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Hello group,
I haven't been around too much, as I thought I was doing a bit better in coping with my grief, but this week has been a bad week as one of my patients asked how he was, and I had to tell him that he had left for the bridge, and it is Hank's two month Bridge day today. 

I feel him so close to me sometimes, and other times, it feels like forever.   I can't believe that it has been two months already since I held him last, kissed his head, and told him that I loved him.  It has been two months, that I told him to be safe, and rubbed his soft orange fur.  It has been two months since I gave him a foot and toe massage (he really loved that) and shared my yogurt with him.  It has been two months since he meowed at me to go outside, yet again, on that fateful day when he was taken from me in such a tragic way.

I miss him so much- I look for him around every corner, and in his favorite chair.  I miss his sense of humor that orange tabbies seem to have.  I miss his constant companionship.

Hank, mommy loves you so much, and thinks of you every day.  She longs to hold you again someday, to stroke your head, and massage your big kitty toes.  I know you are watching over me.
I love you little man,
Heather, your forever mommy

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Dear Heather
I wondered where you had gone, but then I have been working away.  It is so strange how grief keeps on rolling back around.  Just when we think that we are getting along, something brings it flooding back.  My little Bas went to the Bridge just before  last Christmas.  About a month ago I took out some sheets that hadnt been used for a while.  As I shook one out to make the bed a little ball of his fur was in the middle, how I cried.
We all know how you feel, thinking of you, Di xxx

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Dear Heather

I have been where you are several times.  Just when I think I'm doing OK, out of the blue, something will trigger the tears and that all too familiar sadness.  We are so lucky that we have our petloss friends to came to for support.

Hank has become a part of who you are, so I don't think that the sadness will ever completely go away.  I think that we will always have certain triggers, be it an anniversary, birthday, song, whatever, that will remind us of the wonderful baby that we shared part of our lives with.  

It has been 6 months since I lost my Gus.  I have such happy memories of him, but that sense of loss is still there.  I am finally at the point where I am ready to bring another kitty into my life, not as a replacement for Gus (no cat can ever replace him), but as a tribute to his life.  It is time for me to share the unconditional love he gave me with another in need.

Your sweet Hank will always be with you.  His spirit will guide you and watch over you.

Kate (Gus' mom)


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Dear Heather;
So sorry, just remember Hank is always with you in your heart, and we all will see each other once again. God Bless.--------Jerry in Oklahoma
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