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Hey baby. I miss you a lot. It's been a long and hard two years. Lots of things changed after you left, and they just keep changing. Nothing will ever be normal now that you're gone. 
But that's just life, isn't it? Ever changing. You're never a child again like you once were.
I'm sorry that things turned out the way they did. So is Bella. I hope you're soft on her, and that you've forgiven her like I have. Your death was an accident and should not have been blamed on anyone.
Sometimes I'll visit your grave and find just the weirdest of little animals on there. Are you making friends? For the longest time you only had that prickly mesquite tree. And me, of course.
Pepsi is with you now. Please treat her well; better than I did. I know it's fun to chase birds but please be gentle with her and give her a friend. I'm sure Tweety is there with you too. Make sure she gets along with Pepsi; she was even crabbier than you.
I wish I found your collar. I only have your red leash and even then it disappears from time to time and I'm not sure why. If you had toys I promise Blaze would had loved them. But you were never a toy dog, were you?
Blaze. I got him as a puppy far too soon after you died. But I didn't know what to do. I couldn't sleep in my room, let alone without a furry friend by my side. He's been a royal pain in the ass since and I'm sure you would have hated him. But because he is helping me so much now he gets a pass. He would have grown on you, I just know it.
Even if you only had a few years more, I wish you could have spent them with me. But sometimes I'm comforted by the thought that you left the physical realm so that you could be with me, spiritually, forevermore. 
Blaze doesn't fill that hole in my heart, but instead builds around it. That's how love works, isn't it? It's created, and then lost, and even though the holes will never be filled, your heart builds around it. And who knows, maybe the holes can be covered, filled slightly in at the edges as you remember the love that was once there instead of the loss that dug the hole.
I'm sad you had to leave but even more incredibly thankful you were here at all. You were an endless source of comfort and love and some days you still are. No matter how far I may stray from your corpse I know you will follow me, like you always have. 
Rest In Peace, my sweet angel puppy, Cinder. 1/14/17

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A beautiful letter to your angel dog. You are right, life is never the same when they leave us. We just continue our journey, hopefully finding love along the way, for is that not what they would want for us. No amount of time would of ever been enough with them. The heart is capable of so much love, each having their own special niche. I feel that we are forever blessed for having these special beings in our lives, for they show us how to love unconditionally. I wish the best for you, and that you find peace as you remember your loved ones that are waiting for you. 
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