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Good Evening, Everyone,

My sister-in-law once sent me an e-mail called "pennies from heaven." The crux of the message was that if one is thinking a lot about a loved one who has passed, and a short time later, a penny shows up in a prominent location (under the couch or in a bundle of change, for example, would not count), that penny is a gift from that loved one to let the person know that they are being thought of.

Well, a couple of days ago, I had been thinking a great deal about my buddy Van Gogh. The 24th was three months to the day of his going Home, and he had been on my mind so very much. I have been desperately praying for some kind of sign or dream from my little buddy to let me know that he is okay and that he is thinking of me. I had even taken his picture out of my wallet a couple of time during the day just to be able to look at him...

I got home from work, and I headed upstairs for bed and when I went into my room, at the foot of my bed, on the folded blanket that Van Gogh used to always sleep on, was a penny right in the middle of the blanket. No other money or coins nearby, and no one was in the room at all during the day. I could not stop tearing and smiling. My little buddy is okay, and he is thinking of me too.

That penny is now on my desk with Van's paw print cast, and a small statue of an angel given to me by my grandmother many years ago. It just served as added confirmation to three things that I always knew were true:

Our beloved companions are always thinking of us as we remember them.

They will absoltuely communicate with us if we believe, and know the signs for which to look.

Prayers do get answered

My prayers for all of you that have your signs when you may search for them.

With thoughts, prayers, and hopes to you all,


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I am so very happy for you. Hearing about how you found the penny on Van Gogh's blanket brought tears to my eyes. Years ago when I was going through a particularly difficult time, I was crying one day and a coin literally fell from above me to the floor. I looked up trying to figure out where it came from. The only thing above me was a ceiling fan. I picked up the coin and it was a dime. I immediately saw the words "In God we Trust". I don't know who sent me that sign but it was a beautiful and amazing gift and it made me realize that there are so many things that we don't understand yet about what lies beyond the here and now. Your penny was truly a sign from your sweet Van Gogh.

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Dear John,

What a beautiful gift from your Van Gogh and a wondrous confirmation of what it means to receive this message of love from him.  I can imagine the emotions running through you when you discovered that penny on your buddy's blanket and it warms my heart.  It is always good to receive affirmation 
of our beliefs and there would be no better way than through an experience like the one you have been blessed with.  I am so happy for you, John.
May you carry the joy of this in your heart for many days to come.



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john-you just put a great big smile on my face and a lump in my throat.    how amazing and wonderful for you.    you can bet your favorite brand of kitty litter that van gogh left that penny for you to help ease your heart and to let you know that he is doing just fine.   you received a penny from heaven that was handled tenderly and gently by some very loving paws.  i am very very happy for you.     i have had a few surprise visits myself from jude and i know both the surprise and joy you felt in your heart when you discovered YOUR penny.     they are indeed with us john.


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What a neat sign from Van Gogh!!  I love the story.  Thanks for sharing.

precious Christoph ~ my sweet boy ~


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How wonderful your Van Gogh was able to send a sign of such significance! 

And yes, prayers do get answered. :-) 

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Great news John.  I know how much you miss your boy and three months is not nearly enough time to recover.  I didn't get my sign from Dallas until nearly her one yr. anniversary at the bridge.  So you are fortunate to get such an early sign from Van Gogh.

I do hope the 24th was a wonderful day filled with more smiles than tears, reflecting on your life with Van Gogh.  He will live on in your heart

Hugs,  Diane

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Dear John:  What a great story.  So glad you got a sign from your beloved Van Gogh.  I walk a lot and have found many pennies on the road since my Heidi left me.  I'd like to think now, that they were a sign from Heidi.  I know she loved me as much as I loved her and have to believe that love could never die.  God Bless Us All.  Sincerely, YorkieHeidi


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Thanks for sharing this story.  That is so sweet.  I know it's hard not to get discouraged, but I know you and Van Gogh still have a special connection and always will.  I know you miss your buddy a lot and I'm sure he is missing you too.  I also keep a picture of my BK in my wallet:)  Let us know if you get any more gifts from Van Gogh.



