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Harry, it has been 8 years since I had to let you go. I miss you every day. I can still see your face, and I still remember your scent, and your walk. I have all these wonderful memories of you, full of laughter and of love. I also have the sad memories leading up to my decision to ease your pain. I still wonder if things could of been different if I had listened to my gut, rather than the vet. But, the vet is supposed to be trained on what to do. I guess we will never really know, will we? 

Well, enough of these melancholy moments. I hope you have lots of fun with your friends, and have all the foods you love to eat. Just remember to pay me a visit, please. I love you, my sweet and handsome boy, always and forever. Until we meet again, here is some hugs, kisses and cuddles sent on the wind. Love, mom

Here is your 8 year poem:

Stain Glass Heart

I have a stain glass heart
Each pane a memory of what used to be.

A story unfolds at a glance
A story of love, of joy, and of pain.

The first pane, you were so little
A baby, eyes filled with wonder.

The second pane, a little bigger now
A child, exploring the world with curiosity.

The third pane, a little older now
A teen, wanting to do what you want.

The fourth pane, as big as you will be
All grown up, and knowing your place in this world.

The fifth pane, a senior citizen
The light is gone from your eyes,
as you reach your final sleep.

While you travel from this world to the next
You left me with a stain glass heart

Thank you for your love.


Seasons of Life

In the spring, life is new
So many wondrous things to discover,
So many wondrous things to do.
So much energy to explore and play.
So much happiness come what may.

In the summer, life is still young.
Still have new things to discover,
And so much more to explore.
Trying to be so independent.
Still need the comfort of love shared.

In the autumn, now fully grown.
I can do things on my own,
But, I like the comfort of home.
A warm bed, and cuddles galore.
For, I know I will always be loved.

In the winter, I have done all.
I know my time is coming.
But, still I hold on.
I want to stay in this world,
But, a warmer world beckons.

Butterflies from Heaven

Butterflies from Heaven sent from above,
Butterflies from Heaven sent from those we love.

Butterflies from Heaven have a message for you.
Butterflies from Heaven say please don't be blue.

Butterflies from Heaven will give you a kiss
Butterflies from Heaven are a sign not to miss.

Butterflies from Heaven are messengers fair
Butterflies from Heaven let you know they're still here.

Butterflies from Heaven on gossamer wings
Butterflies from Heaven Will make your heart sing.

Butterflies from Heaven give you hope in the night
Butterflies from Heaven whisper it will be alright.

Butterflies from Heaven, from the garden on high.
Butterflies from Heaven, you are always by my side.

Missing You

I miss you every day,
I wish you never went away.

No longer beside me,
As I lay in bed at night.

No more togetherness ,
For you are out of sight.

I feel the loneliness,
For you are not here.

I cry the tears,
As my soul screams from within.

I miss you so deeply,
I miss you my friend.


I never wanted to say good bye,
but, I had to let you go.

I knew the sadness would be great, 
but, I had to let you go.

I loved you then, I love you still,
but I had to let you go.

As the tears filled my eyes, I stood there and cried,
As I let you go.

Though it broke my heart in a million pieces,
I had to let you go.

You crossed the bridge, and earned your wings,
As I let you go.


Letter from Heaven

Hi Mom and Jean,

I see you as I sit at Rainbow Bridge. 
I feel your pain as you think of me
But, I feel your joy as you remember the love we shared.

I still watch you from where I am.
When the stars shine brightly from above, 
Remember that those stars reflect the brightness of my love.

I try in many ways to let you know that I am still around.
I send a cardinal or a robin with its sweet song.
Sometimes I will send a butterfly to flit around you.

I am always near, and watching over you.
You are my family on earth
Sometimes, I will walk on your bed, or brush against you.

Can you not feel me there?
I think of you often, as I sit here above.
I am happy to see you share your love with others.

I sent them to you, 
for I knew you was what they would need
When you love them, you are loving me.

Continue to honor me in this way
And soon you will see,
A little part of me, is inside each of them.



This is a poem me and my daughter wrote for Harry's 3rd year.

Life's Path

Walking down life's rocky road
You meet a few beautiful souls.

These souls enrich your life somehow
Without meaning to, by just being there.

They make life's storms easier to bear
With their boundless love and endless spirit.

You walk together, heart and soul entwined
Knowing that you will always be connected.

Even if two different paths you must take
Your spirits will always be together.

One day your paths will meet again
And your heart will burst with joy.

Never more will you have to walk alone
Two hearts and souls together forever.

You will rest your weary heads together
Take a nap in the warmth of shared love.

You no longer need to fear being apart
For your two paths have led you both home.


This is Christmas 2010 with Harry's gift bag. We enjoyed watching him 
and how excited he was when he found a toy.


This is Christmas 2011, our last Christmas with him. He wasn't as 
interested in his bag as usual, he wanted the boxes.


video of Harry

This is the poem I wrote for his 1 year bridge day

It has been a year since I had to let you go.
I was not ready to say good bye to my special boy, 
But, I knew I had to do what was best for you and not me.

Though I do not see you, I know you are still near.
Watching and loving me, as I go through the years.
I keep you safe in my heart, and there you will always be
My special little boy, full of love for me.

My heart is filled with sadness without you here.
But, I would gladly go through it all again, even the tears.
My memories of you I treasure, and smile because of them
One day we will be together, and we can do it all again.

I love you my special boy, and no one can take your place
You know how much I miss you, and the smile on your face.
I miss your purr, and the way you would walk beside me.
You know that I would do anything if only you I could see.

I know that you stay close, for I see a shadow now and then.
I know you want me to be happy, and I try to form a grin.
To me you will always be the best, so special, and full of love.
I will see you again, when I go to your home above.

This is a poem I wrote for Harry.


Through the mirror of my mind
I see your reflection standing next to mine.

On the soft spring breezes that come my way
I smell your scent, have you come back to stay?

As I lay down in my bed to sleep
I feel your body, I feel your heat.

As the summer sun beats down on me
I see two shadows, as it should always be.

As I go through each passing day
I feel your presence guiding my way.

As the fall leaves come tumbling down,
I hear the rustling of two sets of feet on the ground.

As I continue my journey through Life
I keep your memories always alive.

As the winter snow covers the ground
I feel the warmth of your love all around.

Harry 2 year video

Not sure if the videos will work. I like to put them on so I can find them easily. I still miss my boy so very much. But, I live my life each day, with thoughts of him never far from my mind. I am so thankful that I had him in my life. Wasn't I the lucky one?


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