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I've been coming here for 2 months and reading the post but have not been able to post because i was in denial but now the pain is unbearable.In march I found a large mass my my choc lab lady lou we went to the vet right away.They tired a few treatments then they operated on her,Dr said when he called that it was not good.Lady came home that evening with me and they sent the mass off to find out what it was. It was kondo sarcoma.3 weeks to the day after the surgery i had to help her cross to the bridge that was one of the hardest night of my life but i know she is  better place now.I guess i've been in denial and not wanting to face the fact that she will never be with me again.She was a great freind and dog .She rode with me at work alot and would even help me carry tools and material(She loved to drag my tanks of freon to the equipment)She was always getting treats from everyone at the resturants i worked in. I was hoping posting here would help me come to terms that she is no longer physically with altough her ashes are with me they sebt in iddle of her pics and severals card i recieved after her passing.Sorry if i'm rambling but I'm having hard time with this
Keith   Lady Lou  daddy

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Keith--Sorry for your loss of Lady Lou. It does hit hard. I guess at least with denial you're still kinda "numb" and it actually makes it easier for awhile. It's when the denial starts to wear off, that it gets harder. Sounds like she was a real special friend;she even helped carry stuff for you.
I lost my little calico, Puffy, in January. I actually miss her more now than ever.  Take care.

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Dear Keith,

I'm so sorry for your loss.   Lady Lou was your companion..your family.  This is an enormous loss and there's truly no time limit for grief.  Just allow yourself to mourn for your special girl as it is the only way you will heal.

I think it does get harder...I miss my Cicio more each day and the sadness of her not being there when I come home slams's 7 months for me. I'm just taking one day at a time. 

Sometimes it helps to tell some stories....she was also your work-mate...and I'll bet you have tons of special memories on the job.

Sending many hugs to you,



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So sorry for your loss of Lady Lou.   I too couldn't post here for 3 months after my Rupert died.  I cried too much to even write it down.  He was a cat nd he died 18 weeks ago and the pain hasn't eased yet.  I know I will never see him again and the numbness has lifted but I still have really bad days.  If it wasn't that I had to get the kids to school I wouldn't get out of bed.  Hit the wrong button and now printing is different.  Ooops.
Grief can take a long time and she was your friend and companion, just like Rupert was that to me.
Give yourself time,  she was a big part of your life.  How old was she?
Be kind to yourself.  Ruperts Mum

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I'm so sorry you lost your precious Lady Lou. You did the best you
could for her. Sounds like you two depended on each other a lot,
she must have been quite a Lady. You'll miss her tremendously.
For me, it will be 3 months tomorrow that my little boy went to
the Bridge. It gets harder and harder. Today has been
exceptionally bad. I'm just so sorry for you. I hope Lady Lou
sends you a sign, pays you a quick visit some night, so you'll
know for sure she's ok now.  You two were lucky to have
each other.


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Dear Keith

I am so sorry about Lady Lou. I am sure she knows how much you love her.

I lost my kitty Cheeseburger a little over a month ago. I miss him so much. Cheesey was my baby and my best friend. When I went to work in the morning I would kiss him on the forehead and tell him "Mommy's going to work now, listen to your music and watch the birdies." I always would leave the radio on for him and when I was at work, I would put on the same station. It was my way of feeling connected to Cheesey while I was at work.

It has not gotten any easier for me either. I still look for him in all of his favorite spots. I still have all of his toys out, his bed, blankets, food and water bowls. I cannot find it in my heart to put anything away.

When I came home from work Cheesey would be waiting for me with his sweet meows and nuzzles. He was a very loving, sweet, smart cat. He was with me no matter what I was doing.

These precious creatures become part of our lives and our hearts. They are our best friends, companions, and babies. They gives us their love and trust unconditionally. Their loss is devastating.

I am thankful Cheesey shared my life and my heart for 10 years. He will be in my heart forever.

Your Lady Lou sounds like a very sweet girl. She knows you loved and cared for her. I hope you can find some comfort in the cherished memories you have of her. She will be in your heart always.

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE

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Dear Keith,

I'm so sorry you lost your Beloved Lady Lou.  The unbearable pain you are feeling is very familiar to all of us.  She was so close to you, your soulmate, best friend.  To let go of such a precious part of your life and your heart hurts.  It sounds like she was a great companion, and that you love her and will miss her very much.

Coming to Petloss will help you get through this very difficult time.  We're all here for each other, we all care.

With Deepest Sympathy,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Run free, Lady Lou - you will always be in your Daddy's heart and in all the precious memories you made together. 

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Hello everyone
I want to say thanx for all the kind words,even though  I've been cry my eyes out while i was reading the replies they have giving me a little comfort. I'm so sorry about yalls loses too .Lady Lou was 10 years old but found and adopted me a little over 6 years ago. She was the first pet i had on my own we always had dogs growing up but lady and I was always together and if she was not with me she was scratch at the front door as i would unlock it she was always waiting at the door when I came home. She was with out a doubt my best Friend and soul mate and will be missed greatly.Thanx again I know all of yall are going thought the same thing but yall were able to send me those message and i really appreciate them and they have touched my heart thanx again.   I'm true sorry for all of yall losses too. This is truly a great website   Thanx u Edd for make all this happen for us. Hope everyone has great day.
Peace & Guidance

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Keith I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved Lady Lou. Yes the pain can get more intense in time. It is 12 weeks today since I lost my beloved Mr. Meowgy and it is no easier. Please try to remember Lady Lou's spirit is with you, all around you. I really believe that. You can still talk to her, sing to her, tell her about your day. I talk with my little boy all the time. Your darling is not suffering now, but you are suffering for her. We gladly take on the pain so our darlings don't have to suffer. Keep coming to this site, the people here all understand and they have been a great comfort to me. Again, I am so very sorry. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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Dear Keith
Your Lady Lou sounds a real darling.  I am so sorry.  Much Love, Di xxx