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john-i had a thought here about your penny.     does the year that is stamped on it have any signifcance for you?  was just wondering about that.


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What a wonderful story about the penny and I'm so glad you received a sign from Van Gogh!

I believe we all receive signs from our loved ones who have made the journey to a better place and I know they are always still with us in thoughts and prayers while they watch over us.

I too have received signs from my beloved kitty of 17 years who passed away at 9:03 AM on July 15, 2010. The 15th was on a Thursday and on the 18th I had a dream where she was back with me. The dream seemed so real and I remember petting her and how she was not frail like she had become after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidsim. I still have dreams with her in them the last one with her and both of my parents who have passed away walking together outside in a beautiful place with grass and lots of flowers surrounding us.

Then this July exactly one year after she passed away I had 18 balloons I was going to release outside at 9:03 AM as a tribute to her. That morning it was very cloudy and looked like it was going to rain at any minute but at 9:00 AM, three minutes before I was supposed to go outside, the sun came out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. By 9:15 the sun was gone and the clouds were back again. I took it as a sign that she was watching out for me and wanted me to know she there with me.

I had a smile on my face the rest of the day on what started out as a very sad day for me turned out to be one of the happiest days I've had in a long time.

I hope and pray you have many more signs from Van Gogh in the future!


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I luv this offers much comfort and hope....for feeling a loved one still nearby...I will surely be watching for such a pennie as well... I lost my Simba 2 days ago now.....yesterday...I had lingered much of that time I felt I should be close to him....where we buried was a gorgeous morning out so I sat and imagined him hobbling thru the yard in the sunshine.....later I walked up on my deck..and noticed a silver tubing laying on the ground...still dazed somewhat from everything didn't dawn on me right away what it was.....until I stood up with it...that's when the few foot long chime I had started to chime....I hadn't noticed it chime at all the night b4 or the time I spent out there that day until then...I hadn't really noticed any wind..and I was to far away from it to disturb it....I looked at how to put that tubing back on and noticed there were a total of five including the one in my hand....4 remaining attached...and my heart felt those four were for me,my husband,my son, and twix my yorkie who were still here....I sat and waited a long time for that chime to chime again..nothing....I know my mind tells me I am likely using this coincidence to comfort myself..but, my heart tells me to get that last tube back on...and have us whole again....Simba within the circle of 5.  My heart goes out to all of you....and thanks to all who share thier stories..hugs

Posts: 629
Hello, Everyone,

Thank you all so much for sharing a truly wonderful event for me following such a heartbreaking period. Not only am I gratified by the continued support that is given here to and by one and all, but I especially love hearing about others in our wonderful community that likewise, have had the joy of communicating and receiving signs of love from our beloveds....

Bonbon, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Simba It is so beautiful of you to share your experience with your loss still so new. I promise you, gentle spirirt, that your chimes are a sign and a gesture from your Simba, letting you know that you are all still together.  I don't believe in coincidences. I am a believer in miracles. There is a message there. Follow your heart and may you find the message along with the peace and comfort that go with it.

My wishes and hopes to you all that your signs are there for you when you search for them..........

All is well with love,


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Hello John,  I read your thread about a week ago or so and have been meaning to write a reply.   My beautiful kitty Porsche went up to heaven on September 27.  My heart is still absolutely shattered.  I posted a letter to her here in this thread:

     The day after she passed I opened up the shades to the back porch as I always did.  The cat tree that all our cats lounge on is next to this window and they all love to lounge and look out the window.  I was imagining Porsche sitting on her top rung as she always did enjoying the view.   Well....I noticed a penny on the back porch.  I really didn't make anything of it other than I thought it was kinda strange since nobody had been on the back porch for a few days.  And surely I would have noticed that penny before.    A few days went by and I was browsing the threads here on this forum and I came across your message.   I remembered that penny!!   I ran to the backside of the house and looked out the kitchen window to see if the penny was there.  The sun was still very low as it was early in the morning.    I looked out and the penny was still there....And that SUN...THE SUN was reflecting brilliantly off the penny...the penny was shining so bright you literally could not stand to look at it.  It was the light of heaven.  I dropped to my knees and cried..  It was a sign.  My little girl was safe on the other side.

