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Oh, Angel.....were do I start?


The pain, the loss, the emptiness


The joy, the love, the memories.


It is so hard for me to even find the right words because of what *happened* to your beloved ashes. I was robbed of my 1st grief of losing you & then I was robbed again of *really* losing you once more. I have asked myself over & over how any person could be so inhumane. I went on TV begging for your ashes questions asked. They (the thieves) didn't even have the conscience to return them. Cruelty.

Thru all of my pain of missing you, there have been some wonderful people that have shown me the true meaning of *kindness*. I was given a short video of a white German Shepherd (like Cloudy) & a black German Shepherd (like you) playing together on a bed. Oh! Did it bring back wonderful memories! When I think of the video, I smile. I picture you & Cloudy playing like that once again at the Bridge.

I was able to find a little tuff of your fur & I cried with joy! I found a site that sells tiny *pet urns* that is attached to a keychain. It will be a *perfect* way to carry you with me at all times.

The robbers did steal your gorgeous urn & then your ashes, but

they can never, never take the precious memories we shared together. Those are tucked away in my mind.


the love that I have for you is *locked* forever in my heart.


Onyx, my girl baby ~


How to I even begin to thank everyone on this site for all of their love & support? They have shown me understanding, comfort, strength, compassion, tenderness & friendship. I can't even begin to tell them how they *helped* me thru my darkest time. They were there when you went to the Bridge & they came back when your ashes were stolen. I was beyond grief-stricken & they were there, never giving up on me. All these wonderful & caring people......and EdW, who started Petloss. There are not enough or the right words I can use to say except ~




My Onyx, my girl, my precious ~ Love from Mommie




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My Dear Friend,
Words alone cannot completely ease the pain you are going through but the circle of Love that you have all around you from your angels above and the ones that were strategically placed here for you by your furchildren will comfort you and bring you a feeling of warmth knowing that you are Loved beyond measure & your heart and soul are protected from the cruelty of those heartless people that did this cruel act.. We can always wander back to Petloss where we always find the Love, and constant devotion and understanding from like hearted friends.
I have been away for a few weeks but I will call you and maybe we can talk a little bit. You are my Dear Friend and we share a bond that will always be with us even through the miles and distance, we are never far away in heart.
Your memories and your precious Onyx's beautiful spirit is untouchable and remains with you always . ~~~~~
Love you,


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I'm so sorry about your losses, but I feel that "little tuft of fur" that you found was so heartwarming and a sign from your dear ONYX that she's there with you and you have something tangible from her.  I know some people who never bothered to keep anything from their lost furchildren and that's a shame.  They are reminders to us of the beautiful love we shared with these wonderful furchildren.  Don't forget, a lot of people scatter their ashes places anyway, but you have that little piece of her left in your possession.

        May you find some peace and comfort in the days ahead.

                      Many hugs--Teddy's Mom

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Dear Pami,

Oh, it did my heart so good to learn you found a tuft of your beautiful Onyx's fur!   I am so relieved for you.   I have been wondering how you have been coping since you were robbed.    I think Onyx is watching out for her mommy!!  

Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers (in your community) and for this wonderful website.  We are so blessed to have each other to help us through our grieving.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, dear Pami!   May Onyx's beautiful and gentle spirit surround you with love today and always.

Betsy's forever mom


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Blessings to you, Pami, on this Mother's day....I pray your heart is beginning to heal since the robbery!  How cruel some people can be!!  Just remember there is no end to the love that connects us to our beloved!!
God Bless.........Kelsey's Mom  (Ruth)

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I am truly thrilled that you found some of Onyx's fur! I am sure having her with you all the time will bring you comfort. I have some of my Mr. Meowgy's fur in a locket I wear all the time and it does help. I only have a little bit in it and the rest I have in 2 other places just in case I lose the locket. I am so sorry for what you had to go through. I guess there are just no answers to why some things happen. I know how you will treasure this small reminder of your beloved Onyx and I am sure she is so happy you found it. I wish you peace and comfort, you deserve it. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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Dear WhiteEyelashes,

I am relieved too that you posted, as I worried about you and could only imagine the excruciating pain that you have endured.  It surely is a sign from your Beloved Onyx that you found the tuft of her hair!  You are so right that no one and nothing can touch the deep and abiding love that you share with your darling girl, and all the beautiful memories you made together.

From my heart to yours,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever
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