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Hi everyone yesterday we had to put down our 12 year old Shih Tzu dog her name is Jemma.
She was my best friend and my companion and I still dont accept that she is gone..
She belongs here with me and my family my husband and my kids.
She brought peace and happiness to anyone who ever met her and she went with us and all of our family trips she has been to New York Florida Pei I could go on and on..
She was my shadow ...I work from home and she followed me everywhere if I forgot to bring her into a room with me she would cry and scratch at the door until I opened it and let her in..
She loved to go for car rides and would get super offended if I did not take her pretty much everywhere I went I swear she thought she was human..
And the saddest part is that she was so active and loved going for walks everyday ..long walks and she died so suddenly she got sick so suddenly and I'm still in shock..
We tried to save her but then we realized that we had no other choice to put her down..
Jemma I miss you so much and I'm really looking forward to getting your ashes so that I can wear them around my neck so that we can go for walks together..
The rest of my family is very sad but I just feel like my heart is completely broken and I don't want to accept this. šŸ˜˜šŸ’”šŸ’”šŸ’”šŸ’”

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Hi Jules,
Iā€™m so sorry for your loss. I have just been through a similar situation with my dog getting sick suddenly and also having him put to sleep. He was 10 and healthy all of his life and out of the blue about a week ago fell extremely ill. I am going through the same emotion as you as he was my best friend and shadow as well. It is not easy, but try to find comfort that you were able to take her pain away for her and also think about the good times you had together. I like to think that they are still with us even though we cannot see them. Take care.

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Hi Sophie thank you so much for your message.
I just woke up this morning and I'm just so used to her being at my feet this is going to take awhile to get used to.
With everything crazy that's going on in the world right now she was a huge source of comfort for me and my family and my children and I just keep saying that she belongs here with us.
Sending hugs to you as well

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I am so sorry for your loss.  I had to put down my Midnight last Thursday, and it's still fresh in my mind.  You're not alone.  This is a great place to talk about your feelings and get feedback.  I have a question.  How are you making the ashes into a necklace?  Did the vet offer to do that?  Mine are coming in an urn.  Just wondering how that works because that is a great idea.

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Hi. Eileen once I receive the ashes I am purchasing a necklace online to put the ashes i don't think that all of the ashes will fit in there it will make me feel better to know that I'm walking around with her still on my walks..
I can send a link if you'd like a where I purchased one

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Hello everyone I picked up Jemma's ashes yesterday before that it was having a pretty good day dealing with grief but after that I was really sad.
I asked them to put half of her ashes in the urn and the other half are loose so that we can either spread them somewhere or I wanted to have some so that I could put it in there but I could wear with me.
Still trying to think of whether I want to keep all of her ashes at home or whether I should spread some at some of the favourite places that we've gone for walks there's one place in particular I was thinking of
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