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To all my friends (really my family) at petloss –


I want to start by saying thank you to everyone . . . knowing that we are all going through such agony, sorrow & heartache, but yet somehow we have it within ourselves to provide support and understanding to one another in a time of need.  I know that our babies are so proud of us. 


For those of you that don’t know us, Rusty, my 21 year old kitty, my best friend, my love, my heart & soul left for the Rainbow Bridge on Feb. 16, 2008.  Today isn’t any special “day” or “anniversary,” it’s been 7 weeks and 3 days and my broken heart aches so from missing him as much as it did on that Saturday when we knew it was his time. 


I’m posting today because there’s something I mentioned in the string of my original postings, as well as in some replies to others, that I want to share with all of you – something that has provided me with some comfort from the beginning  . . . before Rusty left me, I took clay impressions of his precious little paws and I now have his paw prints with me forever.  It just so happens the vet clinic Rusty was at does this sort of thing, and I’ve read that others have done the same, or they received them from their vet without asking.  I urge each of you to consider (because it’s not for everyone,) asking this of your vet or doing it yourselves. 


Every day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, I kiss and rub my fingers over those paw prints.  O.K. I admit it, I do it during the day too.  All I know is that I’m so glad I have this part of him with me.  It doesn’t change the reality that he isn’t here sitting on my lap, meowing at me for his “drinkies” or looking for his “elevator ride” up to his food on the counter.  It doesn’t fix my broken heart from missing him so terribly. As I've written a few times, I’ve come to realize that my overwhelming grief & sorrow is because our souls and spirits are so connected . . . I am him, and he is me.  Knowing and accepting this seems to have helped me understand the depth of my brevity and loss.  It doesn’t lessen it, just provides some clarity for me.  And having his little paw prints forever on this piece of clay provide me with such a connection. Right now, this is about the only thing that helps me to not only remember Rusty without totally breaking down, but to feel him so near & close to me. 


Of course I know that many us, most of us, sadly have sent our babies to the RB already and can’t do this, but please remember, our hearts are FOREVER paw imprinted with their love and that can never change or be taken away from us.


I know that each of us remembers our babies in our own unique & individual way, just as they were.  If this idea can provide comfort to but one soul that is hurting, well then I know that Rusty will be happy.  But I do hope that others will consider it. 


Wrapping my arms around all of you in a warm hug.


Sending a million kisses to you my sweet Rusty . . . until we meet again my love . . . I love and miss you so.


Rusty’s Mom.


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Oh that is so sweet. I wish I had thought to do that with Mallory.  :(


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What a beautiful thing. I have not heard of this before but certainly
wish I had five weeks ago when my baby Pook left me. He was almost
8 yrs old and had double paws, oh how I miss him, from your post
I think you understand completely. He was my soulmate and took
my heart with him. You are so so lucky to have Rustys pawprints,
I know you will cherish them forever.


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I wanted to do that with my Blackie but couldn't because his body was frozen in a position that wouldn't let me get a pawprint.  I wish I had thought of this beforehand...

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Our Vet did a clip of the Hershalas hair and an ink print of his paw. He also had a memorial pin made for Hershey. All of this is together in the pin album I have made of our travels. No matter we we go, the Hersh will always and forever be with us.


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I actually made pawprints of my Tai-Chi as an ornament  this past Christmas along with my other 2 girls..,boy am I glad I did that, as she went to the Bridge in February 2008, the vet also gave me hair from her bushy tail and made ink pawprints after her passing....whats funny is the next morning after her passing we had snow and 1 of my other girls made a pawprint on the deck and my beautiful husband put a heart around it and took a pic for me, we say it was Our Tai stopping by to let us know she made it ok...Lisa


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You know, that is really interesting and boy do I wish I had done that with my baby girl, Angel.  Actually, what's kinda strange is that I saw a Christmas ornament kit in a store that had the items one would need to do that and make an ornament out of the paw print.  I almost bought it - I looked right at it and said to myself "I should get that".  I didn't and a week later I had to say goodbye to my precious girl.  I could kick myself for not buying it.  So, for all who are thinking about it I encourage you to make those imprints to keep with you forever.

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A plaster pawprint came as part of Lucky's cremation package. I was so overcome with grief when I ordered the package that I didn't give much thought to it at the time. Now I am so glad I have Lucky's pawprint. I rub my fingers over it everyday. It is a perfect image of his perfect paw. I will cherish it forever.


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Rusty's Mom -

I love the paw print impression! 5 or 6 years ago, I purchased a stone making kit - to make a stepping stone for the garden. This was made "for pets" so I decided to make my kitty Dewey mad and take a paw print impression. It took 3 of us to get vaseline on his paws and stick his hands in wet cement, but I got the stone made! He passed away on 2/4/08 and I am soooo happy I made this stone so many years ago. I love it. It reminds me of that day making it, and how mad he was, but also gives me a piece of him somehow.

