And you know that they’d do it again

For the heart tells truth
And it turns the page
Giving bondless love for endless days
In countless homes and in countless ways
The heart beats strong

There was the heart of a hero
And there was my very best friend
Taken away on that terrible day
And you know that he’d do it again

Cause it’s friendship strong and it’s friendship real
And it’s stronger than the strongest steel
When the bond of love is what you feel
The heart beats strong
Yes the heart beats strong


Tribute to Bear  Shields


Click On Picture for Bear's Tribute 










"Anna" Atlas (1997-2002)
"Ellie" Barker (1996-2003)
"Dylan" Bobrosky (1994-2005)
"Kinsey" Deeds (1999-2007)
"Git Ander" Gillespie (1994-2001)
"Pepe" Gilliland (1993-2006)
"Ivey" Hachmeister (1995-2005)
"Metrodobe's Spicy's Sunnyboy" Hammond (1993-2004)
"Sheridan" Holleyman (1994-2004)
"Socks" Lavoie (1991-2002)
"Ronnie" Lee (1996-2005)
"Sirius" Lim (1997-2001)
"Cholo" Reitz (1994-2004)
"Louie" Rising (1994-2004)
"Riley" Roemer (1996-2005)
"NiCad Batteries Rechargeable" Shane(1994-2003)
"Bear" Shields (1990-2002)
"Jenner" Wichmann (1992-2004)
"Jason" Wolff (1992-2004)
"Thor" Zintsmaster (1990-2004)
"Dusty Grant" (1995-2007)
"Harley" (1994-2006)
"Gus" Apple
"Jake" Balsam" (1995-2007)
"Emma" Ciesla"
"Piper" Cooper"
"Lucy" Engelbert"
"Jake" Flood"
"Ohlin" Frank"
"Topper" Grant"
"Ivey" Hachmeister"
"Sunny" Hammond"
"Sam" Hanavan"
"Scout" Hanavan"
"Geist" Heldmann"
"Mollee" Jones"
"Bella "(1992-2007)







Please Watch The Videos Below
You may want to use the controls on the player above
in order to turn off the song
so that you can hear the sounds on the videos below.

If you click on the menu button that will come up on the videos,
you will see more to select. It was difficult to choose from
the wonderful videos that have been produced to honor all who worked
so that others might live ...
Watch for the credits at the end of each movie.
We thank all who used their talent and time to produce these videos so that
we all might better understand and "Never Forget." !






This tribute was created to honor the search and rescue teams
who gave their all on September 11th of 2001
and the  Guide dogs who led their masters to safety.
Their tireless efforts and dedication to duty should never be forgotten.

Please visit these other pages:








Please visit the actual web pages to 

see the pages with the backgrounds and music.

If you, the artist, deserve credit for anything
used in creating these pages for hurting hearts,
please let us know immediately
and we will promptly take care of it.

© All of our page work including but not limited to design, photo editing, original graphics and poetry is copyrighted... Please do not take, publish, or change in any way without our express written permission... Thank you for visiting and come back often.


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This is unbelievable!! Thank you so much for putting this on here. 
They are so deserving of all these tributes and so much more. 
They are always in my heart, thoughts and prayers.


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This is the most beautiful tribute!!!  thank you so much for sharing this with us.  There were so many heroes that day, and we are thankful to all of them.  Whether they have 2 legs or 4, they are heros who deserve our thanks and recognition.  Again, thank you.

We Will Never Forget.

Posts: 843
Thank you for posting that. I had the privilege of meeting a 9/11 dog once. He was with several other dogs, and they all treated him like a very honored guest and with much deference. They understand more than we realize. God bless those dogs who I know must have brought so much comfort to the men and women who worked at Ground Zero in those days.

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Thank you so very much for all the hard work that went into making that beautiful tribute. We will never forget that horrible day and all the lives that were lost. Thank you for honoring all the beautiful animals who are also heroes. So sad. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


Posts: 555

Thank you for posting the beautiful tribute to those special dogs and the wonderful people who worked with them on that day of horror and the days and weeks and months  that followed. Ten years's hard to believe...  one can only imagine for those that lost their loved ones and all those who endured that most tragic and terrible of times I guess it seems like time just stands still. Just as the world stood still that day. I recall reading at the time about a 'seeing eye dog' who somehow guided his visually impaired master to safety down  many flights of stairs in one of the towers. Heroes indeed they all were. God Bless. 

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