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Hey yall, i appreciate your reading this. I apologize for grammar errors in advance am on a phone.

So i lost my boy Hank to lymphoma the day before new years, just 2 weeks before his 5th birthday. Ive had two dogs before him but he is the first i truly connected with. He was my son, my brother, my adventure companion. I raised him from 6 weeks and we were there for eachother when the other needed... he was ill often, though i wouldnt call him sickly.

Ive actually been able to let go and say goodbye, partly because i choose to believe that i will see him again. Also, i insisted on seeing his body before he was cremated. After i broke down, i was able to really snile and realize that it wasnt my hank, but his husk, his shell, it really gave me closure.

I have good days and bad daya as yall have, and i clutch his old collar now and then. Thankfully, my mother also bonded with him, and we have had eachother. However, ive been really disappointed in most of my friends/acquentances. With the exception of 2, they barely offer any sympathy and instead talk about themselves and their dog that they lost, or they just dokt understand the love that a human and sof can share. The latter dont bother me, as they just dont know.

However the former have really given me insight into how selfish most people are. This happens often, and i am not exzagerating, people will regale me with stories of they lost their pet, but he “lived to a ripe old age” or “he was 13 so we were thankful” all eith full knowledge of my boys early passing. When i first lost him, it made me feel totally alone. I was angry with a few friends who spoke this way. However, its not worth the negativity so i just make a mental note about everyone who is selfish this way.

Has anyone else experiences this? Im very curious because i find it shameful, and it makes me wonder if this is the reasom dogs and humans bomd so well in the first place

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Let me start with how how very sorry I am for your loss. Hank sounds so very wonderful. I know your sadness and pain, losing Hank at such a young age. God only lends them to us for just a short time. I lost my beloved Dakota 18 years ago and he was just 7 years old. It's like we were short changed but I feel in my heart that for what ever reason God has their number and ours. He determines how long we have with them. I also  have friends or should I say people I know that just don't get it. I wanted them to talk with me about my pain and loss and offer comfort. Weather it be just a shoulder to cry on or a hug. So yes I have experienced the same as you. I grieve alone because even my husband has moved on after losing my dear love Termy in September. He doesn't see the need to go out and look at the night sky and talk to him. You and I both will be reunited with Hank and Termy someday. Just think of the wonderful reunion.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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Yes. I agree with you. For whatever reason God decided to take then early. I am sorry for your loss as well. However, the pain is worth the good times. Bless you

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Hello PK,
Gone..... Not Forgotten...
Recalled your initial message and...
May the Memory of  Dear Hank become a Blessing...
My thoughts are with you...

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