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September 8th 2010 at around 8:30pm was the last time I saw Miss Kitty. 

I knew she was sick. But I didn't realize just how badly she felt. 
Sometime during the night of September 8th - Miss Kitty went somewhere to hide and die. 
I will carry the guilt I feel for the rest of my life for knowing she was sick and doing nothing to help her. 
But her strong appetite fooled me into thinking she would eventually get better.
She never did get better, and now she's gone.

About 2 weeks later, some girls in my neighborhood was waiting for me to come home from school. They had a box and inside the box was a little kitten. 
The girls asked me if I would like to have a new kitten?
I said sure I would! 
I named the kitten PUMA. 
And now Puma is a member of our family. 

I also have a dog named Daisy. 
She adopted Puma and is very protective of her.
When my other dogs play too rough with Puma, then Daisy jumps into action nipping at my other dogs legs and barking to let my other dogs know to stop playing so rough with Puma.
Then Daisy picks Puma up with her mouth and carries her back to where Daisy sleeps. 

Here's a video of Daisy and Puma;
And here's a few pics of Daisy, Puma and me. 

Good bye for now.
Scruffy, and Miss Kitty's friend


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I am so sorry about Miss Kitty. She is beautiful. Sometimes it's hard to know how our pets are feeling, especially when they have a good appetite.

I'm glad Puma came along to help heal your heart. Daisy really seems to look out for her. They are so cute. I really miss having a cat, but I have a dog named Daisy also and she really makes me laugh. Take care.

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Awwww how sweet David. Puma and Daisy are so adorable together. The video and photos are too so sweet. Thanks for sharing. I am so sorry for your loss of Miss Kitty. Someday you WILL see her again. Until You Meet Again.

Happy 2 Month Bridge Day Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty your earth daddy misses you so so very much. Please let your daddy know that you are ok.

David my thoughts are with you on this very hard day.Sending you {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}.


Nikki mommy misses you and loves so you so much. My dear sweet angel....


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that is one of the cutest kitty ive ever seen! daisy looks like she playing mommy! so happy for you!


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Hi David.  So sorry it's been 2 months since you saw your precious Miss Kitty.  She lived such a happy life with you and your family.  I feel down in my heart that our pets prefer to follow their natural instincts and just go away to pass rather than be brought to the vet.  Of course it's our instinct,  to try to take medical steps to help.  But know that she lived and died on her own terms, and that's a great gift that so few of us get.     Daisy and Puma are adorable!  I love the way that Daisy mothers her.  I am so jealous.  I have a dog and cat and wish they would take care of each other.  Kitty tries, but my dog Oliver wants no part of being near him.  Enjoy your new addition to the family.  Miss Kitty is happy in heaven and watching over you all.


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David, what a lovely video!  A special bond between your Daisy and Puma has happened for sure.  Very very sorry about the loss of Miss Kitty as well.


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Hi David,

     I am glad that Puma is in your life as well as Daisy. You still have the "new" Scruffy don't you ?  I do not know if I told you about my dog Gizmo and his appetite. You see one night Gizmo was not eating and right away we made an appointment for him to see our vet. Well, the next day he was back to eating regularly again so we let our guard down. Well, 2 or three days later became that fateful night when I came home late from work and noticed he had trouble breathing. That's when I think that I told you it was the last night that I saw my Gizzy alive. That is when the Vet told us that animals will conceal their injuries as a natural defense mechanism. I guess all you can do is watch what you feed them and make sure they remain in good health with Check ups, but if GOD wants them sooner then we have to accept that. It's been over 2 years and Gizmo remains in my heart and in my head.  Best wishes


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Your new kitty looks like what my critter did. Glad that you have given a new kitty a home. Your dog and the cat that is a cute video love how the dog has taken over the mommy role.


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Dear David,  I am amazed at Daisy being so attentive to the new kitten.  Bless you for taking in this little one.  That video is amazing!!  So sweet.

Love,  Diane
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