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It's been 2 months since my dog passed, I have done better but sometimes late at night when I'm alone, or want to get down and hug or hang with him the loss and emptiness is huge. I went to a animal rescue farm this past weekend and it was so nice, but still somewhat sad. The bigger dogs weren't out and I feel if they were, I would have either been really sad or connected more with them. It was mostly puppies and a few bigger ones, it was nice to see rescues though from kill shelters. I offered to help some friends to Watch their dog over the holidays, which will be nice to have a dog visit again. Maybe that triggered some sadness, but it's been a hard day at work today. There is other stuff going on that is a struggle, and not having your animal friend to de-stress and hang with is sad and a bummer even 2 months later. The sadness comes all of a sudden, then will leave for a few days or even a week or more, then return. I guess it's normal. I miss my buddy.

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Yes, sounds normal. I put my dog down 5 weeks ago. The grief was initially like being hit by a train, and came with chest pain, inability to sleep, and loss of appetite. After making effort, I am now eating and sleeping again, and the chest pain has gone down. I am not usually waking up in the middle of the night crying; I am crying less often. But I still miss him terribly.

But he left a huge dog-shaped hole in my life. I have come to realize that so many things I enjoyed doing I really enjoyed because I could share them with him. Dog adventures, hikes, exploring, working in the yard. We would even share a bag of popcorn while I watched a movie, one kernel for me, one for him flipped in the air and he would catch it effortlessly. When it rained, we played chase around the dining room table, his eyes shiny with excitement and glee.

I think the sadness will always be there when I think of him, like running my tongue over a space where my tooth is missing. But with time, I will be able to control when I decide to do that most of the time, instead of being bushwhacked multiple times a day by uncontrollable grief. And hopefully, maybe, with time, I will learn to enjoy some things again, even if I can't share them with him. Although I probably won't be running around the dining room table by myself.

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So true, I listened to a podcast this evening about finding the right career, and one of the things she talked about was yoir three areas (calling , interests, and passion) and I realized that being with and around animals is one of my passions. ( meaning a passion is when you are w/o it, you feel off kilter, matters so much you can be moved to tears, and links to your core values). I just feel like a different person without a dog, without that animal presence around). I miss being able to nurture and bond and be silly the way I can't unless I have a 2 year old around. Or maybe I just miss him. But I don't think so, i think they are meant to be in my life. I'm just not sure I'm ready yet. Maybe I can start volunteering or fostering for a weekend. I am taking care off a friends pup(9nyears old but they all act like pups) around thanksgiving and I feel It will be nice to have that presence again around
At least I know I am not alone in my feelings. Thankful for this group.
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