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I wrote to Ed and told him this story and he urged me to post here.

I had to euthanize my dear dear goofy shedding, food stealing, couch-eating  mess of a sweet Molly girl on November 13th, 2010.  She was a 14 year old husky/shepherd pound puppy and was the joy of my life, and my best friend, supporter, confidante and helpmate for those years.  She had been in declining health for months, and finally I had to make that last difficult but most loving decision a furmom can make.  I had been grieving her for months before her death, knowing what lay ahead, so I was surprised to find out how well I did once she was gone.

I am a passionate advocate for shelter rescue animals, every catty(9) and my Molly have been wonderful wonderful furkids. Sunday, Nov. 14th (the next day) as I watched my partner Bruce and his dog cuddling on the sofa, I just couldn't stand the empty space in my house and my heart, and said "We are going to the shelter".  Our shelter is not a no-kill shelter and forcing myself to endure a "proper length of grieving time"...whatever that means, wasn't going to stop the clock for those dogs in there.

I wasn't really expecting to fall in love so fast, but I did. Amongst the pens of jumping and barking dogs, I found 11 pound, shaking, scruffy white Malti-poo something.  A special needs doggy, who had already been rejected by two owners in his 1.5 years of life(a case of no bad dogs, just bad owners from what I read in his papers). We took him for a walk..very quiet and calm.  I went back two hours later and walked him myself and when I sat on the ground he crawled in my lap to be cuddled, a little shy, a little nervous but such a quiet little good boy. Gave me one fast lick on the cheek and then back to aloof...(I think he was thinking...I like you but will you keep me or send me away too!) 

Monday, I said we were going back and this time took our shi-poo to meet him.  All was good.  Bruce thought he was ugly, I thought he was adorable, and he thought I was pretty adorable too by the way he gazed at me.  He just sat and stared at Bruce and Bruce could see how besotted I was already and basically gave up and said," If you want him sign the papers".  It broke my heart to send him back to the pens and he gave me a very reproachful look as they basically dragged him away,  but I knew I would be back the next day to bring him to his FINAL FOREVER HOME. (so help me GOD..this is his last home)!

Monty joyfully and I like to think hopefully came to his new home.  The first night, Tuesday, he was already sleeping peacefully by my side, with his three new catbuds.  I woke up early Wednesday morning and couldn't get back to sleep.  I usually flip on the TV when that happens and this time, very uncharacteristically,  I set it to a satellite radio station for some music which I rarely rarely do, preferring talk TV.

Stroking Monty, still sleeping peacefully at my side, snuggled into my arm, I was thinking about Molly and suddenly felt guilty.  Had I gotten Monty too fast?  Would Molly have felt "replaced",  like I hadn't loved or cherished her  enough to even wait a week before getting Monty?  Why hadn't I cried more...had I really loved her as much as I thought I did...all those guilty, confused, hurtful thoughts that can hit us in the days and weeks following losing a loved pet. 

 I started to cry, and Monty woke up and snuggled up even closer to me.  I was thinking I had done the wrong thing, and feeling such a traitor for already loving this new little furkid so much,  when...on the music station, which I never listen to...a soft little sweet song came on....the new Hawaiian version of "Over the Rainbow"!!!!!!  I stopped crying, and just lay there listening, stroking little Monty and loving my sweet Molly for letting me know it was okay.  It was like she was telling me she was having a wonderful time, not to be sad for her, to love Monty and give him the love she knew I still had in my heart to give to little furry kids who need a good home like she had had for 14 years.  Thank you my sweet girl...Tummy rubs rule!

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mollymom-i feel that there was no greater honor for your beloved molly than to take that love and friendship that she gave to you and for you to turn around and give all of that to a furbaby in need of a loving home.   you did her quite proud and i know that she approves.     it's that circle of love that just keeps going 'round and 'round.   

thank you taking monty into your loving arms and home.    i know he will blossom now knowing that he is in his forever home and is well loved an an important family member in his own right.

please don't fret or worry over anything.   the time was right for you and you acted upon that.  we all have the ability to love, love and love again.   please let us know how monty is coming along and we always enjoy pictures.

