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"The All-Knowing Kitty" - CHEESEBURGER


(My friend calls this picture: Buddha Kitty)

Some definitions of the word buddah: awakened, enlightened, to know or perceive.

I think the nickname Buddha Kitty is very fitting.



A Cheeseburger Dream


I had a really nice dream of my little boy cat Cheeseburger.


I was asleep in my bedroom and heard a noise at the window. When I awoke I saw my Cheeseburger there and he came right through the closed window. He sat on the window sill and just looked at me.


I said “Cheesey, you came to visit Mommy!!” He jumped on the bed and came over to me and gave me “head bonks” and then made a little turn and lay down next to me. I stroked his soft white and black fur. It was so real – like he was right there, and I felt such a peaceful feeling inside of me. But I knew for some reason he would not be staying.


His beautiful gold eyes were so bright and he looked so strong and healthy.


Cheesey then got up and stretched, came over again to me and nuzzled, and then turned towards the window. I knew he would be leaving. It was as if he had to be somewhere else, but he stopped to see me a little while to let me know he was all right.He walked to the window, but before he went through it, he turned once more and looked at me. Again a feeling of peace came over me. I was sad to see him leave, but I knew he was o.k. and that he was fulfilling the next journey in his life.




I miss Cheeseburger so much – but this dream confirmed to me even more that my baby is o.k.


I always thought of Cheeseburger as a very “wise cat” – he just had that look about him. I used to even call him “The All-Knowing Kitty.”  I would talk to him and I knew he was listening and he understood. Just a blink of his eyes was a confirmation telling me – “It’s o.k. – I understand – Everything will be all right.”


I was so happy when another Pet Loss member saw his picture and said he was an “old soul and a very beautiful one.” I truly believe he was and he somehow is using his wiseness to help all the other sweet angels he meets.


I am so thankful I am able to share what I write here. It helps me to know I have so many friends who care and understand, and who know what a special little boy Cheeseburger was and always will be to me.


To Cheeseburger: I know you are watching your birdies with all of your friends, enjoying the sun and breathing free and easy. I also feel you are there for all of the other sweet angels and you are a very good friend to them. I hope you visit me again in my dreams, and I know you are watching over me. Your love is so sweet, deep and pure that it will never leave my heart. Our bond is so strong that I know you are with me always. You are in my heart forever. I LOVE YOU CHEESEBURGER.



Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE



Cheeseburger's Mom





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He is absolutely beautiful.

What a comforting dream that must have been! 

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It is always so special when they stop by to visit us in our dreams isn't it?  I've had a few visits from my Angel too... the last one she brought a new little Pom friend (about half her size who wore a little pink collar) as if to show me that she's happy and making new friends.

Your Cheeseburger is so precious and I'm so happy for you that he came to visit you.

Cheeseburger visit your Mommy whenever you get a break from all of your Bridge activities - she loves you so!

Hugs to you!

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Oh, Dee, he DOES look like Buddha Kitty!!  He has such a stately, elegant look about him. 

I am so happy to learn Cheeseburger came to you in a dream visit.  My first dream visit from precious little terrier, Betsy, was very similiar.   She was lying on her bed beside my fireplace and I could tell she was healthy and young again and had NO dementia.  She came running up to me, just like she used to when she was healthy, and jumped into my arms.   The dream was significant as she was in our new house.  When we moved into this house last year she was already suffering from dementia.  So, I knew she was telling me she had really come to visit from the Bridge, and in fact, was enjoying the new house as much as I am!!

But, back to your boy, Cheeseburger.  Yes, you can see it in his bearing.  He was--IS--an old, wise soul.  I love that photo of him. 

May you have MANY more visits from your wise, old soul.


Posts: 657

What a majestic baby he is!  I am so glad you had a visit from him. Another person on a different thread said she was sorry for the poster's "temporary separation" from her loved one.  I had never thought of putting it like that, but from now on, that is what I have to believe......a temporary separation.


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What a lovely dream of your Cheeseburger. I find it somehow strange how much peace and comfort we derive from these little visits they make.
I love the caption of the all-knowing kitty that you put on that particular picture. He does just look so wise.
I wish you more sweet dreams of your precious Budda kitty.
Molly's Mom

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Dear Dee –

I’m coming to your postings late . . . I lost my sweet guy Rusty 18 weeks and 3 days ago. He was 21+ years old and he was the sweetest and most loving kitty, and I miss him terribly. More recently I lost my dear mom, and as much as I wish I could reply to everyone’s posts, it’s been difficult. But I’ve seen so many of your kind and heartfelt replies to so many of us suffering I wanted to reach out to you. 


I’ve seen your sweet Cheeseburger’s pictures at the end of all of your postings and oh, how they touch my heart. The connection you share with your boy is so evident. When I read your posting about how he came to visit you, I thought, how very lucky you were to have such a vivid and real vision.


I haven’t really had a “visit” from Rusty, although I’ve had a couple of visions . . . the first was within 24 hours of his leaving me – I was exhausted and I was “resting” my eyes when I saw Rusty being lifted up by a strong hand. I don’t know who’s hand it was, but Rusty didn’t appear to be scared, he just allowed this hand to lift him up. He looked towards me and then he was gone. The second “vision” I had - he was standing at the edge of the Rainbow Bridge, just sitting there so quietly and peacefully, whole and healthy, but yet I could feel a restlessness.  I realized that he’s waiting for me, and as much as I hated to do so, I had to tell him to go on ahead without me.  But he didn’t want to go, he just kept sitting there.  Finally, with such resignation, he got up, turned to his right and slowly walked away.  I want to scream . . . wait for me, you don’t have to walk alone . . . I can’t bear the thought of it . . . him waiting for me . . .


I love the photo of your “Buddha Kitty.” Many of my friends that knew Rusty always thought that he had old, soulful eyes, and he did . . . they were simply filled with such love and kindness . . .


To our special earth angels who have gone before us to the Rainbow Bridge . . . until we meet again . . . we love and miss you so.


With warm affection Dee,


Rusty’s Mom – Allison.

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