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Years ago we rescued a lovely dog off the street and she lived with us for 11 and a half years until she was old and had to be put down. I didn't think I would get another dog. Over a year later, we moved house and my husband suggested getting a dog to meet people - our lovely Beagle was a people magnet - and give me company.

We went to a rescue centre, initially to meet a dog we'd seen on line, but the dog wouldn't have been right for us. There was a small, cute, black dog that my husband noticed, after spending some time with him we decided to adopt him. We didn't check out the breed properly and when we got him home we discovered after looking online that he was bred to be a hunter and these this particular breed did not make good pets. He bolted for it twice in the first 3 days, the second time ending up down a fox hole coming back with superficial cuts. After 3 days it turned out he was leash- reactive. He was about 2 at the time so had a lot of baggage by then. He'd been with a family of 3 young children and another dog for 3 months after a 6 month stint in the rescue centre going in as a stray. The family put him back in rescue because he growled at two of the children. He was a growler, he also nipped my husband about 6 times during the time we had him. He was never an easy dog, but I researched online and people were putting up with far worse than this and battling on. My husband  wanted to return him to rescue after about 5 days, but I didn't feel we'd given him enough time.

I trained him took him to trainers and he became, as my husband said, besotted with me. He followed me everywhere and just waited for me when I went out. He'd been passing dogs without barking, we even took him to France last year in a camper van!! Roll onto early April this year and we were with friends, I had a firm grip on my little chap as there was a boy with special needs in the house who was a bit rough with animals. (I wanted to put the dog in the car after a while, but was persuaded not - how I wish I had!) Apart from the odd growl and nipping my husband, my dog was great with people and sought their attention, he could still growl if he didn't like things, but that was the nature of the breed. We always found an excuse as to why he nipped my husband. Within a split 30 second or so, the special needs boy suddenly screamed, my dog had nipped his face, nobody saw what had happened. We were told not to worry, even by the parents, as they know he can be rough with dogs. I felt uncomfortable after that, he'd crossed a line. I took him to the vet who said they didn't see him as an aggressive dog and dogs that bite didn't need to be put down, online groups assured me that I didn't need to take action. Even my husband said because of the boy's nature he didn't think we should take action, but never to let him near children. I was still uneasy about it.

On May 27th this year, he was sat next to me, I was on the chair, as I stroked him as I did several times in a day, and all of a sudden,he jumped up and bit my face. It took 45 minutes  to stop the bleeding not because it was deep, but because he'd torn the skin, I could feel his tooth ripping my skin as I jumped up. I had no warning, no growls he went from sitting next too me to hanging off my face. My husband phoned the vet to have him put down. The appointment wasn't until later and he changed his mind saying that he couldn't bear to put a young, healthy dog down. We contacted a trainer we'd used who also has a rescue centre and she was going to try to re-home him, difficult she said as he's bitten. Eventually, we put him back inthe  rescue where we got him from. They said they wouldn't put him down and they've re-homed dogs with worse behaviour than his. We outlined everything he'd done good and bad and what he was like and that he should be with a terrier savvy person if he is to be re-homed.

Sorry for the long post and maybe it's not appropriate to put this here, but I feel terrible! I feel guilty, I miss him for his lovely bits and I can't bear to think of him wondering when we'll be going back for him. We used to take him on long walks and he used to run with us when we were training, we also have a large garden so he had a lot of freedom,now he's caged up. The pain, guilt I feel is unbearable some times. It suddenly hit me that I won't see him again and I realised I was grieving, just for different reason to the last dog, but with a lot more guilt. I'm going to foster dogs for the trainer's rescue, I don't know if I ever can have my own dog now, we didm't do very well with this one. If we'd put him back in rescue when my husband had said it would have been better for us all!

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I'm so sorry to hear all of this.  You did the best you could.  Your dog was obviously "ill" and no amount of training would fix it.  You tried but in the end you had to take care of yourselves.  Again, I'm so sorry for all of you including your pet.  Sometimes these things just can't be helped.  Sending you positive thoughts.
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