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Has anyone received any signs, felt a presence, had a dream, etc. of their beloved deceased pet(s)?

Please share your stories in detail. 

What do you think the signs meant?

(I am wonderering if what I interpreted as being signs were indeed that?  I keep thinking there's a rational explanation for everything or maybe my mind has been playing tricks on me). 


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I just read your post and had to reply because I believe in and feel so strongly about the signs our babies send us.
I think the best way to explain is to repost one of my earlier messages:
Cheeseburger's Mom

A Sign From Cheeseburger


I haven’t listened to or turned on the radio since my Cheeseburger passed away on May 4th, 2008. We used to listen to the radio together, and when I left for work in the morning, I’d leave the radio on for him. When I got to work I’d turn the radio on and listen to the same station. It was my way to feel connected to him while I was at work.


I was sitting at my desk at work today and opened up the little photo album of his pictures I carry with me all the time. I came to a picture of myself and Cheese and left the album open so I could look at it while I worked at my desk. Something moved me to turn on the radio, and when I did, I heard “Here’s “Home” by Daughtry…that was “our special song!” I used to sing along with it to Cheesey and his soft black tail used to swish while I sang. (I know this all must sound very crazy.)


I loved hanging out with Cheeseburger. We’d listen to music together, I’d read poetry to him, and when I was online updating my tiger sites, he was right next to me and I’d tell him about the stories I was posting.


I don’t know if I’m reading too much into hearing the song today, but I am taking it as a sign from my beautiful baby cat telling me “I’m o.k. Mommy,” and that he is free of pain and illness, breathing in the fresh clean air, “watching the birdies” (one of his favorite pastimes,) and basking in the sunlight.


The strange thing is when we left the hospital the morning Cheeseburger died, we got in the car and my son turned on the radio and the song “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd started playing. My son and daughter told me it was a sign from Cheesey, to let us know that he’s o.k.. For those not familiar with the song here are some lyrics:


If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be traveling on, now,
'Cause there's too many places I've got to see.
But, if I stayed here with you, girl,
Things just couldn't be the same.
'Cause I'm as free as a bird now,
And this bird you can not change.


Maybe I just need and want to believe they are signs from him, not coincidences, but deep down in my heart, I truly do believe he is telling me that he’s o.k.


I miss you so much Cheeseburger. I will never forget you. You are forever in my heart. I love you Cheesey.






Dee & Cheeseburger

"Unconditional Love"


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I have had several dreams. One just recently, I was walking through a meadow-forested area and came upon a barn. On the other side of the barn I heard barking and I called out to my dog Lady and then, next thing you know, I was holding Lady around her neck and kissing her and hugging her. It was so comforting and I really took it as a true visit to her. (Maybe at the Rainbow Bridge?) All the dreams I have had with Lady in them have been a comfort to me because they make me feel like I have proof that she is ok. Then again, I am also a little saddened by the dreams because they are such short visits and I waken to the realization that it will be a long, long time before I get to be with Lady again. I am still thankful for all the dreams.

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I posted this on 3/21/08.  I truly consider this a sign from Betsy and the Bridge (of course, I happen to believe the afterlife at the Bridge is a rational explanation for this occurrence):

I have been struggling lately with some traumatic memories of the loss of my beloved little terrier, Betsy, just ten weeks ago.  I have been having a lot of difficulty keeping her last moments out of my mind.  Over the last several days it has been raining here off and on.  Yesterday, I walked out in my backyard and stood there wishing I could see a rainbow.   Last night I had the most beautiful dream.  In the dream, I walked into my backyard and saw the "end" of a Rainbow shining down into my yard onto my happy and obviously healthy little Betsy.  I am crying as I write these words because it was such a beautiful sight to behold...and such a gift.

I just wanted to share my dream and say thank you to all of my PetLoss family.   You have been my Rainbow in my times of darkness.  For that, I will always be eternally grateful to each of you.  EdW, thank you so much for such a healing website.

Betsy and Easy's forever mom

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I posted this in February 2008.  I never doubted that Betsy would eventually visit me in a dream or otherwise.  My faith in her and the afterlife is immutable.

Hi everyone,

Most of you know I lost my sweet little terrier, Betsy, a little over five weeks ago .  This past week my grief was very intense and nothing I did seemed to help much at all.  I couldn't feel her presence and looking at her pictures only made things worse for me.

