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Hello everyone Ive been shutdown for a very long time. Carol, Jackie everyone who helped create my sweet boy "DOG"'s tribute page. Did you know I still visit? it truly gives me my baby boy back,,, it seems, just for the time I can stay in his place.

I can't believe it will be 6 years ago tomorrow. Mothers day, Oh my gosh how will I get through....

Like every year, in tears I suppose.

My Sweet Boy "DOG"
I was in your garden yesterday making sure it stays perfect for you to lay beside me when you can.
Daddy and I cried again too, Daddy wants to put a photo of you at the bridge steps, in your spot we leave for you. I think you would like it.
Will you come down the secret path again and let me kiss your face and rub your head? Daddy just said "Good Boy" as he looks at your picture still in front of the TV.
He didn't even tell him I was writing you.
We still miss you so much, the love still grows stronger, it makes me know you still wait for our day.
I know your a Good Boy taking care of the little ones.
Daddy taught you well learning to be easy and taking care not to play to rough.
Did you greet the sweet baby Gabriel and Mommy Maria? I know you did and are watching them both. Thank you for protecting them as you continue to take care of so many.
I love you so much, you have such a tender soul.
I know you still watch over Daddy and me, I feel you in my heart and feel you close at times as well.
Stay happy Sweet Boy take care of Maria and Gabriel, teach the others how to be easy with the baby.
We love you forever.
Daddy and Mommy


Posts: 5,100

Dear Caroline,

What a touching tribute to your precious boy, Dog.  The passage of time does not seem to dull the pain much, does it?   And, we miss them so.   Tomorrow, Mother's Day, is my beloved Betsy's fourth month BridgeDay so I know the pain and longing you are feeling all too well.


Caroline, I will be thinking of you tomorrow, Mother's Day, as we both mark the anniversaries of our beloved babies' passing.   It will be a sad day, but we must try to focus on the wonderful memories we still have in our hearts.   Betsy and Dog would so want to see smiles on our faces as we remember them.

Sending hugs and wishing you peace,
Betsy's forever mom


Posts: 567

Thank you for sharing your tribute to Dog, how beautiful.  It doesn't matter how much time passes, we still miss them very much.  I'm glad you have Dog's tribute page to give you comfort.   I still haven't gotten the strength to do that yet, but your post tells me it is something that will help. 

Prayers and thoughts,
Nina Maria's Mom

Posts: 555

dogwater.gif picture by BartendersBluesWolf

I Am Here

When you look into the summer
sky I am there. When you look into
the eyes of a true friend I am there.
When you hear a song that touches
your heart it is I. When you feel the
sun on your face it is a million kisses
from me. When someone calls you
friend it is me saying those words to you.

Look into the night sky and see
the stars twinkle back at you it is a
message from me saying find joy, I
want you to be happy and find laughter
in your life. When you give to others
you are giving to me and I am there.
Let others touch your heart because
I am reaching out to you through them.
When you let someone in you will
see the joy of love and be forever
with me. Love never ends.
Here I am

©J.C. Stewart~BarTendersBluesWolf


Posts: 909

I know how much you love DOG -I also know that one day you will be together again.

Until that day...


Many tears run over your heart.
Since the day we had to part.
I didn't want to go,
I am sure you had to know.

An Angel touched me gently on my fur,
and all my pain went away! She whispered,
Mommy and Daddy will understand,
I promise, you one day.

I had to tell you about this place, you might or might not know.
It never rains but grass, trees, and pretty flowers grow.

There's a spot where all of us are called,
to sit and stay. A bone or treat!
Not on this bright day.

Someone is walking over the bridge I see.
Could it be someone looking for me?

Here comes a Mommy, Daddy or Someone they loved.
We all jump and play while they are hugged.

Did you hear there's a pot of gold at Rainbow's end.
It's you! Mommy, Daddy or a very best Friend.

Look at us! We are not in pain.
We'll never have to hurt the same.

Please remember don't ever let go,
I just wanted you to know. From DOG
To Daddy and Mommy
(By Caroline)

He will always be in your hearts.

Your beautiful boy waits
at the Rainbow Bridge!
Love and Hugs,
CareWolf aka Carol
It was an honor to design your page.
If you have any problems with the page,
contact me at:


Posts: 2,245
Dear Caroline:
Your beautiful message to your Precious Dog is proof positive that Love lasts Forever.  Christopher has been gone for over 13 months and I miss him as much today as the day he left.  I still cry for him every day.  When you have such a special bond with your babies the love as well as the pain lasts for Eternity.  They will Always be safe in our Hearts.  I will be thinking of you on this incredibly difficult day.  Thank you for taking the time to post as it reaffirms that my grief for my little guy is normal and that it is OK to grieve Forever. 

Happy Bridge Day Precious Dog.  I hope you have a beautiful day.  Stay safe for your Mommy until she gets there.  May God's Angels keep you Safe Forever.
Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

Posts: 7
O my, 3 more minutes and you've been gone 6 years 10:45. It was the day before Mothers day, I didn't think of when your day would fall on such a day, today MOTHERS DAY. I should be happy. 10:45, 1 more minute, my gosh the tears.

