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I have two six week old kittens that need a home very badly. Both are healthy. Both are female. One is black and white and the other is white and black. One medium short hair and the other shorthair. Very friendly, playful, lots of energy. I will only adopt them out together. They have been de flea-d, have advantage applied, been dewormed, will have vaccines soon. They are clean and sparkling and beautiful with great personalities. I am in San Diego if anyone is interested. Indoor homes only. All potential homes will be subject to my neurosis. But really they are so beautiful. I will try to get a picture later. They both weigh 2 lbs, but not for long the way they eat. They can eat dry food, but love their canned as well. Right now they are eating the blue buffolo wilderness food. They are litter box trained and use the pine litter right now.

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I live in NC, but will say a prayer that these babies find a home.  Diane


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So, I just found out today that one of the kittens had blood in her urine. I got her xrayed and ultrasounded and did an urinalyisis on her and she at 6 weeks of age, maybe 7 weeks by now.....She has bladder stones. Huge bladder stones. I mean come on what kitten gets bladder stones at 7 weeks of age. It is just so messed up. The poor little thing. Her poor sister. There is no way I can adopt her out like this. Even if I could clear up the current bladder stones, there is no way of knowing if they would re-occure. It also leads me to believe that there is someting very wrong with her somehow. the specialist ultrasounded the rest of her abdomen and said all looked good, but he agrees that there is a very good chance there is someting else going on and that this could be a very sick kitty cat her whole life. Maybe not but I just cannot take the chance of giving her to someone that will love her very much and go through nothing but heartache and pain and financial expense to try to help. It of course is not the money, I could somehow swing the surgery it is would she survive it? Is it fair? Then I cannot adopt her out to someone knowing very well that she has a chance of being sick her entire live. it is so fluffing unfair. And I take the one away from the other and they scream and cry nonstop because they want to be together so badly. This is so stupidly not fair.
If you made it this far thanks for listeneing

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I am so sorry for both kittens.  I do know that there are people who do adopt special needs kitties and pray that there will be someone out there who will give these babies a home.  If I lived closer to you (east TN here) and did not already have seven kitties of my own I would definitely take them.  I understand that the babies need to be together and that they cannot bear to be separated.  At this point being together is the only stability they have in their tiny lives.

I will be holding these two babies in my thoughts and prayers.  Miracles do happen everyday and these two are definitely deserving of one.  I agree with you that this is unfair but thank God that they have you in their corner.  No matter what happens these two little girls will know love.  God bless you and them. 


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I'm so sorry about your little kitty's.  I too live far away.  Wisconsin Actually.  I'm missing a pet.  I mean he's lost.  He's been gone 2 weeks now and I've looked every where.  His name is Boogaloo and I miss him so very badly.  Please include my Boogaloo in your prayers.  As I will your little girls in mine.


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That is very sad, I am sorry to hear it.

Did the vet give you any idea of her living a comfortable life without suffering?" How long a life? A tough call for you. I hope you can find out what else is wrong, but a kitten that age with stones is not usual.

I send energy to all of you and good thoughts.
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