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Dear Keith,
I am truly sorry for your loss of your precious Lady Lou.  My loss of my daughter and best friend Yngwie is quite recent and not a day goes by that I do not at some point cry and sob uncontrollably and miss her terribly.
I have been coming here only a couple weeks and the support is very tremendous.  You mentioned in your post that you are sorry for "babbling on".  Why???  You are not babbling, you are relaesing and dealing with the extreme pain of not having Lady Lou here anymore.  You are not babbling,  and even if you were, so are the rest of us because we all miss and love our babies so very much.  Our hearts are breaking also and we all came to the right place. 
My heart goes out to you Keith.  There is nothing any of can say that will help at this time.  I am truly sorry you like the rest of us are  going through this.  I, like Dee have not been able to put Yngwie's things away either.  Her bed and dry food are still right where they belong. 
Love and light to you as well as prayers my brother

Jennifer  Yngwie's mom


Posts: 22

Keith I am so sorry for your loss.  Lady Lou sounded like a wonderful dog and companion.  I know how you feel, I just lost my baby boy, my 14 year old pom, on Monday. He had been with me through so much turmoil in my life, he was my best friend.  I can't stop crying, and I just barely get through the day.  Its so new to me, I am also in denial.  I even had crazy thoughts like maybe he "woke up" at the vets after I dropped his deceased little body off to be cremated.  I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me to protect me from this unbearable pain.  I look in the woods, like he's going to run out and say "Look at me Momma, look at me, I'm here!"  And I think I'm going crazy to have these thoughts.  You are so not alone, and at least I hope that gives you a tiny bit of comfort.  I'm so glad they have this wonderful board, or I would really think I was just some crazy dog lady.  Take care of yourself, and allow yourself to cry and grieve as much as you need to.  Lady Lou was lucky to have such a wonderful Daddy. 


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Hi Keith,

I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. I can feel teh pain in your words and I wish that I could take it away from you. Your Lady Lou was your soulmate, your best friend. To lose someone so precious is just so heartwrenching. Sending yoru girl to the Bridge was the greatest act of love you could ever give your girl, now she is healthy again.

My Nugget left on January 2nd and I am still a wreck and for me it has just gotten worse too...but I hope that we can help you through here.

A big cuddle to you,

Nuggetsmum Alana

Posts: 67

Keith I am so sorry for you. I'm just guessing here but I think men are programed to repress their feeling and thats why this delayed reaction is happening to you. Its a myth that real men don't cry ya know. Its ok to be sad and to cry, you loved her. If you try to repress the grief process you may really just be making it harder on yourself. My husband kept trying to hide his tears for our cats Shadow. I told him the same thing I'm about to tell you...REAL men do cry sometimes because real men are kind and they have a good heart (& real women don't think less of men who do.) Don't think you can push it all down deep and it will all just go away. Cry, look at pictures of her and ball your eyes out, lay in bed all weekend and cry if you want. It might help you to accept this terrible thing that has happened. Once I was finally able accept it , it took the nasty sharp edge off the pain. The terrible awful pain then became just sadness and loss, and recently I've been able to think more about the funny cute things he did without feeling like it was going to kill me! Though I still cry for him all the time.
Good luck to you Keith. I know how hard it is! Please let us know from time to time how you are feeling. I hope this and the things the others are saying can help you.
Much love and sympathy,
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Dear Keith
I think that shadowma has got it right.  I think that all this rubbish about men shouldnt cry, is just that, rubbish.  Ok, so you are a man, but you are a human being with all of the feelings that women have.  Cry away, come here and vent as much as you like.  You are not different to other men, it is still such a taboo for men to admit these feelings, which is so unfair.  Remember, you are just a loving, caring human being, mourning the loss of a very dear friend.  Much love, Di xx

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Oh Keith, my heart just goes out to you and the pain you are dealing with from your loss of Lady Lou.   What an incredible relationship the two of you shared.    That is special and you should not try to lessen how special it was because the myth that men don't cry is a lie.    You are not made of stone, but of flesh and blood and you have a heart and that heart is hurting deeply right now.   
That is so awesome that she was not just at home waiting for you, she got to go to work with you and be a part of your life in every way.  I am sure there are a lot of people who have wonderful memories of her that will in time help you smile again.
Many thoughts have been posted here that I hope and pray you will take to heart so that you can grieve and in time heal from this loss.   
It has been 4 years since my last loss and I will never forget my precious kitty.    I am back  now because I just learned 2 weeks ago that my soulmate, my 23 year old cat, Angel has cancer and I really need a place to come to be able to share my feelings.   I hope you will come here as often as you need to and if you have a picture of Lady, I know everyone would love to see it.
Peace and blessings to you and your heart girl, Lady Lou

Run happy and free at the Bridge Lady Lou, and send your daddy a sign that you will always be connected by the love you shared


Posts: 7
hello everyone
It's  been a couple days since Ive been able to come we are in heat  wave here and I'm so busy i can not keep up anymore.I just want to say thanx for all of the kind words Yall have sent me. I would like yall to know that I'm truly sorry about everyone else losses too   I know everyone here is dealiing with the same thing Im going through.
I know real men can cry becuase i do daily evertime i go home my house is so empty with out my girl I've been kinda avoiding going home .I lost my dad in 98 and still cry over that every once in while He was such a good man and a great father.
Peace & Guidance
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