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Its been a year, went by fast....pain doesnt go by, it rears its ugly head to beat you into the ground. I lost my Smokey(17 year old gray tabby) on May 16th. 2007. The guilt from trying to save him overwhelms me once more.  I read my tribute, cried and cried, then lit a candle for him. My ice cream cheeks, you actually changed my life since then...I found out how true my family is to my sensitivity in regard to animals. They have none. I havent seen my sister for a whole year because her kids cant respond to my loss. I wont forget you 12:20am May 16th I will say a prayer and cry some more. I love you Smokey, I love you very much...


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(((Hugs))) to you Sandra on your Smokey's one year Bridge Day anniversary.  I know Smokey's passing has been very painful for you but I hope you're able to remember your time with Smokey with smiles and with some happiness in your heart.

Blackie's Mommy


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Hi Yoda,

I remember you and your loss of your dear Smokey, as you can see I'm still lurking about here, although I feel mostly ok these days. I wish you strength for Smokey's 1 year bridge day, he will be watching over you. I've lost count of the number of times I've posted here saying 'a relapse', I know how it knocks you for six when you think you've been doing ok. Rest assured they become less frequent, as time goes by.

He can see your candle and knows you are thinking of him,
peace and healing to you,

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Happy bridgeday Smokey.  I'm sorry Sandra for your loss.  

Some times it just smacks you in the face doesn't it?  Lately I have been sobbing on the way home again and thinking about my two so much it's almost like I just lost them. 


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Dear yoda/Sandra,

I am so sorry for your loss of Smokey last year, and can truly understand that his one year Bridge Day would bring back a flood of painful memories and tears.  You love and miss him so much and that will never go away.  My Boxer boy, Grunt was put to sleep in February, and I can't imagine ever forgetting the most painful decision I've ever made, and what it meant, putting an end to my baby's life - I miss him more and more each day since then, and my ONLY comfort is that he isn't so sick and suffering anymore.

It makes it even more painful when others, especially family, do not appreciate that our dogs and kitties are gifts to us, and become a part of us, mean so much to us - and when they are gone, how much it hurts, and we can never get over it.  We are so blessed to have Petloss and the kind and understanding people here.

Sending you hugs, and a special anniversary prayer for your Precious boy, Smokey who is forever in your heart and soul,

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever


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Hello Yoda -  i pray for you dear friend and know what you mean about people not having any emotions just because it's an animal to them. some people don't get it, this is my family i am talking about. i don't have children my animals are my little family and it hurts just as much or maybe more than losing a human being i mean is there any differnce it sure don't feel like it it still hurts; i am sorry but i like my animals more than most people. i lost my constant companion Savanna just this last Wednesday and found this website! 15 years we were together (please read my message yesterday) i am at work and don't even want to go home because she is not there. i have other animals but never have been blessed to have had such a true friend for 15 years! my house is not the same, her side of the bed is cold; i wake up several times during the night and she really is not there i used to wake up and check on her breathing and wake her but she was used to me and all. i am selfish the dr and my decisions trying in vain to save her tuesday and wednesday just to have a few more days, hours with her. she was tired and i knew she had to go i just wish she did not have to. i have such memories with her as i am sure you do too. yesterday i gave her a burial fit for an egypian queen. only the best for my girl. i told all the others that there will be no more cooking chicken, eating salmon etc since she is gone. she is the reason i went to the grocery store well and my horse Babycakes! i eat ceral they eat well, chicken, apples (babycakes) tuna etc. they are my children and you do the best for them right. your baby was so lucky to have you as a mom; thank the heavens you two had each othere for as long as you did. i will pray for you if you will help me and say alitltle prayer also. sorry for the typos i am kind of upset it has been only 2 days.


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Dear Sandra,

May you find peace in your heart as you go through the very difficult one year mark.  Smokey is the one to show you what true love is, and may he continue to shower you with love and help you on your life journey.  I hope my girl Tweeny has showed your beloved ice cream cheeks where the frosting stash is.

Beautiful One Year Bridgeday, Precious Smokey!
Your mama loves and misses you so much.

Love from Tweeny's ma


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Dearest Sandra:
I am so sorry about the loss of sweet Smokey.  Like you, Christopher's loss haunts me every day.  The year mark for me was like living Christopher's death all over again.  I am sure it will be the same at two years, three years, and likely Forever.  There are no words of comfort available.  The pain hits like a tsunami and strikes every day.   Like you I grieve alone as no one wants to talk about Christopher's loss any more.  I am so grateful that I have my petloss family as I know I always have somewhere to go and can always find someone who will listen and understand.  We are all here for you.  You are in my Prayers.

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

My Precious Angel
Take Really good care of
Smokey for his Mommy.
Keep him safe until she arrives.
You Are My Man and I Love You

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1 year is such a short time in the great scheme of things when you consider 17 yrs together, I am so sorry that your family don't understand your bond, then again unless you have been lucky enough to experience the bond that we here at petloss have had with our babies your never going to get it.
and at the end of the day we have been the ones that are lucky because we have known a true and perfect love and shared a bond that death itself can not break.

You will be with your babie again one day and will again know the love and friendship you shared, I know thats what keeps me going knowing that the next time my boys and I meet it will be forever,

Yoda , the firsts are always the hardest but the happy memories will start to overtake the bad ones and thats what keeps us sane.


Cu' Uladhwolf      

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I am so sorry for your loss and the grief that goes along with it.  A year for me was super hard.   I didn't know what to expect.  It is almost a year and a half for me.  Still so deeply hard.   Lately, the past week has been hard, so it comes in waves, as they all say.   I wish you so much peace.

Merry's mom

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I'm so sorry for the "relapse" you're going through now. I know these feelings of grief that hit whenever we least expect them. I have them too. It's been a bit over one year since I lost Molly and I still have the deep sadness and pain of her loss. I don't know how people expect us to just "get over it" and get on with our lives, when these creatures are oftentimes our very best friends, and light of our lives. How is it possible to not have waves of grief? How is it possible to not have them in our minds and hearts every moment of every day? I have no idea. I'm sorry that your family does not understand and support you. But, that's what we are here for. Some of us know that feeling too - of those around us not understanding. We will never be like that, Yoda. We will always be here for you, just as you are here so often for others.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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