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I had a 7 year old maltese named snoopy. My husband and I got him when he was just 2 years old. He came from a abusive background and it took my husband and myself a year for snoopy to trust us and when he did we were so happy. When snoopy was 4 years old he became diabetic and had been on inslun until he passed away on May 28,2008. He was our very first pet we ever owned. On may 23, 2008 everything was fine I had my grandkids over he ate wnet outside with us and everything. Saturday morning snoopy got up and started to throw up and he did not eat nothing at all. The last time snoopy ate was on firday May 23,2008. But like I said he got up saturday and started to throw up and everytime he drank water it all came up. SO I just thought he had some type of a bug and he would be fine. Sunday morining he got up and did his business on my bed in which ne never ever did this. I also notice he could not walk on his back legs at all. Sunday and Monday night he got so hot that he felt like he was on fire. I took him to the vet on Tuesday morning and the vet said it did not look good at all. I called at one and the vet said no change and when the vet called me at or little before 4:45p.m. snoopy has passed away. I have his ashes here at the house and I made and my husband made a little memory of snoopy. We got one of his pitures where he is eating one of his dog bones and we put that by him it has his teeth marks on it and some other things. But what I like to know it hurts like heck because snoopy went every where with my husband and I and when we found out that he was diabetic he was in the hospital for a week when he came home he slept in between us because snoopy did not like sleeping in his bed. ABd he became blind because of his diabetic. But the hurt what can I do to ease the pain I have been crying all of the time. I dod not work so snoopy was around me alot. we went for walks and did things like that. I hate being home now so does my husband because our house seems so very very empty snoopy filled our house. we only had snoopy for 5 years but them 5 years are lots and lots of memorys. If anyone could help me on how to ease the pain I would really thank you all who would reads this and help me out. My e mail address is All I do is sit and think and think about snoopy. It hurts so very very bad he was our very first dog. My husband and I said we would never ever get another dog and I told snoopy long time ago if something should ever happen to him before his time I would never ever get another dog there is no other dog like snoopy. So please help me. Thank you all whom reads this and god bless you all whom lost there pets to.


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I am so very sorry about your beloved Snoopy. it is so hard to lose them, and he was young. I really have no words of wisdom, but certainly sympathize. I lost my dog Oscar a year ago ( a bichon, age 13). He had cancer and we eventually had to put him to sleep. I still miss him so much. your pain is raw right now, I know how you feel that your Snoopy was always around and seemed to fill the house. it will get better with time tho- when you can think of Snoopy and remember some funny, unique thing he did, and smile thru the tears. Snoopy will always be with you, and I believe our pets want us to remember them with love and not sadness. that day will come, even tho it doesn't seem so now

I am glad you found this site,it helped me a lot ( and still does). reading all the other posts helps too- there are great caring people here. and, knowing that so many others are going thru this same thing ( which I wouldnt wish on anyone). there are many times I read a post and wind up shedding tears, and realize so many people share this grief. on the plus side tho, I love to read the stories about all the animals that were so obviously loved.

by the way, my dog before Oscar was a maltese named Boogy. she was quite a little character, and has been gone now 14 years. she will always have a special place in my heart too

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  I'm so sorry about the passing of Snoopy.I understand how you feel because we lost Jingles,our Yorkie on Feb.9. He was 5 years old and he died from a collapsed trachea.He would have been 6 on Apr.24.Jingles was such a good boy, just like your Snoopy and I know they are playing together at Rainbow Bridge.
  It will be 4 months for me and I still miss Jingles so much.The pain subsides a little as time goes on, but they will always be in our hearts forever.I made a scrapbook of Jingles and I visit this website,which helps a lot.You will never forget the happy times with Snoopy.Maybe you can post a picture of him.Try the Monday night Rainbow Bridge ceremony on this website.
  Try to keep yourself busy.Now we have a Maltese puppy and his name is Snowball.What a terror he is! He will never replace Jingles, but he has helped to take away the emptiness that Jingles passing brought to our home.
   I will keep you in my prayers       Jingles mom

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I am so sorry for your loss.  Snoopy is very lucky to have had such a loving home with you, it takes very special people to take on a dog like him.  You will always be special to him.  I am glad that you have so many good memories.  I wish I could tell you how to feel better, but I have no magic words.  Thinking of you, Love Di xxx

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