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Early this morning, while I was still asleep, I heard the birds chirping outside my window.

Cheeseburger always loved watching the birdies.

I felt a movement on my bed, like when Cheese used to jump up on the bed and jump over my legs to get to the chair I had by the window for him. It was so strange; I really thought I was going to wake up and find him there.

Maybe just a dream...or maybe a sign?

I like to think of it as a sign though. Cheese and I had this incredibly deep connection, and I truly feel his presence and spirit with me.

He will be in my heart forever.

I just needed to share this with my friends here because it was such a profound feeling.

(Thinking of you Cheeseburger - have a good time watching your birdies in kitty heaven. I LOVE YOU CHEESEY!!!!)
Cheeseburger's Mom

 Mr. Cheese

Posts: 991
I believe that was a sign from Cheeseburger that he is healthy and happy at the Bridge, and forever with you in spirit. I've felt that same plop sound on the bed that my Molly made when she jumped up to be with me.
Have a peaceful day.
Molly's Mom

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 I every now and then think I hear Peaches, she used to let me know when she needed to go outside, sort of a small whine. I wold take her outside while she did her business. I would take her with me when I went into another room in the house during her last few days just so she would know we were still together, her sight had left her. When I got ready for work I would place her on the bed then in her bed in her chair when I left. The wife would be home no long after I had left. I know I have stopped what I have been doing on several occasions because I could hear the whine, may have been just another empty house noise but maybe not. I found one of her old dog toys today she would hide them behind stuff in the house. It brought back a flood of memories but this time, yes some sad, but I had to smile remembering how she would  scoot her nose across the carpet a if trying to bury them outside. As you said their presence I believe is always with us. Mr. Cheese looks so content, you were both blessed to have each other.---Jerry in Oklahoma.


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I bet he was checking on you! I swear I feel my kitty's precense and have received a few signs as well.  I wonder if they can feel our hurt and they are trying to comfort us like they always did.

Josie Lynn

Posts: 55
Yes Dee,

Cheeseburger is with you and you just happened to feel him that time.  He is always there and I am glad that he made it easier for you to know that....


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Dear Dee:
I do think that it was Cheeseburger letting you know that he is OK.  Cheeseburger's pictures are so Precious.  You can see in his eyes how much he loves his mommy. 

Christopher and I have a very strong connection as well.  I can feel his presence always, and he has sent me so many clues that he is OK.  When I speak to his Star at night I can hear him speak to me.  I can hear him say "close your eyes Mommy and you will see me.  I am always here." It works.  No one can take away those strong bonds we have with our babies; Love is Forever.  Cheeseburger will Always be with you.  Close your eyes and you will see. 

Big Hugs
Christopher's Mommy

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I'm sure he wanted you to know he was there.  Cheeseburger is a very old soul and I'll bet a great teacher for everyone.




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I am so pleased for you Dee.  He was coming to let you know that he will always be with you.  Love Di xxx


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Oh yes!  They are still around, we just can't see them.  They're
spirit kitties!  I have felt the same comforting movement on the
bed.... "Pook? Is that you?"....  I know it is.


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Years ago now... let's see... about ten...? My cat Springer -- actually my youngest son's cat who became mine when he was going to college -- died from complications of unstable diabetes.

We had become very close in her last two years with her very iffy blood sugar levels needing more or less constant checking and regulating. She was my shadow, my constant, my sweetiepie.

When she died I was taken aback at just how hard it hit me. When I tried to gently tell my son that she had passed away and painlessly, I nearly failed to complete a single intelligible sentence.

Anyway, Springer continued jumping up on the bed late at night, almost every night, on top of the blankets, unmistakingly snuggling up to my legs. I could be quite awake and coherent and still experience her loving nocturnal visits. This went on, though less and less frequently, for about two years.

It was so always so substantial and tangible. So complete and true in its sensory and cognitive essence. I never could rationally explain the experience but that Springer visited.

Indeed, I have no doubt your baby came to snuggle.

They are still here.

~Harrison's mama - Kelley

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