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My Sweet Sweet Tim......

How can it possibly be? How can you have been gone from my sight for 2 years now? I still think of you each and every day. I remember the good days and I remember the bad ones too. Sometimes I come to this site and I re-read what I wrote to you and that sadness fills my heart once again. I think about your hard struggle. I look around and see certain things, that remind me of you. I know you are well again, and watching over your mommy and daddy below. I'm sure you've seen the newest member of our family, Bella. What a handfull she can be. Your brother Shiloh is getting "Paybacks" for how he pestered you. I wish so much you could be here with us, I'm sure you could show little Bella how to behave. She's still young, and I know I need to hold onto these precious moments, and take lots of pictures and videos, just like we did with you.

Oh my dear sweet baby girl.......know that you were, and always will be LOVED so, so much! Please continue to watch over us and if at all possible....I'd be so happy if you could send me a sign or a "visit" sometime, to let me know your doing well. I Love you sweetie!

Kisses and Hugs Always!!!! X O X O X



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                Please send your family a sign to let them know you're watching and doing well.  You sound like such a wonderful girl and so loved by all.

   Many thoughts & prayers coming your way--

                             Teddy's Mom

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Dearest Sue,  How has 2 years passed since Timber left for the bridge?  I can hardly believe it.  She is happy and "settled" in with all of our kids by now and will wait patiently for you.  I hope today was filled with fond memories of your life with your beautiful girl.  GSD's are so great.

Love,  Diane

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Dear Sue,

I remember your beautiful boy Timber's photos from my earliest days here and did not realize that he went to the bridge just five days after my little fuzzy munchkin did!  Oh these have been two very hard years and it doesn't seem to get easier does it?  It is good to see his beautiful picture again.

It is healing to reread about all the happy memories that Timber provided you with.  I hope the bad memories have been gradually replaced by happier ones, and I do hope you get some precious visits very soon!

Beautiful Two Year Bridgeday, Precious Timber!

Love from Tweeny's ma

Thank you to PunkinMummy!


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My dear friend & fellow GS mom, Sue~


Breath-taking Timber~


Two truly seems like only yesterday. And, we return to our *safe haven* here at Petloss to share our feelings, memories & pictures.


Sue ~ I know how much your heart still hurts from the loss of your gorgeous Timber. Our stories are similiar in as was the slow decline with Timber & Onyx.  Roscoe & Cloudy's passing seemed to have happened so much faster. The *pain* is still the same ~ the loss of our noble & loving German Shepherds.

The website you made for Timber is very touching & heartfelt. What a glorious tribute to your baby girl!  Someday, she'll be in your arms again. We both know she is running (really running!) with Onyx ~~~~~ & if I close my eyes I can see *our* 2 precious girls, together, playing in the meadow at the Bridge.


Oh beautiful, beautiful Timber ~ You know deep in your heart how much your mommie misses & loves you. I hope you will find a way to show her a *sign* of some kind. It would help her aching heart to heal.

Thank you, Timber, for being at the Bridge to meet my girl baby, Onyx. I know you *knew* she would be coming soon. Also, for getting the GS's together to *hunt* down the thief who stole Onyx's ashes. Soon, her beloved remains will be home.

In the meantime, I hope you have a WONDERFUL 2 YEAR CELEBRATION AT THE BRIDGE!


Love & hugs~





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Dear Sue......As you know, I think your Timber is such a beautiful girl....Those pics on the wonderful website you have made for her just took my breath away the first time I saw them- 2 years ago!!!!  WOW- where does time go?
I remember the struggle Tim-Tim had in those last days here on earth and how much pain you were in watching her....But, now she is happy and pain-free and watching you from above- patiently awaiting the time you will be together again!!
Your Shiloh is a beauty and what a cutie Bella is----I love the pics you posted of her on the other forum.....I'm glad you have them with you and what lucky ones they are to have you as a Mom!!
My heart reaches out to you over the miles with hugs and comfort!!
God Bless you, Sue....Kelsey's Mom  (Ruth)

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That picture in your post is beautiful.   Two years goes by so fast.   I am approaching a year and a half so I know how it is still hard.    Please know you are not alone.

Many hugs...
Merry's mom

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Oh Dear Sue,
How I have loved your beautiful Timber from the first moment I saw her face.
You could just see her pure soul through her eyes. I learned so much about this wonderful breed from you Sue and also from Pami and Anita and saw what gentle giants they are and how devoted and loving they are. Timbers love for you just shows in her face and I know her spirit will always be close to you guiding your days.
Your webpage that you created is such a loving tribute to your girl and when I saw the part with the furfriends and Max's picture there also, it was a honor to have him included because I know they are all together at the Bridge.
Wishing you many smiles remembering the life you shared and although there will be tears for missing her, the days together that you both shared were a touch of heaven on earth.
Love Jo
Dear Sweet Timber,
Please send your mommy a sign or come to her dreams. I know you feel her Love all the time . You are so very Loved,
Love Max's mom Jo


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Dear Sue,

I remember your Timber as well and love the beautiful pictures of her. I hope that you have found some peace in your heart over the loss.

Happy Belated 2 year anniversary, Timber.

Love, Candice

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A Sincere Thank-You!!!


I want to thank each of you for your kind words on this post. It's good to know there are so many kind souls, who know the impact our pets have made on each of us. People whom we've never actually met, but have made such deep connections with and shared stories and pictures of our pets.


I don't visit this site as much as I did a few years ago, but it seems like when some sort of anniversary rolls around, it's nice to be able to share with others who care.


There are a LOT of new names on the board, and I know they've come to the right place. It's comforting to see all the "Old" names too. To have you respond, and tell me you remember Timber, makes me feel so good.


Thank you ALL!!!!





Pami - aka - WhiteEyelashes

(fellow GSD mom)



Jo - aka - goldenboysmom



Love to all


Beautiful Timber's mommy



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