OK here it is 10:45

I Love you sweet Boy. I feel you near as my heart is pounding. Sweet Heart give Daddy a kiss, he can't get out of bed, I know his tears are flowing too.

I'll go in and hug him tight, I'm sorry, gonna cry again. Can you lay beside us? We'll hold each other like the day you jumped and played on your way to the bridge.

I love you and miss you so much

Posts: 7
"Bar Tender Blue Wolf" I want to thank you for, yet another stunning photo with DOGs reflection in the water gently rippling away as if it's running over to us to catch a drop or 2.
It sure made me smile through all these tears. I Love the poem "I AM HERE" My goodness how perfect, and so touching. Your words have touched my heart in the most wonderful way. I never thought I would say anything was wonderful today, Thank you again.

Carol, Thank you for everything you are always there to comfort in such a special way

Nina, I took a very long time before I was ready too.
You will be so touched when it's time. You'll know as well. In fact I couldn't start, the Wolves stepped in and it all began that day. If your unsure what began. Healing, not forgetting or placing him in the back of my mind but rather in my heart. Words still come from DOG through me and obviously the helpful WOLVES. It's very hard still, I visit DOGs page and words come to me, perhaps from him, or are they prayer's, I'm not sure but I write a lot now.

My friends, Everyone, All who are suffering I pray and Thank all of you for taking time to read about us my warm Hugs out to you.

I pray each of you, all of us, will find some kind of warmth, peace in our hearts. Yes, Love does last forever as Georgeanne said; yes sweetie Christopher is still in your heart, sitting beside you and like all of our babies, are whining as we cry, they don't want us to. It's just impossible to hold them back.

I wish you all a Day. Perhaps we can enjoy, thinking about the happy days given to us by Our Sweet Baby Boys and Girls. Malissa, I might not have had this feeling of wanting to enjoy the memory of such happy days, had you not said those beautiful words. You're right, I never want those to fade.
Tender Hugs
Proud to be "DOG"s Mommy


Posts: 555


Dear Caroline,

I know it is so hard when these special days come along but it is also a time to feel them even closer then any other time.

I believe they remember these days just as we do and that they stay very close at those times often visiting us and letting us feel their spirit everywhere so we will know they will never forget the love we share.

I hope that you felt your boy near on this special day and that you also felt all or our thoughts and prayers for you as well.

May the love you share bring you always close to your boy.


Love and Peace,






Do you feel me in your heart when you think of me?
In the quiet moments of the night when you are all alone is where I will always be.
The morning sun will find me with you resting by your side.
Through all time no matter where you are with you i will abide.


The moments we shared ,our memories will always be with you.
No one can take our time away what we shared will get you through.
My love for you will never end it goes on throughout eternity.
Then one day you will come to where i am and always be with me.


So please be strong and worry not for  I am happy here.
Your thoughts of me comfort my soul and let me know you are near.
My greatest wish is that when you miss me most you feel me always near.
And know deep within your heart that when you come i will be waiting here.


©~  AurichWolf aka Katie~2008~


Posts: 7
I can't believe the beauty in all you, everyone here.

Kathy, I Love the poem and your kind words.

It had to be the worst year for me, I don't know why. I cried all day, running to another room to let my tears flow because I couldn't spoil the day for my human adult children, and grand-children.

After the day had calmed down and the kids had left, I went to DOGs garden site, where he is resting.
I felt his paw, I know that's crazy but he knew I was loosing control. I wanted to go to the bridge begging him to take me with him. Is that awful?
I don't want to leave my husband, that's why I couldn't go.

Something is different, I'm not recovering this year. I try each year to think perhaps next year I won't cry or maybe just handle it a bit better.

In a few days I will be going in for another surgery, it isn't a big deal just laproscopic, I'll be glad to sleep a while, I haven't slept in a few days.
I will disappear again for a while. Those who remember me know I haven't been well, but better then some. It's not fatal so I'm lucky I guess.

Again thank you for 6 years of support, I pray for each of you and think of everyone often.

DOG's Mommy

Posts: 847

Dear Caroline,

It is sooo good to see DOG's wonderful smile again.  He always had one of my favorite smiles, and oh how I know you miss him.  I got choked up reading about how your husband looked at his picture and said "Good boy".  Ugh, it is so hard isn't it?  Two years in, it hasn't gotten any easier for me and seeing the strong love for your dear boy grow stronger after six years confirms I will always miss my girl terribly.  Every day they are near us but we get a little closer to that forever reunion.

May you always find peace in his garden, or should I say your shared place of peace.  I am glad you felt his paw.  May you also feel his gentle paw during your recovery.  I hope you get a good anesthesia as that is where I found some bliss- be well.

Beautiful Six Year Bridgeday, Precious DOG!

Love from Tweeny's ma

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