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To my dear, sweet Angel,

Today, June 17th, marks 6 months that you've been at the Bridge.  As always, our love for you is never-ending and we think about you everyday.  May was a tough month for me… part of the reason I didn’t write to you on May 17th.  This May not only marked your 5th month at the bridge, but my Mother’s 5th year of being gone and it just seemed a little more difficult this time.  Feeling overwhelming sadness at times of missing you and missing my Mom just made for a difficult May.


I ask you everyday as I leave the house to watch over our 2 new babies, Lucy and Abigail… and you do.  I can still feel you watching over us and the girls.  So, for that, I thank you and you already know how much I love you.


6 long months without you… there will never be words that can say exactly how much you are missed, but I hope you know that we miss you so much and we’ll love you til the end of time.  I so love it when you visit us in our dreams.  We especially loved the one where you showed us your new little Pom friend with the little pink collar.  I am so happy for you Angel… happy that you are young and healthy again and happy that you are making friends.  Come visit again soon because we want to hold you and kiss you again… so much that it hurts not to be able to do just that.  We love you precious… til we see you again, hugs and kisses and belly rubs my sweet sweet baby girl.




And if I go,
while you're still here...
Know that I live on,
vibrating to a different measure
--behind a thin veil you cannot see through.
You will not see me,
so you must have faith.
I wait for the time when we can soar together again,
--both aware of each other.
Until then, live your life to its fullest.
And when you need me,
Just whisper my name in your heart,
...I will be there.

"Ascension" copyright ©1987, Colleen Corah Hitchcock



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Happy 6 Month Bridge day to Angel. What a beautfiul girl she is, you could just grab her and give her a huge hug. I am so sorry for your loss, I can feel your pain in the beautfiul tribute you wrote for her.  It is so hard for us to cope and to go on without that special love and companionship only our furbabies can give us.  My Peanut's one year bridge day is on 6/19 so I have been having a rough time of it to... this morning I was trying to remember how it felt to have her curled up on my pillow every morning when I woke up to feel her warm little body and her soft snoring.  I feel like sometimes I am forgetting all the little things about her and I want to forget nothing. I am so sorry for the loss of your mom as well, no wonder May was such a rough month for you, losing two every important beings in your life. No doubt that your Mom and Angel are together and taking care of one another and keeping watch over you and your new babies, hopefully you can take some comfort in knowing that. I am sure Angel and Peanut will celebrate their bridge days together at the Bridge. Take care and hang in there my friend.



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Dear jwintx –

As I was reading your post, I had to stop . . . I lost my mom on May 14th, close to the anniversary of the loss of your mom. And this Saturday marks week #18 since my sweet little kitty Rusty left me, so I really understand the grief and sorrow you’re feeling. I wish there was something I could do or say to magically ease your pain and suffering . . . but I’m glad to hear that you feel your baby watching over you and visiting you in your dreams – that must provide you with a great amount of comfort.


Dear sweet Angel – your family loves and misses you so very much and they are sending you lots and lots of extra special love, on this, your 6th month at the Rainbow Bridge. Keep watching over them, especially Lucy & Abigail.


Warm hugs,


Rusty’s Mom – Allison.


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What a darling little girl she is.  I can tell by your post how important & loved Angel is.  There are so many at this site with the 6 month Bridge Day this June and I've said before that I find it one of the hardest times to get through.  Like you, May was a very tough month for me as well.  My Mother passed away on the 20th-6 years ago-and my darling Teddy's 7 month milestone was on the 30th.  How we get over these hurdles is by coming here and finding so much caring & support from wonderful people.  I'll never be grateful enough for it.

       Thinking of you today and sending many prayers for peace in your life--

                                               Teddy's Mom

    HAPPY 6 MONTH BRIDGE DAY, DEAR ANGEL.  May you enjoy your special day with a big Rainbow treat.

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Happy Bridge Day over your mom and new furbabies and remember how much she loves you....Lisa


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Angel always knew how to pose didn't she. I love those pictures of a truly beautiful and very happy little girl. What a special little angel you were blessed to have known and loved.

I too know the sadness of sharing dates with your Mother and your little ones. I lost them 2 days after Mother's anniversary of her death and they share a birthday date with her also. It makes it so much harder when you have those "double loss dates".....

