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Posts: 117
...since you left, Daisy. And it feels like a lifetime.
I sit here sinking in a mountain of dread thinking about the many days and years that lie ahead- without you. Help me get through, if you can.
I just want you to know that I love you so, so, so, so sooooooo much.
I will never ever be able to forget you.
Please stay close to me, we are meant to be together for eternity.
Thank you for all you taught me and shared with me in the six magical years we were together, my beautiful daughter.
Lord please watch over my one true love. Thank you.

I love you more than the world, with all my heart and might!
~ daddy

PS- I'm sharing your photos with everyone because I know how much you love attention and love. Please bless all your friends at Rainbow Bridge, sweetheart.

You're so preeeetty.... nnnyeah.... Belle of brentwood... nyeah...


Posts: 730
What a beautiful baby :) I know it's been some rough times since she's been gone. We're all here for you as our babies are there for her.


Posts: 1,400
What a sweet letter to your beloved Daisy.  She is with many friends at the Bridge and Daisy is watching over you now and waiting to see you again.  Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures of Daisy.  We love our pets with all our heart and they are part of our family. Somehow they find a way to show us how to be better people and give us that very special love.

Peace and love to you.

Meisters Mom


Posts: 143
Daisy is so beautiful.  I know she is with the other furbabies running about havinga wonderful time.

I am sure that even my cocker-poo Pepe who loved barking at cats will be great friends with Daisy too!  I hope that brought you a smile.  We all miss our babies so much.

Posts: 117
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
for all your love and support.
i can't tell you how much it helps.

feel like I'm standing in front of a giant surreal mountain
ready to climb the eternity-feeling, day-by-day quicksand
of happy memories, sad ones, denial, 'when-are-you-coming-home's,
realization, whys, what-ifs, guilt, longing, melancholy,
but hopefully eventually peaceful --> change of life.

love, strength, light and prayers
Bless you and all at Rainbow Bridge

Daisy's daddy

Posts: 763
To Daisy's Daddy, I just viewed the beautiful photos of your darling Daisy and her brother Hubble. Daisy is truly one of the most magnificent creatures I have ever seen! I just read about the tragic circumstances of her passing and I can't express how very sorry I am.
I posted a note to her on the website asking her to visit her Mommy. Stupidly I didn't thoroughly read your posts. I am so sorry! I just realized you are Daisy's Daddy! So I am adding a P.S.
Gorgeous Daisy please visit Daddy too! Let him know you are alright. He loves you so much darling.
Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom

Posts: 23
My heart goes out to you and daisy.  She is the most precious thing i have ever seen, I could see how you would fall so hard in LOVE with her. I think I love her too, she is just is a doll and she drawls you into her.  I love to see pictures of every ones fur babies.  Today is been a hard day for me, it has been 5 weeks since Louie has been gone and it hurts.  I am feeling the same exact way you do. Louie actually sent me a little sign.  As I was folding laundry like everyday, i found a strand of his hair.  I have not found one of these in weeks.  I was feeling down and out about him being gone and he sent me that little love sign.  Than later it started raining just like that day I had o put him down.  It's still raining here.  I know he is good and he loves and misses me but it still hurts that I will never get to see, hear or smell him again. Keep hang-in there hour by hour.  Daisy and your family are in my prayers.
~d Louie's Mom

Posts: 117
much love to you... Thank you for asking her to visit mommy and daddy. I can't tell you enough how much that means to us. yes, she is so incredibly beautiful- if you can believe it, she is more beautiful on the inside than she appears on the outside. it's what makes it hurt that much more. it wasn't uncommon for us to constantly clean and brush her because she was always so filthy from playing in the yard. she truly loved the outdoors like a cute little tomboy.

Louie is just so precious as well. the same look in his eyes that Daisy had- where you see so deep into his beautiful soul- nothing to hide. I know you must miss him very deeply. it warms my heart that you found his fur like that. that was one of the little things i miss so much now about Daisy. her fur went everywhere. we embraced that. even when it found it's way into toothpaste or paint projects. we buried all the fur we found that the coyote left, and i regretted that. so i have been saving every bit i can find around the house- and it's not enough. i wish we had saved all the fur from her brushings- we always joked that we could make pillows from it.

i am so blessed to find all of you and meet and hear stories of your beautiful children at the bridge. it keeps me going knowing all of you are here for support. I know as a 42 year old man I probably should have it all together more- but words can't describe the bond and love that Daisy and I had. I am just absolutely still devastated and my heart is shattered beyond imagination. yes, i get thru the days, but they're just 'days' now. no smiles. no laughter. a big void. i'm sure you can relate.

lots of love always,
Pat (Daisy's forever daddy)


Posts: 117
Today i came across a beautiful song called Daisy, by a band called Switchfoot.

When I listened to it ( ) I just lost it. I imagined her last struggle with the coyote/fox when i heard the words. It's so beautiful and yet so sad at the same time. I think we will hold another ceremony for her and play this song. Oh, how much I love you Daisy!

daisy, give yourself away
look up at the rain
the beautiful display
of power and surrender
giving us today
when you yourself away

rain, another rainy day
it comes up from the ocean
to give herself away
she comes down even
and all of us the same name
when you give yourself away

let it go
daisy let it go
open up your fists
this fallen world
doesn't hold your interest
doesn't hold your soul
daisy let it go

pain, give yourself a name
call yourself contrition
aberits of fame
giving isn't easy
if anybody'd like to say
if you give yourself away

daisy, why another day
why another sunrise
who's gonna take the blame
for our redemptive motion
and every rainy day
when he gives himself away

let it go
daisy let it go
open your fists
this fallen world
it doesn't hold your interest
it doesn't hold your soul
daisy let it go


Posts: 10
Daisy's daddy,
I'm so sorry for your tragic loss. Daisy is a beautiful girl and looks like she loves being outside. Now she's at the bridge frolicking in the fields waiting for you.  I think anytime you need her she will be there immediatly. 
Take care

Posts: 1,205

Daisy is one of the most beautiful cats that I have ever seen.  Not only is she beautiful to look at, she is beautiful within.  You can see her sweetness shining from her.  I know how much you hurt, and how much you miss her.  But, please remember, she is with you always, although just out of sight.  Until you meet again.  May you find forgiveness for yourself, because Daisy blames you for nothing.  She only thanks you for the love that you gave to her.  Love Di xxx


Posts: 2,245
Daisy is so beautiful.  I am so sorry for your loss and understand every ounce of your pain.  These Precious Angels steal our Hearts and take our souls with them when they leave.  I wish there was something I could say that would ease your pain, but I have been looking for almost 16 months and have not found anything that helps.  Christopher will have been gone 16 months on July 20th.  I miss him as much today as the day he left.  I have cried every day since he has been gone and likely will Forever.   May God's Angels watch over your Precious Daisy Forever.

Big Hugs
Christopher's Mommy

Posts: 117
Much love to all of you and your rainbow bridge babies.
Thank you again for your comfort and support.
Daisy would have loved meeting all of you.
Thank you for saying such beautiful things about her.
she really is so beautiful....

i love you Daize. daddy misses you so much. nnnyeah...
who's a sweetheart? you are.... nyeah....
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