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Most of you know the story of Chancey and Digby by now but I want to tell you a love story, a love story that started on March 18, 1989.


It is a love story of life. A life shared with two magical little dogs. It is about how they grew up and how we lived. It is about how we were as a family. Our story is about how we took care of one another, how they made us a family and we had a “home” because of them. 


How can it not be a love story when they were loved the minute we picked them up and brought them home? First Chancey and then 3 ½ years later we brought Digby home. It was love at first sight for those two also, she was so happy to have a little brother and I know he fell in love with her as soon as he saw her.


This is about how we traveled through life together and had some exciting adventures along the way. Life with them was always an adventure. They always seemed to have new tricks and new ways to play that made us laugh every day.


It is just a simple love story of two dogs that brought joy into our lives and made our life full and fulfilled. The way they started each and every day meant more to us than any amount of money ever could. They loved life and therefore we did too.


Now that they are gone, the love story does not end; how can it ever end? They are our hearts and so there is no way for the love to ever end. I see them everywhere I look. How can it end when you see them all the time doing what they did best, living life to the fullest, enjoying every minute of everyday. When you can remember the very first minute all the way to the very last minute with them how can that love story ever end?


As with all love stories there is no way to really convey all of that emotion, that pure joy and oneness with them. It is just that when they were here we loved every aspect of our lives and no matter what we did we could always count on their love. There was nothing better than to be loved by them.



With love to you now and always my sweet ones. Be together always my loves. Your Mom forever and ever.

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Well I did not expect to have tears rolling down my face in the middle of the day, but reading your love story made dry eyes impossible.  Precious Chancey and Digby, how they lit up your life!   How they gave you were the luckiest of families to have shared something so powerful, and I know and understand every ounce of your pain and not being able to awaken each day with them beside you.  They are very much alive to your petloss family, your stories and poems and tributes have made Chancey and Digby part of our lives too....they will never be forgotten, and one day, we will be introduced to them at the Rainbow Bridge, but until then keep on sharing the tales of them with us.   They are much loved.   Hugs, MsSavion


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Just now saw your beautiful tribute to the love that they continue to share.  How perfectly your Chancey and Digby fit together!  I know how much you miss their physical presence.  What a treasure they are!  I know that this 1 year bridge day and after has been such a difficult journey.  Huge hugs, Golda's mom

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Dear Helen and Don,
Losing them together---I just cannot fathom the magnitude of your loss.   Your tribute to them was beautiful.   It captured the essence of the unconditional love that these wonderful creatures bring into our lives.   There is nothing else that comes close to it.   That is why I refer to my Betsy, Ralph, Gracie and Easy as my little pieces of heaven.  I cannot fully comprehend a love like this.  It is too perfect for my all-too-human mind to comprehend.   It is simply "of God".

Sending hugs,
Betsy's forever mom

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Dearest Helen and Don:
I do not check the pet memorial site often.  When I checked tonight and saw your post the tears began to fall.  I could feel your pain in every beautiful word you wrote.  My Heart just breaks for both of you.  Your Love Story is so beautiful and so precious.  These wonderful bundles of Joy make our lives complete and fill our hearts with Happiness.  Losing them is simply overwhelming. Your Love Story will Always continue on and no one can take that from you.  You, Don, Chancey And Digby are Always in My Prayers.  May God keep Chancey and Digby safe Forever.  They will Always be Safe in Your Hearts.

Love and Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher


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