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OMG…4 years have already gone by, but I have such vivid memories of you my boy. So much has happened since that day too. I was looking back at your 1st year anniversary and your 2nd. Here are a few paragraphs I wrote back then ….


1st Year

There have been many occasions that I would stop and remember so fondly your presence. Like earlier this summer, sitting outside on the deck. I remembered sitting out there so many times before, and Timber would come over to me and prod me for a hug, and you would come out of nowhere and nose right up for YOUR hug. It was as if to say, Hey, hey, hey now….that’s my mom.

Who knew what the future would hold. The ups and downs. First, the good news that it was a twisted spleen, which was removed and you recovered so quickly, only to succumb to that horrible *disease* Bloat. I will never forget that horrible time in my life. After losing you, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. There was suddenly such a Void in my life. That’s when I found this web site. I was able to express my deepest feelings of loss, to total strangers and they responded with so much love and support and understanding. I never realized, in a million years that there were so many others who felt the same way about animals that I did. They all knew about that unconditional love our babies give us. I know it was YOU who led me to this site. Roscoe, I will ALWAYS love you! You were, and always will be, MY ROSCOE

2nd Year


You made it through over 3 hours of surgery. We left the hospital that evening, not knowing at the time that we would never again see you alive. I didn't sleep all night. I cried and I prayed. I asked God to take care of you. I asked him to make you well again. The vet had told us that even if you did survive the surgery....there may have been too much damage done to your other organs and they would have to monitor them and you still might not make it. I prayed that if that was the case, that your life would not be of any quality, then to please take you now. You were too much of a regal dog to live such a life.



We're now facing another tragedy. Your little sister Timber, has been diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. She is fighting this disease with everything she has. There is no cure, and sometime way too soon....she'll be joining you at Rainbow Bridge. I know you'll take good care of her, but I'm not ready to send her your way just yet. She is my little girl and I need her more than ever. I wanted so bad for her to grow up with a new little brother, and now she won't get that chance.


Well sweet Roscoe….your little sister Timber has joined you and I know how wonderful you were with her, here on earth, so I also know you are being the wonderful “big brother” at Rainbow Bridge. I wish I could have seen the 2 of you reunited. What a site that must have been.




I’ll close for now, but know you are always in my heart, right there next to Timber. I love and miss you both oh so very much. Happy Bridgeday Handsome.


Love always and forever…

Your mommy


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Thank you for sharing such a warm, heartfelt and touching story of both of your babies. I cried and sobbed all the while I was reading it; you both were so very fortunate to have shared your lives together. I just lost my baby, Sweet Pea, a cockatiel very suddenly on 10/1; I cry every day.



Thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt story with us. Take good care.





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Happy Bridgeday Roscoe!!!!




Roscoe sounds like such a sweet boy. How lucky for him to be with Timber again. I can only imagine how happy they both were to see each other.


             Love to you, K9 and Mandi


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What beautiful dogs, their faces are so expressive. I know you must miss them both terribly.

My special dog Newt passed 7 years ago and then I lost my sweet boy Otis on Sept 18. I don't think we ever really stop missing them.


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What beautiful, noble creatures!  The love you shared with them still shines in your heart - I can see that.  I'm glad that after 4 years, you still visit the board. 




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Already been in touch with you today, but just had to stop in here tonight to see if I could catch a glimpse of that handsome boy's face - and I did !!!!!!Although I think it is imprinted in my mind.





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Dearest Sue,  I hope yesterday was filled with a fine walk down Memory Lane for you, thinking of your beautiful Roscoe.  My Miss Dallas will have her 4th this Thur. the 26th.  I bet the bride is ablaze with all the candles on all the cakes of the kids who went to the bridge in Oct.  I hardly seems 4 years that we have been here, but the calendar does not lie. 


Bless you my dear friend, and the spirit of your beloved babies including Roscoe and Timber.


Love,  Diane


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I can't believe you have been at the Bridge 4 years. You guided your mom to this special place, and she has found many friends who understood her pain of losing you. Thank you  handsome boy, without your guidance I would never have met your mom, we've become such good friends Roscoe, she is a very special lady, but you have always known that. I know your Bridgeday was as special and beautiful as you, especially having Tim by your side. Keep shining handsome, and always watch over your mom and dad. Take care of Tim..sending you bunches of hugs and much love.





My dear friend, you know my heart is always with you and Rick. I hope you take comfort knowing your babies are together, taking care of eah other. I LOVE seeing their pictures, two noble, proud Shepherds, pure love.


Many hugs and love to you,



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My Dear Friend,

  I have tears in my eyes from all the Love in your post for your special boy Roscoe. I can see Timber and Roscoe running as free as the wind at the Bridge and never far from you not ever.

His beautiful soulful eyes show all the Love that he lived with when he was with you and all the Love he holds in his heart for you.

The years pass and time seems to move forward and yet our memories of yesterday are with us through time and space and one day we will join our furchildren again. They touched our life with such goodness and grace and they were meant to spend their life with us on earth and after.

Sending you a big hug Sue,




Happy 4th Bridgeday Roscoe.~

I just know that you are in a place surrounded with love and you welcomed your little sister and you are together again with all the other furchildren running and playing and enjoying all the beauty around you.


Max's mom Jo


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Dear Sue ~ four years!  The time goes so quickly - and yet seems forever, too.  Roscoe is so very handsome; he & Timber must turn heads at the Bridge.  May their Creator bless you with peace as you think of them.



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