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This week I had to say goodbye to my kitty, Maxine AKA Kittenpants. I found her as a kitten and rescued her almost 17 years ago. She has gotten me through some truly rough patches and has seen the highest points in my life, too. She and I were roommates before I even met my husband (married 11 years today- and of course she was "part" of our wedding; we used pictures of her and our other cat at our tables for numbers).
She was unlike other cats- people who are not "cat people" were drawn to her, she was super friendly, and the most docile cat- had all her claws but never used them, would never bite even as we dressed her in costumes and my two young boys loved her.
As she grew older, she never slowed down. Our family grew, our pet family grew, and she ruled the roost.
I felt like I had more time with her. I didn't see it coming, although she was like 102 in people years. I always joked that she would live forever. Her decline in heath was swift and certain. She was great- until she wasn't. I'm so so thankful for that. She knows we love her and we spoiled her rotten.
It's only been 4 days but I feel so lost. I have a husband, children, another cat (15 years old), and a recently rescued 2 yo dog that we love to pieces- but- Maxine was my true soulmate. I wake in the morning and remember that she's gone and my heart feels like its being crushed all over again. I've been carrying around a milk tab in my pocket for 4 days. I think I'll feel a little better when she's back home (her body is being creamated by our vet) where she belongs. My husband had offered to bury her but I want her close. I plan to be buried with her myself eventually.
I guess I needed to just write all this out. I feel so alone in my pain. Which- is ridiculous because my children and husband feel her loss very deeply as well. Even the dog- who knew her only a little more than a month- is acting like he misses her. But she was MY cat and I just can't believe she's gone.
Anyway, thanks so much for reading.
I'd love to post a picture of her- she's absolutely beautiful- but I'm not sure how. If someone could tell me, I'd really appreciate it.
Much love,

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Clarissa I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful kitty, love the name 😊💕

I understand how you feel, they leave such a huge hole in our homes when they leave us. Unfortunately I had to have my lovely cat Fizzy, well we originally named him Leo as he was like a lion, but ended up calling him Fizzybesr, euthanised in August. He was 18 and like you said about your kitty, he was fine all his life and then suddenly he wasn’t.

I have just recently lost my boy Raisin suddenly, he was only 4, who I had that special bond with and was ‘my cat’ this has hit me harder than anything. I’m just telling you this as wanted you to know I really know what you are going through and how heartbroken you feel right now. I have 5 other cats, but Raisin was more dog like and followed me everywhere, I miss him so much.

It helps to write here, especially when you feel alone in your pain. I’d love to see a picture of her, I’m not sure how to add pics so maybe someone else can help.

Hugs xx

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Dear Clarissa,
You could send a message to EdW, he would be the best to ask about how to load a picture. I'm not on a computer, so I probably wouldn't be as much help to trying to figure it out.
So sorry for the loss of your sweet furbaby!
It is fortunate and rare as far as what I've been reading from others, that your family is there for support! 
I know saying this probably doesn't help much, but you certainly not alone in this heart wrecking pain!
Blessings to you and your family 💟

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So sorry for your loss. I completely understand about MY cat. I was Kitty's person. Where ever I was she was there, like Velcro. She's been gone now for just little over a month. I have other animals also but she was special. I found myself watching videos of her tonight. I just needed to see her. Sometimes it's so hard to believe she's really gone. I always told her "Kitty you can't leave me so you'll have to live forever". I totally understand what you're feeling.
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