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I wonder....If our spirits are given "jobs" in this place we call heaven, then those who have loved their fur-children as much as we have who have already passed on must be "assigned" to throw frisbees, scratch tummies, kiss noses, etc etc at the Rainbow Bridge. Just the Golden Retriever section must have millions of tennis balls that have to be replaced when the slobber gets too bad or they're too frayed. The tiny little short-haired babes need to be introduced to the warmth of some thick shaggy Sheepdogs so they can nap snuggled close, and somebody's got to be driving the HeavenMobiles so that all of those dogs who live for their ears to flap in the wind can have a good time. I'm sure someone has to be assigned to the soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone machine--gotta have it, and would you add a few chicken McNuggets to the order? My two cats are always fussing so there must be a negotiator for the feline occupants--no matter how wonderful that place in the sun is, someone is going to want to push their buddy out of theirs 'cause that's just how it is.
This section must be the best of all possible places in Heaven--there at the Rainbow Bridge where we can play and hug and run and laugh forever. Until you and I get there, we've got subs who are taking care of our babies--making sure that they get whatever they need and loving them. But they won't forget us. Love like that never dies. On the day I come to the Bridge I may get knocked over by all of the dogs and cats and guinea pigs, hamsters, etc. that have been a part of my life--but I know Layla, despite her small self, will push her way to the front of the pack and demand to be first in my arms. She used to kiss me until my face was wet. Maybe they have large stacks of towels at the gates, do you think?  Ah, what's a little dog sugar mixed in with the tears of happiness that will replace these of sorrow that have traced down my cheeks since the moment that I knew she was going to leave me?

Dear God, if you're listening, I want a job at Rainbow Bridge when it's my time to cross over.  Uh--if possible, I would rather not be assigned to the poop patrol but I do kisses and hugs very very well.

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Dear Gypsymagic,

Just sitting here going thru some of the posts and came across yours.......I loved it!!  Made me smile reeeeealy big!  I'm with you, and ready to be put to task at the Bridge whenever the day comes!  I can't think of a better job!  But like you I think "poop patrol and clean up" is something I'd like to pass on!  I've been a nurse for 28 yrs. and so I've seen my fair share of  p.p. and c.u.!!
Any how....just wanted you to know you made me SMILE :)

In friendship,
Donna (Rudy & Rileysmom)

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I LOVED your post.  So bright, cheerful, humorous and full of HOPE.  Thank you.

I like to think of the Bridge as a place that is blissful and pristine.  All the slobber magically disappears.  There is no need to poop, even though our babies can eat their fill of anything they want, including chocolate and raisins!   All the brooks have clear, clean water.  And the meadows are filled with shady trees just perfect for napping or sleeping under.  

If you haven't heard Eva Cassidy's version of "Over the Rainbow" you may want to take a listen.   She is a singer's singer.  Eva passed away from melanoma when she was only in her 30's.  My Betsy just loved to hear me sing her lullabies each night.  As her dementia progressed, the singing calmed her and helped her fall asleep.  I like to think Eva is up there with all of our babies singing beautiful lullabies.   Now, that is heaven!

The Rainbow Bridge story implies our babies wait for us to join them and then we cross the Bridge together into Heaven.  But, I think I could hang out at the Bridge with my babies eternally because wherever they are is Heaven to me.

Big hugs,
Betsy's, Easy's and Arthur's grateful mom

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Thank you for this - I smiled through my tears.  My boy Alex just went to the Bridge yesterday and i am hurting so much with him not being with me but knowing he is there with all of his siblings who have gone before him makes me feel just a tiny bit better.  I want to give out the soft serve ice cream - one of Al's favorite treats!  JoAnn 


Posts: 219

I love Eva Cassidy--and if she's going to be singing there at Rainbow Bridge, which I agree with completely, I'm going to be extra happy to be assigned there. I have every CD that she ever made.

Posts: 613

Wonderful post indeed.... thinking about all of our fur babies surrounded by friends and toys is a comforting image.  Every day there must be like a combination of kindergarten, and the county fair.....just endless fun.  Thanks for sharing,  Hugs from Houston, Nike's mom


Posts: 219

The Rainbow Bridge must be a wonderful place to wait for us, but napping and waiting gets boring, and we all know retrievers just can't be happy unless they're catching frisbees or tennis balls, so I think the story just forgot to add those little details of how our babies keep themselves entertained--with the help of volunteers who'll wait to cross over into Heaven in order to serve those wonderful animal friends of ours. After all, if Heaven is forever then what's a few thousand happy years of hanging out near the bridge before we decide to see the rest  I gotta tell you, my Layla will be organizing things if they don't have activities--no doubt. My best friend said that Layla often looked like she was putting her hands on her hips, figuratively speaking, telling her that she was late with dinner etc etc. Layla may have to argue it out with Gaelin, my Bearded Collie, who passed over almost a year ago. He was very strict about rules, and she may want to shake things up a bit and get chocolate ice cream added to the vanilla since I would never let her have chocolate here.  Layla was much like her Mommy: asking why not?


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I can just picture all that you said in my mind. It sounds so "Heavenly". there is another forum to post fun things like this.



It got so long that we started opening different

threads for holidays.

I heard there is a huge celebration

on Labor Day.

Sounds like it will be fun.


Love and Hugs,



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