When I was a kid we put made hand prints, why not make them for pets? It's a great idea.


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Rusty's Mom,
What a wonderful post.  I am so glad that you have your baby's pawprints and that they give you comfort.
I have Dakotah's little pillow that he layed his little head on the last night and morning he was with me. I will never wash that pillow, and I clutch it constantly.
This pain and this loss is so overwhelming.  I don't know what I would do without all the wonderful people here.
Dakotah's Mom

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Thank you all for your kind replies.  I hesitated putting this post up because I was afraid it may make some of you sad L for different reasons.  But then I had received a really nice reply from MrMeowgy (Donna) on another post and she mentioned that it would be nice if others, if time allowed, knew about this, so I felt encouraged to share it with all of you. 


Dear Donna – Thank you so much for your original reply on my other post, all of your support and just knowing you’re out there means so much to me.  Peace and much comfort to you Donna.


Dear cinthecity – I’m know how you grieve for your Mallory and how hard it was because you were alone.  Please know that while you didn’t get the chance to grab her paw prints, she has left an indelible print in your heart.  Thank you for taking the time to read my post and replying.  I’m thinking of you.


Dear Andee – I know a lot of people that haven’t heard of this, and I’m so glad to share the idea.  I’m so sorry about your amazing double pawed Pook.  It’s still very new for us and it’s nice to know there are people out there that understand these angels are indeed our soul mates.  I hope you find some peace and comfort soon.


Dear goofygirlinva – I’ve seen many of your posts and I know the loss of your Blackie has been incredibly hard on you.  Please know that Blackie is forever in your heart as you are in his, for always.  Please take care of yourself and hang in there.


Dear Meriam – I so love the idea of the ink print & the pin and I wish I had done that as well.  Over time I started collecting Rusty’s hair as I brushed him and I have a bundle of it saved in a bag.  I’ve only touched it once since he left me and oh how I cried.  I also have a clipping I took the day he left me.  It’s a piece of his perfect white hair and when I look at it or even think about it, it makes me miss him so much more.  I know you grieve for your baby Hershey and I understand.


Dear Lisa – I’m so glad you have your Christmas ornaments of your baby Tai-Chi's paws.  What a wonderful idea.  It’s also nice that you have the ink prints and the hair clippings.  Small things that mean the world to us.  I do believe your sweetie was sending you a message with that print in the snow.  Thanks for all of your support.  You’re in my thoughts.


Dear jwintx – Oh, if only we all had crystal balls . . . please don’t beat yourself up about it . . . Your Angel is in your heart and you are in hers and nothing will ever change that.  You’ve been so kind and generous in your replies to my posts and I don’t know what I would have done without the kindness of strangers like yourself.  Thank you.


Dear Tara – How wonderful that your package came with the prints of your baby Lucky.  It warms my heart to hear that you derive comfort from having them.  I’ve already noticed that Rusty’s prints have smudge marks on them from me kissing and rubbing them everyday.  Thank you for sharing with me Tara. 


Dear Sharon – Your Dewey left you a couple weeks before my Rusty left me, but yet it feels like yesterday and a lifetime all at once, doesn’t it?  I glad my post brought back a fond memory of a day with your boy, even though obviously for him he wasn’t too happy about it.  I understand it when you say “provides a piece of him for you somehow.”  I feel the same way about Rusty’s . . . I look at them so closely and I whisper, “this is you my little love, my Rusty . . .” Thanks so much Sharon.


Dear Steffi – Thank you so much for your very kind reply.  I’ve seen several of your posts about your Dakotah and I know how much you miss him.  I SO understand about clutching the pillow.  I have the sweater I was wearing the day Rusty left me already sealed in a bag (never washed,) along with a towel that I know he slept on.  Rusty also slept with a little stuff toy that looked just like him and I take that toy to bed with me every night.  Rusty used to sleep with me every night, so that toy is filling a pretty big void right now – it provides such comfort.  And I too do not know what I would have done if I hadn’t been led to this wonderful community of loving, understanding and compassionate people.  Thank you again Steffi.


(((((petloss family)))))


Thank you all again.


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Rusty's Mommy,

I really wish that we had thought of that before Golda passed.  I don't recall ever hearing about that until after he passed and a week later I thankfully found this site.  I've read several people who were lucky enough to know about this.  Thanks so much for making people aware of it as I'm sure that it does bring some comfort to have this precious gift for our babies.  Hugs, Golda's Mom

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Rusty's Mom, Hi, see I told you everyone would love the paw print idea! It is too late for some of us but think of all the people you helped today! Rusty is probably saying very proudly "Hey that's my mom's idea"! Have a nice evening. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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Allison, The crematorium made a perfect little pawprint from Betsy, matted it, framed it, and added a little brass plate with her name to the frame.  I am SO glad I have it.  It is such a wonderful keepsake.  I know you are so thankful you have a little pawprint of your precious Rusty, as well.   I wish we had known about the paw prints when our beloved Easy passed away.  Thank you so much for getting the word out to everyone.
You are an angel.

