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It has now been 3 weeks since that dreadful day. My Fuzzy had just turned 1 2 weeks before. He was a very good kitty. My best friend had been staying with me and knows that i do not let any of my cats outside. She opened the door and watched as he ran out the door. I siad to her get the cat , he is not allowed out. I was cooking dinner on the grill and thought she had went to get him. A little while later I heard a thump and turned around and there he was. I was devestated as well as extremely livid with her for the fact that she acted as though it was not important. She cam eto me and said here is his collar. she said at least you have others. ??? How could a friend say something like that, you would never say that about someone kids beause no matter how many you have each one is different.

It is so difficult for me to get through this time because he was so  special to me, I have literally had him since the day he was born. I have his motehr. I was very attached to him. I sit around and think about all the places where he should be. I am currently 5 months pregnant which I think is magnifiying my feelings. I miss him so much
I sit around and think about all the things that could have been done differently which would make him be here with me still. I am glad I have found a place where I can get support and understanding because I feel as though noone in my life understadn why I am feeling this way. Thanks for listening and helping me through this difficult time. SHannon


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Dear Shannon, I'm so sorry about your loss. Your little Fuzzy wanted to go out and your friend did not help you to get him back. I think that she should have helped you... but well, I wish we could change the past and do things different, but we can't... your little baby sounds like an adorable kitty. I think he's having a lot of fun on the Rainbow Bridge. He will always be in your heart and that nobody can ever take away from you.
Diana, Jessie's mom.

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Sorry about your loss--it didn't help w/ the way it happened and what your friend said to you afterwards.  I think this is always important--having someone/people around you that can understand and just give you some empathy when you need it. Hope it gets better for you.


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Oh, Shannon, I am so sorry about your loss of your beloved Fuzzy kitty.  To lose a little one in such a sudden, tragic way is so very difficult and heartbreaking.   And, having to go through this while you are pregnant is just awful.  My heart goes out to you.  I hope you can find some peace knowing that little Fuzzy knew he was loved by you.  Your bond with him was so strong that I just know his loving little spirit is still right beside you. 

Please come here as often as you need for support.  I promise we will listen.

Betsy's forever mom

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Dear Shannon,
I am so very sorry about what happened to your baby.
We here all understand your feelings as we all have lost ones we loved very much.
Some people just do not put a very high value on animal life and in most cases I have found that those who are like that usually don't value life in general very much.
Our fur babies teach us about unconditional love and if we learn from them we are better people for having them in our lives.
Those who have never opened their hearts to love a fur baby and opened their minds to learn from them have never known true unconditional love nor have they learned the most important lesson in life.
That love is more important then anything else in this world.
I pray that you can find peace in your heart and that the love and support you will receive here will help to carry you through this time of great sadness and one day into the light of healing.
Love and Peace,
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