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This is long…so please bear with me.

It’s been a month since we had to put our precious Elvis to sleep. I tried to move on but the pain was still there; the hole still existed in my heart. My husband and I were then left with 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 rabbit…and a baby on the way in September…in a 1,040 sq. ft. home. So we were not looking to get a new furbaby.

Well…on Friday, 6/6/08 I was sitting at work and my cell phone rings. I answer and the conversation goes like this “Yes, Christine?”…“This is "ABC" [name changed]Animal Hospital calling and we have a woman who has found a kitten on the side of the road that still needs bottle feeding for a couple weeks and we were wondering if you can do it”.

The woman who found the kitten was Lisa.

Now I was very puzzled because I have talked about doing this for animals in the past, but have never actually done it. So I know it will be 10-20 years and a new house before I can become a little rescue effort.

I told her I was pregnant but knew someone who might be able to do it…so they gave me Lisa’s number and left it at that. I called a woman named Joy who has bottle fed kittens and asked if she could do it and she just had 4 kittens show up and was unable to take on anymore. So I called my husband and asked if we could do it with the intention of adopting the kitten out after she was weaned and healthy.

So I left work and picked the kitten up from Lisa’s condo and as soon as I opened that door and saw the kitten running towards me, I was IN LOVE! She was the cutest little grey kitten with white paws and a white belly! I think she knew I was her salvation.

She had not eaten since they found her, so she looked tired and hungry. I could not get to my vet fast enough. She was fine…had a little cold that we got antibiotics for…they gave her a little bit of a bottle and we were on our way.

I went home and fed her a bottle only to have her crawl around my neck afterwards and fall asleep. When she first met my husband she crawled up his chest…put her paw on his chin…and bit his nose! Needless to say we were hooked! The thought of giving her up was unbearable.

I spent almost every waking moment with her Saturday and Sunday and I am sad having to keep her at home in the bathroom by herself while I work. My husband is going home at lunch to feed her though.

According to Lisa, the Animal Hospital thought I took in kittens and bottle fed them. So I called them this morning to let them know I don’t…wish I could…but I can’t. I told them we decided to keep the kitten along with our other 3 cats, 1 dog, & 1 rabbit. Turns out there is another Kristine "Smith" [name changed] (I spell my name Christine) and they looked up the wrong person. I figure God leads me down a path for certain reasons and things are meant to me.

Our new Kitten “Yogurt”…was born around the time that we had Elvis put to sleep. So I like to think he sent her down for us. She is our new little precious gift from God. We have been blessed.

I would like to ask you all to pray for us though. She goes back to the vet in 2 weeks for shots & testing. Please pray that she receives a clean bill of health. I pray that she did not get any diseases from her birth Mommy.

Thanks for reading! Looks like I have two new babies (fur & human) this year!


“Jessie & Elvis’ Mommy”

Edited to remove names - Barb/MaxAndHazelsMom


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That is an amazing story, and I hope that your new little girl is healthy.  I certainly dont think it was a coincidence, I am sure she she was sent to you.  Good luck with all of your babies, human and fur.  Love Di xxx


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Christine - what a beautiful, inspiring story!  No doubt in my mind that little Yogurt (precious name by the way) was sent to you from Elvis.  No doubt.  It sounds to me like she adopted you!  It's really amazing how things happen isn't it?  I'm truly happy for you.  Enjoy her!  And good luck with your new bundle in September - I'm sure Elvis will be a very good guardian angel for your new babies.  :)

God Bless,
Gerlie (Gypsy and Luna's forever mom)
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