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Tomorrow marks the two month anniversary since my best friend Tigger left me. It has been a very hard couple of months. I haven't had the heart to touch or remove anything of hers. I have left everything as is. At first I had so much guilt and I kept asking God "what did i do to deserve this pain"? and as time went on i really thought about my cat ans the condition she had been in. She is in a better place now at rainbow bridge where she is healthy and being taken care of by other furbies. Don't get me wrong i still miss her like crazy and have moments where I just lose it, but I'm thankful she is no longer in any pain. No matter what Tigger will always be my best friend and she knew that. She knew how much i loved her along with the rest of my family. I sat down earlier this week and was finally able to go through aold pictures and put together an album of her life from the first day she came home to present day. I will always cherrish the memmories and will hold out hope that someday we will be reunited. Until then I know my pal is looking out for me.

to mark her 2 mont anniversary I finally was able to get some flowers and have planted them all around her grave.

I will post pictures soon.

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Dear Aaron

I am sorry you have had to mark such a sad anniversary.  These milestones are so very hard.  It has been a little over 5 mo. since I lost my kitty, Gus, and I still miss him.  Times have gotten better though, and I can remember him with smiles.  I know you will always cherish the album honoring your Tigger's life.  I've had pictures made for an album for Gus, but I just haven't been able to put it together yet.  I did plant a memorial garden around his grave and have a memorial stone and fountain.  It is so peaceful and pretty.  I know he approves.  I'm sure Tigger will enjoy looking down on her flowers.

Warm hugs
Kate (Gus' mom)


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Aaron, I am coming up on two months also.  Probably the longest and hardest two months of my life.   Tigger is a sweet name.  So sorry for your loss but glad you put the album together.


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I hate these little milestones and I wish that I bould stop counting the weeks, etc as if I am waiting for my babies to come home to me.

My Herbie died 12 weeks ago tonight.  My grief is still raw and I suspect I will always feel this way.  I worked thru a great deal of my pain over losing Belle 2 years ago, but I had Herbie to help me through it.  Now I am re-grieving and missing my sweet girl Belle and in such deep pain over my Herbie.  I jsut can't believe they are both gone.

Herbie and Belle's Mom

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  Sherry's 2 month anniversary is this week also and I lost her at 14 a lot like you with Tigger's passing.  She died in convulsions from renal failure and I had an appt with the vets for the Monday after.  She didn't make it and had to be put to sleep at the emergency hospital at 3am.  I feel guilty and miss her also.  She had swelled out on her sides for a while but like an  idiot I just thought she was gaining weight and didn't rush her to the vet.  I lost Daisy only 6 months before but she had cancer for a couple of years and was treated for it.  Sherry was younger and I thought she was OK. I was terribly wrong and am still angry at myself about it.  I read your post and I'm so glad that you are starting to remember he happy, funny times with Tigger and not just the last day.  It's still pretty hard though and I am still crying a lot and having trouble accepting that a mistake on my part may have caused her to die a lot sooner than she would have if the kidney condition was treated but remember Tigger and Sherry aren't in pain anymore and maybe they're playing together at the bridge until it's our turn to be with them again.
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