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Many of you may remember me and many may not, but today was the 10 year anniversary of my Baxter passing away suddenly and unexpectedly. He was my heart dog and even though it's been 10 years it seems like only yesterday he was running to greet me at the door when I came home from work. He would lay with his head on the sofa arm looking out the front window watching for my car. He was my boy, my heart, and even though I still have his brother (different breed) I still miss Baxter every day. He went blind at 8 yrs old due to SARDS but you would never know he was blind except that he couldn't chase his balls anymore. We only found out he had an enlarged heart a month before he passed. I still remember that dreadful day. He was up panting all night and I rushed him to the vet the next morning as soon as they opened. I pulled into the parking lot and he stopped breathing in my arms. They gave him oxygen and got him breathing again but as soon as I saw the blood from his mouth I knew. I called for my husband to come and once he got there Baxter sat up, looked at my husband, looked at me, then he laid down and died. It was as if he was waiting for us both to be there and looked at us as though he could see us and was saying goodbye. Our lives have never been the same. 6 months later, Alyse came into our lives - a 12 yr old abused doxie from the pound that we adopted. It was like Baxter sent her to us to help us heal. We had her for 4 more yrs before she left us for the Bridge also. Now they're together celebrating Baxter's Bridge day. We still have our Tinky, Baxter's brother, and he keeps us going everyday but my husband was just recently diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer so it looks like he'll be seeing Baxter and Alyse sometime in the next year. 
     Baxter, I hope you have been enjoying your 10 yr Bridge day and I hope you didn't eat too many goodies! Play with all your friends and know how very much mommy, daddy, and Tinky love and miss you everyday! 

Until we meet again,

Your forever mommy

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  WOW       I am heart broken

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Hi Gertie
Thank you so much for sharing your story. It was so sad and touching. The loss of my cat 14 months ago was my entry ticket to this special community of grieving pet lovers. It's been quite a tough journey, and I know it will continue for a long while more. Clearly, many more difficult tests lie ahead for you, so I hope you can continue to be a pillar of strength for all those that need your support and care.

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Good Afternoon, Dearest Donna, 

Please accept today my thoughts and prayers as you remember your precious loved ones, Baxter on his tenth Bridge Day, and Alyse, being with him as you and your husband remember them both today.

Dearest Donna, like yourself, I had a truly wonderful companion who shared so much with me during our years together. His name was Van Gogh, a truly exceptional gentleman of a Maine Coon Cat who chose me when I desperately needed. a companion in the spring of 2003. Like you with your beloved Baxter, we developed so many little rituals and traditions between us, it was incredibly heartbreaking when I had to face the painful decision to send him on his journey Home in the summer of 2011. Like yourself, Dearest Donna, I think of my little buddy every day, mentioning him in my prayers, and letting him and his little brother Socks know that they are both remembered, loved, and missed, and asked to know that one day, in the future, we will have the joy of reuniting and continuing our journey together. It is so clear in your words that you and your beloved Baxter share that same depth of love and connection together.

But I am digressing. Please forgive me, Dearest Donna. Gentle Spirit, it is my prayer and wish for you today that you may find peace in knowing that Baxter, and of course, your beloved Alyse are both looking down on you, Tinky, and your husband, sending their love to you, and letting you know that they are still with you. I have always believed that memories are the greatest source of keeping loved ones together when they are separated as  one makes their journey Home ahead of the other. That time, if I may add, is but so brief compared to when the reunion comes, and there is eternity to share in the joy of one another.

But for today, Dearest Donna, it is a collection of hopes, prayers, and thoughts that I offer to you in knowing that you are enveloped in the love of your companions and family that will carry you through today's memories, and the challenges in the future. Please know that in those hopes and prayers, I send them not only for you, your family, and your beloved companions, but also especially for your husband in that he may find strength, comfort, and health through this time of challenge.

All is well with love,
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