Well, I needn't have worried.  Last night she came to me in a beautiful dream.  In the dream I saw her lying in her little bed in front of our fireplace.  When she looked up at me, I could see she was healthy, strong, and full of life.  She got up and ran to greet me, tail wagging happily, her eyes filled with love. 
This dream is significant for me because Betsy was weak and frail for the entire six months we have lived in this new house.  Seeing her happy and strong in this house tells me it was a true visit from her.  I woke up in the best mood I have been in since I lost her.  I know, without a shadow of doubt, that she lives on, still thinks of us, and is never far away.

I just wanted to share this happy day with all of you who have been so supportive.  Has anyone else ever had an experience like this that you would care to share?

Betsy and Easy's forever mom

Chumdog90, you asked what I think the signs mean.   Since, I believe in an afterlife, the signs I have received reinforce my beliefs.   I work in human medicine and have heard so many patients who have returned from being clinically dead describe beloved deceased relatives, dogs, cats, meeting them "in the light".  After you hear so many of these stories, and then have some experiences yourself, well, it is EASY to believe. 

How could I NOT believe?  This is my beloved
Betsy Noodle, the light of my life.   She still
guides me with her love and devotion each day
of my life.

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My schipperke died November 15, 2006, of renal failure of an unknown cause. I had several bad dreams immediately after Leibchen passed away. In each one I tried in vain to save her, cure her , help her, but she always died anyway. Each morning, for several weeks, I woke up crying and asking, "why?". Finally, in one dream I realized that enough was enough and that I couldn't do anything to save her. The bad dreams stopped. Guilt, blaming myself, just finally admitting I really could not have saved her,you decide. But they did stop. Then one night she came to me in a dream and was beautiful, healthy and younger. She jumped up in my lap, looked up at me and told me that since I had been there for her when she had "let go" ( her own words ), that she would come back for me one day when it is time for me to "let go". Somehow this has brought a kind of surreal peace to me.
Also, a litter of schipperke pups was born four months after she passed, not too far from us. Two little girls were born on what would have been my Lei-Lei's 13th birthday, March 12th. Even though I had already decided I would never get another dog, especially not another schip, when they turned 3mo. we went to see them. That was June of last year. "Echo", is now 15mo old, and a little charmer. Strangely, I have dreamed of Lei since then, but she and Echo seem to blend into each other, so I'm not sure which is which. I took Lei-Lei for what turned out to be her last car-ride just three days before she passed. The song , My Heart Will Go On, began to play on the radio and Lei looked up at me from her car seat, and I knew it was a sign and a message. The same song has come on the radio since then ,at times when I have thought of her, and  am depressed or sad, that she's not here. I always have to pull over and listen. After I dry my tears, I smile and say "Thank you, Lei-Lei, I love you ". Echo's registered name is Heart-Throb's My Heart Will Go On, I think Lei-Lei would approve.


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I have been haunted by this since it happened- I see it as a definate sign or premonition but I don't know what to make of it- there doesn't seem to be any benefit or good from this "sign".  I have been living and working in Alaska since November and my dog Samba was back at my home with my brother and other pets in the "lower 48".  I had visited home 2 months ago specifically to see Samba because I missed her and wouldn't be able to see her again till at least September when my work committment finished. I had been tossing around doing some other travel related work after this job finishes.  I am very close with my family and pets but I hadn't been stressing over being away from them (other than missing Samba so much)- it was all by my choice; needing a change of pace and escape for a while.  So anyway, a week and a day ago I dreamnt that my mom called- I answered the phone and she told me she had some bad news, that my dad died, and all I could say was "what?" in disbelief and cry.  When I woke up I was of course relieved it was a dream and instantly felt that everything was okay with my family and I did call to see how everyone was doing- just fine.  I went jogging that day and had this intense saddness and homesickness nagging at me but my thoughts kept going back to Samba, not my parents. I had an uneasy feeling all day but more like I was afraid she'd forget me or that I was hurting her by being gone too long so it, not that anything was going to happen to her.  So it was then that I decided that I was going directly home in September for sure for at least 4 to 6 months regardless of what my next career move is because I felt I needed to be with my dog again.  The following day my coworker answered the phone and then called to me and I felt like I was in a dream walking to her- I just knew it was my mom calling to tell me about my dad- the conversation played out exactly like my dream, only it was that Samba was hit and killed by a car.  I don't know why I would dream this- it didn't change anything.

