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Dearest Jasmine:

In the wee hours of the morning, I found myself awake hearing sounds of scratching nails, on the floor.  I looked around the bedroom quickly, to see if your new sisters were up, or still sleeping.  I saw a dark figure in the hall creeping into our little one's room and thought just for a moment, was it you???  Have you indeed come back and did I catch a glimpse of you???  Then, as I looked more closely, I realized it was your sister, Amy Rose.  I smiled that it was she who was checking on our girl at first and then the pain came almost immediately.  It wasn't you at all.

How I've longed for a sign you're still near.  How I wish I knew with certainty you're okay.  I know in my heart you're still with me, but to catch a glimpse or vision, or feel your presence, would mean so much.  I sleep each night hoping for a dream, that never comes.  Are you okay with the new additions to our household or are they what are keeping you from visiting me??  I'm starting to worry that's the case.  You never did want to share me in this life.  But please know my angel, our newbies have saved me from the awful pain and loneliness, but certainly are not and never could be "you".  You are a unique part of my soul and my heart and thus your place is secure.  How I hope you know that.

It seems like so much longer than the year and a half marker we're coming up to.  Some days feel like it's been forever since I held you close or saw your pretty face.  I miss you still so much girl.  I always will and one day we will see each other again.  How I live for that day.  Please, if there's a way for me to see you, try to find it, I'd feel so much better.  I love you my Jasmine, always and forever.

                           Love, Mommy


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Dear Kathy--Oh, how I feel the same pain, the terrible sorrow that we're left with after our beloved furchildren have gone.  We try so hard to find the signs to let us know that they're OK.  I've come to realize that the harder I try for those, the less chance of seeing any.  Mine came at the most unexpected times after a wait of more than 5 months.  However, it's not uncommon to wait for a year or two.
    Don't worry, your time will come, and when it does, you'll find some of the peace that we all need.  I have found that the hardest thing I ever had to do was say good-bye to my little Teddy, and the 2nd hardest thing is to have to go on without her.
    You are in my thoughts today, and I'll pray that you'll get the signs you so desparately want .

          Many hugs---Teddy's Mom

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I feel your sorrow and pain in this letter, also. I am so sorry. I, too, want so badly to know that Molly is okay - safe, happy and knowing that she is loved forever. I hope.
I had a friend, who also "receives" messages very often from those passed, tell me that sometimes, sleeping with a photo under the pillow of our loved one can help in bringing dreams to come. I've been sleeping with a photo of Molly under my pillow now for over a year, and there are many nights where I do dream of her -- although the dreams are "now" and it feels like she is right here, still. But, there are many ights, too, where I don't dream of her at all. I think we just need to be open, and not try too hard. I believe when we can meditate and practice calmness and peace it's much easier for us to receive "messages". Maybe these suggestions will help you, too.

Please keep us updated when you can. My thoughts, and my heart, are with you. I know this sorrow and pain, too.

Big hugs,



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To Jasmines Mum

I too want to feel the presence of my Rupert but have had no sign.  I was told they wait until the worst of grieving is over to show a sign.  But I believe that a sign  when grieving is at it worst would be better.  It would certainly help me to heal a little to know he is O.K.  A medium told me that Rupert (who died 16 weeks ago) had not passed over but was around me.  I sort of feel something in the bedroom where he slept but I know someone who heard his cat run up and down the passage one night.  This was a few months after he passed.  I would love that to happen. I cannot even dream (never been any good at that) of my Rupert but she told me we all dream it is just that when we wake up we don't remember it.  I think you have to been in a good mood, not down, relaxed and be able to meditate to be able to sense their presence.   I was told animal spirits can go to other animals in the house.  I noticed a big change in Rupert's identical sister 3 days after he died.  She does a lot of things he used to do and now she wants to be my friend. She has become more loving, cuddly and a much nicer cat.

We love them and lose them.  I've realised that we are only lent these animals and they are not ours to keep.  One day they have to go home and they take a piece of our hearts with them.  Is it better to haved loved them and lost them than to have never had them.  I knew the love of a beautiful cat and I am so glad I had him but it hurts SO much to have lost him. 

Love to Rupert  still miss you every moment of the day.

Hope this helps your pain. 

Ruperts Mum

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Dear Kathy:
As you know, I feel the same pain as you do.  While Christopher has given me signs that he is OK, he has never come to me in my dreams.  It just breaks my Heart.  I worry about my little guy all the time.  I would give the world to hold him and know that he is OK even if that opportunity was in a dream.  I am sure that Jasmine and Christopher are doing well; I can envision them sitting at the Bridge waiting for the day when we arrive.  They will Always be Safe in Our Heart.  You and Jasmine are in my Prayers.

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

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You know I understand how hard this has all been.   And next month we are going on a year and a half?   How could that be.   I know you feel Jasmine close by in your heart as I do Merry.   Wish I had magic words, but I don't.  I have had you in my thoughts and hoping things are okay.

So many big hugs to you!


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