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Well it's been about 7 months.  I can't believe the time flies.  I have become more accepting of the situation; but still it is upsetting.  Knowing I cannot have another dog until my kids are grown makes it harder.  We moved back up north and have settled in to our new house back here; I keep thinking of where Samson would lay or be or how he would love the backyard, but hate the dogs across the street.  Speaking of which, they came over yesterday.  They got loose.  Two Great Danes.  They came trotting up, (to my delight) and I fed them hot dogs and kept them entertained because I was scared they would get hit out on the road.  The owners (parents) weren't home and I have no phone number for them, I have only met them once.  So I tried to pet them and talk to them (a male and female) and feed them :)  That always goes over well so they just kind of hung around and ran around the house (They tried to come in too! but hubby was having none of that and Jason my Maine Coon and Talouse my Siamese also didn't find that amusing at all).
So anyway, I was able to play with the two Danes and remember my Samson.  Samson was so much bigger, it's hard to believe.  The male Dane was larger at the shoulder than Samson (A Saint) but overall Samson was much larger bodywise and certainly head-wise :(   I miss him so much.  So while it made me smile it made me incredibly sad too.   I feel like he's still there; like I can just go and "get him" and it's so surreal some days, but as I said, it has gotten better a little   Hello to all and sorry I've been away for so long, things have been crazy with the move and all.

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Samsonsmom, Time does move on although sometimes too slowly, I think.  I know what you mean about never getting over that feeling that they should be there.  It is really awful when for just a split second you forget.  I am glad it has gotten a little better for you. 


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I am so sorry for your loss of Samson, losing such a beloved friend and part of your life is not something one easily gets over. I don't think we will ever truly get over it but just learn how to accept it and go on with our lives, always keeping a place in our heart for them. That is nice that you got to spend time with the neighbor's dogs and that they reminded you of your sweet boy and your time with him, I am sure it was bittersweet.  It has been a year today that we lost our Peanut and I am still in so much pain over her loss but again hopefully more time will help ease my suffering. We have another dog Baby Girl and last night my husband went over to do some work on my mother in law's lawn and took Baby with him.  Boy, the house was so empty without Baby in it. After Peanut's passing she has become more clingy with me whereas before she was very independent and I am used to her following me everywhere and last night she was not there.  Baby is 13 and who knows how much longer she will be with us so now I keep thinking how the house will be sooo empty with no more dogs in it, ugh. I dread it.  At least you have your two cats, thank goodness. I am sure they provide you with lots of love and comfort.  Take care and hang in there.  Samson will always be with you.



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Dear SamsonsMom:
I am so sorry for your loss.  Samson will always be close to your heart.  I know you will be reunited with Samson again in happiness.

I will pray for you and Samson.

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It's good to see you back here. I remember your story about your Samson. It's been almost 9 months since we had to send Moll on her journey to the Bridge; it still hurts. As I said in another response, we get distracted, and then a trigger comes and with it the sadness.
On a brighter note, you got a puppy fix! That's what my husband and I call it when we have the privilege of making friends with a pupper. We also have no dogs right now(no animals at all, for that matter) and one is not even on the horizon due to our lifestyle. So every chance we get, we love on whoever we meet. And it helps, as you know from your experience.
Remember a sweet memory of your beloved Samson today, and give those kitties an extra treat for me.
Molly's Mom

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Mommy Don’t Cry


Mommy please don’t cry
I tried to be good
But something deep inside
Kept me from acting as I should

You held me close
And gave me so much love
Never will I forget you
Even though I’ve gone above

There are meadows to run in
Sunshine all the long day
I am in a great place now
Don’t be sad I’m away

Now the angels surround us
At the rainbow bridge above
But never will I forget
That you showered me with love

We are all happy here
and this is where we'll stay
Waiting for you to join us
When the road turns that way

© Carol aka CareWolf


I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope that time

will heal your pain. I have special needs

granddaughters who just lost their Golden, Vicki.

She was so wonderful with them-it is really sad.

Love and blessings,

CareWolf aka Carol



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Your Sampson is such a beauty.  I am so sorry.  love Di xxx


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I just went back through and read the heartbreaking posts about Sampson.  He is a beautiful Saint Bernard.  I understand you missing and still loving him, even with his biting issues.  I have a friend who had a precious little dog he adopted from the Humane Society.  The pup looked like a terrier/dachsund mix, but he was also told he might have a little pit bull in him (he did NOT look anything like a pit bull).  Well, this beloved pup was six years old when he first "nipped" a child's ear, as they were rough housing.  Three months later, he bit the same child's ear so badly the child had to have stitches.  My friend, in a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking decision that nearly tore his heart to pieces, immediately knew he had to have his little pup put to sleep.  He felt he just could not be trusted around children anymore.  My friend adored this dog, and the dog had not had any other incidents.  But, my friend had a young son and they lived in an area where there were many children.   My friend still misses that pup, but he does not question the decision to put him to sleep.

My heart goes out to you as you miss Sampson.  God rest his beautiful soul. Do you mind if I ask why you cannot have another dog until your children are grown?

Big hugs,
Betsy's forever mom
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