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My girl went to the RB this past Sunday and since then I have been talking to her (still) and asking her for a sign that she was ok and that she still loved me and forgave me for having to assist her there.

Well last night when I got home form work, I didn't remember to look in the mailbox and came in here to read some posts because I find it so comforting then drove to my sisters house to pick up my daughter and on my way there a song came on the radio (I haven't been able to listen to the radio since Sunday) and it was the song "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You".  When I drive, I am constantly changing the station on the radio and never really get a song from the very begining but this one I heard every word.  I had to listen to the whole song but I knew instantly that it was my comet girl.  I felt so calm then got to my sisters and came home.  When I arrived home my daughter opened the mailbox and there was a card from her vet (they had already come over and brought me a rose bush to plant, which will be planted this weekend) and in the card was a package of seeds to plant, forget-me-nots.  I know this was a sign from her to let me know that she was ok and even though I assisted her to the RB she still loved me.  I am going to include the song here even though you may all know it.  Also, yesterday I found the way to add my pictures of her to this site and this morning they are ready.  so here it all is.

How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you

I needed the shelter of someone's arms and there you were
I needed someone to understand my ups and downs
and there you were
With sweet love and devotion
deeply touching my emotion
I want to stop and thank you baby
I just want to stop and thank you baby

How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you

I close my eyes at night,
wondering where would I be without you in my life
Everything I did was just a bore,
everywhere I went it seems I'd been there before
But you brightened up for me all of my days
With a love so sweet in so many ways
I want to stop and thank you baby
I want to stop and thank you baby

How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you

You were better to me than I've been to myself
For me, there's you and there ain't nobody else
I want to stop and thank you baby
I just want to stop and thank you baby

[Repeat and fade:]
How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you




Thank you all so much for giving me a place to come to help with my pain and horrible loss.




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Dear Margaret

Your girl is so beautiful.  You can see the love shining from her eyes.  Even though we have to make that awful decision, it still doesnt make any difference to the love that they feel for us.
3 weeks before I had to have my wee Basil PTS, my partner was in the kitchen.  He felt something large circling him.......3 times.  I told him that it would have been my big girly, Sorcha, she and the Bas adored each other.  It was only afterwards that we realised that Sorcha had come to tell us, that Bas would be joining her in 3 weeks.   Much love, Di xxx

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The night we had to let our Floyd go (in February)I was finally able to get to sleep.  It didn't last long and I woke up a lot.  The first time I woke up though I woke up to a commercial on the tv of a dog running through a field.  The commercial was for the "Rainbow Bridge" a place near here that helps you with the loss of your pet.  I thought that was cool.  Especially since I had never seen that commercial before.  Especially on Comedy Central at 2 a.m.

Then recently we put our house on the market so we can move to my husband's grandma's acerage (where Floyd is buried).  I had a dream that the realtor was having an open house but called me because she couldn't get the dog out of the house.  I called his name and Floyd came bounding to me.  I never got my hands on him but it was so great to see him happy.  


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Hi all,
I am back after a small hiatus. It will be one year (June 5th) that Frazier left me for the Rainbow Bridge.
The other night, my husband had left for work very early. I got in that kinda half sleep where reality and dreams fuse together.

I felt Frazier come to the bed and bark like he used to do when he wanted food and water. Then I felt him jump on the bed. It all felt very natural, even down to my sense of "oh I have to get up you little beast!"

I want to know that he is okay, and that he came back for a minute to remind me of something funny that we did together.

I still can't post his picture in my office because I am still so sad. The times between sad are longer, and I can even talk to my children and husband about some funny thing Frazier did. I can say "I miss him" and still have a catch in my throat, but i don't go into the full on sobbing.

I'm getting to a  place where I am grateful we had each other.

shalom to all

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Last Saturday, a few hours after Macey passed, I was looking out of our living room window and saw a kite had gotten stuck in the tree right next to our yard.  I normally would not have thought twice about it, but the kite was a Rainbow colored kite.  It gave me chills, i just knew it was a sign from Macey telling me he was ok.  The kite is still there and I think of him every time I look at it.  I totally believe our furbabies give us signs after they pass, we just have to pay attention. 


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Yes, yes, yes.
Last Aug we lost our sweet Bo-bo after 15 years. I had a dream several nights later, where I heard him bark. It was so real and vivid, i knew it was him. He let me know he had crossed and was alright. So yes i do believe.