     My heart shattered into a million pieces when Porsche died.  In her last few days I prayed for St Francis to guide her safely to the Lord Jesus.  I had a little statue of St Francis watching over her in the last days.   My wife and I said the prayer to bless animals...and we sprinkled holy water on her in her last hour.   

    Because of that penny I know for sure that Porsche is happily in heaven..She is watching over me as I once watched over her.  I treasure that penny and am going to put it in the shadowbox I am making for her.   

    Thank you so much for this thread John...
    They will send us a sign....we just have to look


Posts: 162
John, your story is heartwarming. Van Gogh loves you so much that he wanted to let you know that he is okay and happy. He wants you to be happy. He is safe and he is waiting for you at the Bridge.

Posts: 11
John this is a beautiful story.  Thank you for sharing.  I will be looking for pennies now too.

Posts: 1,541

I'm so happy for you that you were given such a clear sign.  It's what we all look for.  Sincerely, YorkieHeidi


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This is a beautiful story....and it gives me hope.

Last week, a little over a week since my boy died, I went to visit my daughter. They have a beautiful dog named, "Tut" a fawn colored doberman. He is very beautiful, but EXTREMELY sensitive...

I think he knew immediately that I was grieving because I'd not seen him since before Hercules passed.

He followed me all over the place, wanting to be pet, sitting by me or on me, half of his body on the couch, half on my lap! LOL! An 80 pound lap dog!

While he was on my lap, he suddenly got up and stood right in front of me where I sat. He looked straight into my eyes and the look was extremely intense. His eyes moved slowly side to side while looking into mine, and I felt a surge of my boy. I cannot describe this feeling, there is just no way, but it was so profound, I was frozen. It was at the moment that I knew my boy had spoken to me through this dog's eyes. I felt immediately relieved and knew that my boy was alright.

It was at this point that my grief made a shift. I do not grieve because my boy is at all suffering, I grieve because I miss him so deeply. He is happy, it is me that is not.

I deeply want and need to believe that I did the right thing for him. And that he is free now...his sight is returned to him, his youth and vigor allow him to chase his tennis balls and bones at the bridge.

I left my home today briefly, to break up the monotony of the silence within it. Whenever I returned from anywhere, my boy was always there to greet me, runninng from the other room, or had already made it to the living room, circling and wagging his tail, very exicted to see me. EVERY time.

I saw this in my mind as I walked in the door, half expecting him to be there. I did not see him, but I felt his spirit of love and greeting.

Thank you for sharing this, John.


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Thank you for sharing John.

Its funny… I was feeling so discouraged today because I keep praying and asking my Logan to give me a sign that she is ok, but I haven't received one yet.  Your post just gave me hope.

Thank you.

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Don't remember seeing this thread earlier, John (much earlier, you wrote it 9/29/11).  How fortunate that you knew pennies from heaven are a sign from a loved one; I didn't know that, it's a lovely thought.

And how inexplicable to find a penny right where  you did.  You'd have had to strew coins half way across the room from your pocket or the change dish on your dresser for one to land there, but that is really stretching to the breaking point any thread of credulity.  Thank you, Van Gogh.

There may be an order to the universe, which I label as synchronicity because I do not understand why things happen: this sign from Van Gogh was right after his three month anniversary of leaving this world, and today is 3 months and 3 days since losing my Julian cat.

I hope that you've received other signs of  your angel since then, and had some visitations.  You have helped so many people on this message board with your thoughtful posts, I hope you have found healing and joy since losing your Van Gogh.

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John, thank you so much for the beautiful words on my post about my Maxie.  I had to read your thread immediately and what a beautiful story.  It gives me great comfort dealing with my loss.  I will continue to look and pray for signs...I miss him so much but more then anything I would like to know he is happy and that I will one day be with him again.  It is amazing the bond we have with our pets, it is a love like no other.  Very sorry for the loss of your little Van Gogh not hard to tell he was loved very much.  May you find many, many more pennies.

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What a beautiful story John!!! thank you for sharing your story as it helps to ease the pain that many of us are going through and most of all, it gives me hope to know that my Bubi will be sending me that “penny”

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