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On Mother's Day fourteen years ago.....

In spite of your now aching heart,
I became your "little daughter"
and never thought we'd part.
I was there, both good times and sad
always by your side.
To lick away so many tears
you always tried to hide.
My job, it was, to cheer you up
your ever-faithful, schipperke pup.
I even learned a "happy dance".
The one you couldn't resist.
Until, at last, you smiled again.
A job well done, I must say,
(even if I had to insist).
No matter what the cause, it worked
and seldom were you blue.
But now, I know, you cry for me.
Whatever can I do?
I shared each family moment, car ride, lost tooth and holiday.
To be there now would be my wish
and with you always stay.
I watched my "human brother" grow
he loved me too, this I know,
(even if he never said it).
I so loved him too, and still do (even if I bit him)!
Each day after school
I was always the first he'd greet.
He stands there, before you now
on a young man's unsure feet.
Where did that little boy go
who used to dance with me?
You, my "Marmy", have changed too.
But, I can still recall,
your face, beaming, as I was placed
into the safety of your arms.
That fateful Mother's Day
you smiled so happily,
when each, became "us",
and "we", a family.
You named me Leibchen, which means sweetheart.
I wasn't always good or sweet
even from the start.
But that never mattered to you.
You loved me unconditionally,
as so few seldom do.
I know you never doubted
my love for you was true.
Time, though, took it's turn with me
as it does for all.
Longer naps and daydreams
preferred to that frayed, worn, tennis ball.
I knew it when you gazed into my eyes
and still you tried to see
a puppy looking back at you
through tired, old eyes that could barely see.
Then one day I could not hear
you say you loved me...
but I still knew.
I felt it when you held me,
near your heart as always...
and I know you still do.
Yes, time has changed you, my family.
But even now I see,
that happy little boy, now a man
and you too, Marmy, once young , like me.
When I looked out from these same eyes
the world had changed to me.
I could hardly see at all
and walked with difficulty.
How it must have hurt you
to see what had become of me.
Through the years I was a sister, confidant and best friend.
I was the daughter you never had,
your soul-mate till the end.
My love for you never faltered
as others, I saw, did.
A love so pure and simple
we never would have hid.
Your love for me, as well, endures
this twisted sense of time.
Until, at last, we shall hear, Heaven's sweet music chime.
Although you made me happy
time, alas, caught up.
Old dogs are what become
of a little, wriggly pup.
They fixed some things, as I did age.
Yes, they helped me here and there.
But time won't stop for anyone,
you really should not despair.
"We can't change our fate",
I heard you say before.
"God has a plan for each of us",
with other things in store.
Do you still believe that's true?
Have you changed your mind?
Is it because you're thinking of me,
and not others left behind?
I think I understand.
If it were you instead of me
I'd fight that Old Death too...
As you tried, I know, for me,
'till there was nothing you could do.
But we can't win this "Final Fight",
perhaps one day you'll see.
It isn't really a "fight" at all,
it's a way to set us free.
You said it to me a thousand times,
"Marmy always comes back for you".
You proved it time and time again.
Especially when you stayed with me
until the bitter end.
One day I will reciprocate
and come back when it's time.
To be with you when you "let go",
the way you did for me.
I told you this, once, in a dream.
I'll be there for you, you'll see.
It hurts to know you cry for me
and can hardly bear to know...
your last memories were so sad of me.
You must please let these go.
I'll bide my time here at "The Bridge",
I'm in good company.
Until I see you like before,
young again, like me...
and not hurting any more.
No longer am I ill, or tired,old and gray.
Some days, well, I just couldn't remember.
Some times, well, I just didn't want  to play.
That was way you last saw me...
the way I used to be.
I am new and whole, again...
but, will you still remember me?
I know I will remember you.
Time will never change my heart.
I love you now, as much, when
we sadly had to part.
But still you cry
and I know that you miss me too.
Your "heart will go on", like "our song" implies.
I see it's already true.
When I look down from here and see,
a "new pup",
sitting right next to you.
She won't replace me, we both know.
But, maybe she can be
the one that licks away those tears...
I know you still cry for me.
Maybe she can learn a "happy dance".
I'll see what I can do,
to help her learn all those things,
I can no longer do for you.
I've seen her brighten up your day
oh, those times you thought of me.
Let her be, to do, "her job".
One day soon you'll see.
She is there now to make you smile...
a little "puppy grin", from me.
She would not be there if I had stayed,
others surely scoff.
But we both know that she is there,
to pick up, where I left off.
'Cause someone has to be there,
if they only knew.
To give a warm kiss and a hug,
that comes from me, to you.
No longer will I "sit pretty" or "happy dance", it's true.
Nor be there just to listen,
the way I loved to do.
Let her now share these times with you
because in time you'll see.
Sad times do get better
and you'll smile again, for me.
Just remember, after I left
my spirit flew so free.
She was even born on my Birthday,
my gift to you, from me.
I know why you named her, "Echo",
after all she's a schipperke,
(and she's sooo much like me)!
If ever you need to see me, just look into her eyes.
My love for you will be shining through,
you no longer need to cry.
So, on this Mother's Day, please smile
though, I can't be there with you.
This separation, after all,
is only for a while.
Remember all the times we shared
and try, please, not to weep.
Or you won't be able to see through your tears,
that my "Echo", is waiting at your feet.
Happy Mother's Day, Marmy

Not goodbye.....just until
You always come back for me....

Leibchen Marie
March 12,1994 - November 15,2006

Not goodbye.....just until
Marmy always comes back for you

Posts: 1,415
Dear leileismom---  The tears are streaming down my face from your lovely poem.  How it hits home!  So many things you wrote can fit so many profiles here, and on this day especially, we need this.
     Thank you for your lovely post and may you find love & comfort with your new furchild and peace and contentment in your heart.

                           Many hugs--Teddy's Mom

Posts: 1,288
Dear Leileismom,

As Helen stated your story fits so many of us here and all those words bring back so many memories and loving feelings. As my husband and I read this we were both in tears as we could remember all five of our precious loves and a time when "each became us, and we a family," That says it all I think, a family...

I really cried when you were called "marmy" by Leibchen. They always called my "marmy" -- Oooh Marmy and Hurry up Marmy and we love you Marmy.... That was their term of endearment to me and I miss it so much now as I know you do too.

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your beautiful words of love from Leibchen. May we always be blessed with their memories.

The other Helen

Posts: 5,100
Oh, goodness, many tears are falling right now.  Your prose was just beautiful and such a panoramic tribute to your precious Leilei. 

My Betsy had a happy tapdance that she always did when I returned each day from work.  I will always treasure that wonderful memory, just as you treasure your Leibchen's little dance.


Betsy's forever mom
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