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Dear Pam – I so wish all of us could know certain things before . . . I will forever ask myself certain questions that I know have no answers, so I figure it’s best to focus what I do know . . . our babies love us so much, no matter what.  You gave Golda an amazing life of love and compassion and he will forever be in your heart.  My thoughts are with you.


Dear Donna – It’s because of our babies that we’ve crossed paths, and while of course I wish this wasn’t the reason, I know that Rusty is glad to know I have such wonderful people in my circle to help me though this time of grief and mourning.  You were so right about sharing this idea . . . I so wish it wasn’t too late for some of us, but I so hope it has helped someone today or tomorrow . . . Thanks again for your encouragement and support.  I know your MrMeowgy and my Rusty are so proud of both of us.


Dear Melissa – I wish all of our vets or whoever has the task of taking care of our babies earthly bodies would do what you’ve described.  How lovely to have that provided to you, with such love and caring.  I know how hard Betsy’s leaving you has been on you yet you continue to be there for all of us as we struggle with our losses.  Thank you for being here Melissa. 

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti - peace, peace perfect peace to all of us and our beloved angels.

Rusty's Mom.

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(((((((((Rusty & Mommy))))))))))))
      I smiled when I read your post about the Clay Paw.  The first time I heard about this was when my little Casper was about to be cremated, they told me where I could get one and I rushed out and got one before he was cremated, and they did it for me.  That was a year ago and now again with my Brandy I got his paw print too.  I too rub them and kiss them, making me feel comfort in doing so.   I just wish I knew about them when I lost my other fur babies.
KeaElsaWolf - - Andrea

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Rustys Mom,

Until I went out in the backyard, I had completely forgotten the blue paint and paws action of last summer. To make a long story short, I was paiting the posts on the gate, I heard a loud wosh and the squirrels came rushung through the pait pail. They were followed by Mozart and Hershey. Moz avoided the can, Hershey fell into the can due to his blindness and then kept on running after his bro. His paw prints and those of the squirrels are still on the back grass. They have not worn off.

Hershey left Paw prints on my heart as I am sure Rusty did to you yours. Hold tight to those prints on your heart,

Thinking of you.

PS Excuse the typing tonight I sustained a fingure injury today while pulling calves. My pointer finger on the right hand is cut almost to the bone and I am very achey. I propbably will not attempt to write tommorw.

May all be well


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Dear KeaElsaWolf – Andrea – It makes me happy to know that others have had the chance to capture their sweet babies paw prints forever in clay.  I know this is the last contact that my sweet Rusty had with something that is close to me now and it does comfort me having a part of him nearby.  It still doesn’t change my heart break or my yearning to hold him or kiss him again, but it does help in some small way to know a part of him is here, with me.  Thanks for sharing your story.


Dear Meriam – Your little Hershey’s stories are so sweet.  I love that his painted paw prints are still in your grass.  And of course we know that our hearts are indeed forever imprinted with their love and companionship. Our sweet little guys . . . we so miss them.  Thank you for taking the time to reply – It warms my heart to hear these stories.  SO SORRY to hear about your injury.  Hope you heal quickly. Take care Meriam.


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If my poor kitty has been frozen, are paw prints available after thawing her out? How about fur clippings after doing so? Also, I have amazing videos, so even if I can’t get fur clippings or paw prints, aren’t these as precious as well? I see her paws in the vids...

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It is nice to know there are options for memory ideas.

My mother was cremated -- I had a wee bit of her ashes fused in a glass bead which was strung with other glass beads into a suncatcher of sorts. It hangs on a lamp in our tv room. The pet cremation service returned our dog's ashes in a beautiful rosewood box that is screwed shut. I'm not sure I have the gumption to open the box with a screwdriver and retrieve some of the ashes to do one for her -- but, maybe some day.

We have ink paw prints of some of our deceased cats done at the vet (or possibly the cremation place did it?). A former coworker took the ink paw print of her beloved dog to a tattoo artist who replicated it into a tattoo for her.

Years ago we had a golden retriever. We had him groomed before Christmas and the groomer snipped a bit of is hair, tied it with a wee red bow and placed it in a clear ball, with a cute tag with his name -- she gave it to us as a Christmas gift when we picked him up. An idea for a nice keepsake for those who have some fur.

I'm a hobby photographer so have scads of photos of my "heart dog" that died recently. When I can look at them without bawling, I think I will print a favorite one and put it in a small frame for my desk.

I think whatever we can do to make the days easier for ourselves is awesome.


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I got clay paw prints!! Turns out the ER vet where she passed did it, and they hadn’t told me. It was a nice surprise! I worried I couldn’t get any as she was frozen, and they did em before they froze my precious, beautiful angel. She is now resting in peace at a beautiful cemetery. She’s buried with many pix of us. And in a gorgeous casket.
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