This marker is so hard to accept, how can they have been gone this long and how have you survived it... You still have two special ones to love and take care of and that does help even though it does not take away the longing and the pain, that I know.

To a very special Angel and her parents on this very hard day I send you all my deepest sympathies,

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Sorry for your loss 6 months ago. What a doll baby face. It's so hard. I hope you find comfort. Take care.


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Your Angel passed just before my Basil.  He left on 22nd December.  What a beauty your Angel is, such a sweet little face.  I am so glad that she is visiting you. 

It is a very sad time for you I know.  I am dreading Basils I year bridge day, as my Dad left on 26th December, and that is too close.  Christmas has brought such mixed emotions since my Dad left, but now it will be even harder.

I feel your pain, and am thinking of you.  Think there is going to be a lot of partying at the Bridge this week.

Much love, Di xxx

Posts: 190
I want to thank each and everyone one of you for your kind words of comfort.  I want you all to know that you're all in my thoughts and prayers during this, one of our most difficult times.

Karen (Peanut's Mom) - my heart breaks for you everytime I see that picture of your precious Peanut - I know how much you miss her; RustysMom (Allison) - I just know your Rusty is watching over you too; Teddy's Mom (Helen) - we're in the same boat - both losing our Mothers in May - my heart goes out to you;
Lisa (Lee) - thank you so much for your kind words;
Helen (bugsdogs) - you're right about Angel - whenever I got the camera out she knew just how to pose;
Nancee - thank you too for your words of kindness;
basil (Di) - I know how difficult the month of December will be for you so I will continue to say prayers for you - for all of us who have lost our precious furbabies.  Your words all mean so much to me.  I was blessed to have Angel in my life for the short 4 1/2 years that she was here and I will continue to love and miss her for all the days of my life as I know we all miss our babies.  Hugs and prayers to all of you.

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What beautiful sentiments about your sweet Angel.  I loved the piece you added "Ascension".  My heart is with you...these  days are tough ones.. My Cicio preceded your Angel by 7 1/2 months.  We're left behind for now but we are tied heart to heart with them into eternity

May you always feel those touches from Angel until you meet again.

Many hugs



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Your Angel is now an Angel, today is the one month day for our Peaches. I share in your loss not only for your Angel but in your mothers passing as well. My heart felt condolences to you in this troubling time. God Bless You.
Your Ascension addition brought tears to my eyes. It echoed the post I did for our departed Peaches. They are and forever will be in our hearts.--Jerry in Oklahoma.


Posts: 190

Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts.  You are so right about are hearts being tied to theirs through eternity.  We'll see them again I know... until then I hope my Angel and your precious Cicio are having fun at the Bridge.

Many hugs to you.

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Dear Jwintx:
I am deeply sorry for the loss of your sweet Angel and your Mom.  I know they are both together now sharing happiness.
They will live forever in your heart.

Thank you so much for your kind words about my little sweetheart Meister.  It meant very much for me to hear from you.  These are very difficult times and I am glad we can share our feelings together.

I will pray for you.


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Thank you so much for your kind words.  I believe that too... that my Angel is really a guardian Angel now.  That's what I tell my 2 new babies, Abigail and Lucy, that they have a guardian Angel watching over them and that her name is "Angel".  My heart goes out to you on the loss of your precious Peaches - I know that I was still a blubbering mess after only one month so I know how you're feeling.  Also, wanted to let you know that I'm originally from Oklahoma (saw that in your signature) and was just there this past Father's Day.  Many hugs, warm thoughts and prayers to you.

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Thank you Mary.  My thoughts and prayers are with you too at this very difficult time.  Just remember, that they'll always be in our hearts because we love them so...


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Angel is so adorable.  This pain just goes on and on.  These Special Little Angels steal our Hearts and take our souls with them when they leave.  Christopher has been gone for almost 15 months; I miss him as much today as the day he left.  You and Angel are in my Prayers.

Big Hugs
Christopher's Mommy

Posts: 190

Thank you Georgeann.  You are in my prayers and always will be.  We will see them again... this I know... my heart knows and I know yours does too.  Hugs and prayers to you always.

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