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I am very sorry for your loss of Molly but love her message from the bridge!  What a sweet story!!  Monty is one lucky fella to have found such a great home.  Congratulations on your new addition!!

precious Christoph ~ 2 years now ~


Posts: 842
Such a beautiful story, it brought a tear to my eye.  I think Molly was sending you a sign clear as day that it's perfectly fine to have other animal companions.  God bless you, and I hope you, Monty (and the rest of your critter clan) have many happy years together.



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 #5 This was the first song I heard when my April passed. Whenever I hear it....I truly believe she is thinking of me!!!


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Molly rules! Her guidance led you to Monty and she will watch over as you both grow together. Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.



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Monty is such a lucky baby having you as a mom....!!!  Molly will always be a piece of your heart but she wants you to share all your love with other furangels who need that love, and Monty is for sure one of them.. God bless you and your family and may He bring happiness to you and your furbabies!!!


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Awww that made me cry.  You are right though....the shelter dogs that are in a kill shelter don't have time.  there was a reason you went there that day- and good thing you did! you found your Monty!! (I have a recent rescue named Monty ;)

Thank you for saving Monty.  He now has his forever home thanks to you. I know what you mean about feeling guilty but i bet Molly understands, knowing that he would have been killed.  Molly knows how much you love her.  i bet she is happy you are helping another furbaby..


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Dear Mollymom:

The heart is a house filled with many many rooms and in the heart, there is always room enough for 1 more to love. 

I wish you and your little Monty many happy years filled with love, laughter and happiness.

And I wish to send a special thank you to Molly for sharing her mom with a very special furpup, who so badly needed to be loved.


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Dear Margot,  What a great story.  You are wonderful for adopting Monty even while still grieving.  That shows you have a huge heart with a lot of capacity for love.

Best of luck with Monty and I am so sorry for the loss of your Molly.  I have a Molly too.  Cute name.

Bless you and the spirit of your beloved angel Molly.

Love,  Diane, Mom of Miss Dallas at the bridge 8 years

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Wonderful!  What a special sign from the Rainbow.  We are all blessed to have loved so much.  Your little Monty is lucky to have someone who has so much love to give.


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Thank you all for your loving messages and welcomes to the new furbrat!

He is doing very well.  He has put on some much needed weight, and he is my new little shadow.  Molly always followed me everywhere, even to the end when getting up and coming with her mom was hard for her.

Molly and "her kitten" are my new screensaver and every morning I can touch that screen and tell her that I love her.

I promise that as soon as we can get the new camera hooked up and I can figger it out I will post pics of the new furkid.  He is just wonderful. If only one of his two former families could have had some common sense and trained him, he wouldn't have had to spend 2 miserable weeks in the shelter.  Then again, he wouldn't be sleeping at my feet beside the computer, if they had.

Such a sweet little boy.  And he definitely knows...there is Bruce and other kidlets in the house BUT ...I AM HIS MOM....he lets me know that with kisses and leaps into my arms, and rolling over for tummy rubs.  He is a very very very happy little dog....he won the lottery with me LOL

Posts: 40
Thank you all for your loving welcomes to my new furkid.

Mr. Monty is sleeping in his bed beside me at the computer.  He has put on weight, doesn't look quite so pathetic.  There have been accidents and anxiety issues but with patience, common sense and love, I know he has found his forever home as he is a smart little boy and is "putting the pieces of the puzzle together", so to speak.  

Molly with "her kitten" is my screensaver now.  Every morning I touch the screen and "scratch" her ears and tell her I love her.  I can feel her loving presence throughout this house.  I know she is "with me' in spirit, and is happy playing with her new bridge friends.

I want to make sure Monty has his best manners, his loving personality, his "Not chasing the kitties!" training, as a tribute to Molly..

I love you my sweet Molly, thank you for opening my heart to a new furkid who needed the wonderful life you had with me.  He would have loved you, and knowing you, I would have had a pic of little Monty snuggled up to your big loved every human and animal you ever met.  Bless you my sweet  girl..and please..give a cuddle to my dad for me...he loved you so much too!

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