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I do believe there are signs from our loved ones who have passed over. Jess died just a year ago and for weeks following her death a butterfly kept following me around the garden. I have been feeding a stray beagle for the last 8 years in a field next to my house and Jess really didnt like the idea at all. About a week after she passed I went to feed Ben one morning and the butterfly appeared and started to flutter around in Bens dish. I was amazed but really felt it was Jess still disapproving. I just said - its ok jess we still have to feed Ben and then it swooped back to our own garden. It was there every time I went out.
A few nights ago I was awakened by snoring ( i live alone) - Jess used often wake me with her snoring at the bottom of the stairs where she slept. I know it was her - I hope it meant she was sleeping peacefully.
Today for the first time this summer I saw the butterfly again - hope its Jess's spirit flying free.
Dont try to forget them -embrace every memory - but in time they will be good memories and the grief will lessen. you wont forget them but the pain will get intense.

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Hi everybody, I'm sorry for your losses. I know how painful losing your pet is. This subject is something I have been thinking about ever since my dog died in January. I too had an experience, but I was not looking for any signs so soon after she died.

The vet said she had a brain tumor, it was causing her stroke-like symptoms. I spent almost two days babying her and waiting for her to get better, because she had pulled out of this before. When it became apparent she wasn't going to get better, I laid down with her on her bed and kept telling her and praying she could go, but finally had to take her into the emergency vet where she was put down around 5:45 a.m.

Around six hours later I went to work with my boyfriend because I didn't want to be home alone. I was sitting alone in his work vehicle waiting for him to come back out. I had been crying for hours, two nights without sleep, not eating too well, that kind of emotional state. I was staring at the cloud formations, you know how if you just let your eyes go and stare at the clouds you can see pictures. I saw a shark, a pirate, stuff like that-I know it sounds silly. But then the clouds turned into her head, she had her ears back with her happy smile on and she was looking down at me. I stared, then realized I should grab my camera, but it was too late, the clouds dissipated. That is the only time I have ever experienced anything like this in my life.

I wrestle with all the possible explanations. It could have been a hallucination from lack of sleep and food, or my mind created it because I wanted to see it, or maybe it was indeed a sign from God and Tootsie letting me know she was ok. Even though I have been skeptical of stories where people see signs, I like to think it was a sign. It made me more of a believer in the afterlife.

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This is from a post I submitted in April. I lost my Bear on February 20th and had a strange experience shortly afterward.............................David

On February 20th, 2008, I lost my blonde Cocker Spaniel, Bear. He was the best dog, as they all are, that you could have. I was lucky enough to have had him for 14 years and three months. I was also lucky to have been with him when he passed away. I am still hurting over his loss and I feel a real void in my life. My wife and I got him right after we were married and as we have not had any children, he became our child. So, on the day he died, I was in agony.

The afternoon of the morning that he passed away, my mom called me and told me that her sister had called about noon. My mom told me that my aunt had asked her if Bear was OK. My mom told her that, in fact, he had passed away the previous evening. My aunt then said she had had a dream about me and Bear the night before! Now, my aunt had seen Bear maybe twice in her life, the last time being six or seven years ago. I haven't seen her in over a year, as she lives in another state. She had absolutely no reason to think of him. The dream involved me and Bear standing next to each other. I was very upset and then suddenly Bear "flew" (that was the best she could describe it) up in the air. My aunt said that Bear started talking (we all know how dreams can be!). He told her that he was OK and was glad to be out of his tired and sick body; that he was happy and that he wanted us, especially me, to be happy too! Now, I know that dreams can be silly sometimes, but my aunt had no clue that Bear was sick. In fact, she didn't know if he was alive or dead. She had rarely thought of him.

I believe that Bear was communicating his happiness to me and I think it should be a message to everyone that our pets do go to the Rainbow Bridge and that they do wait for us! You can't imagine how relieved I was to hear about that dream. I still can't believe that it happened. I really hope that everyone on this board will find solace in what I have just related and know that all our pets are happy and waiting until we can join them!


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I lost my sweet boy cockatiel Sammy on 2/17/11.  He just died in his cage without warning.  We had 19 special years together.  It's been over a month but I still miss him so much and cry sometimes.  Yesterday I was having a tearful moment in remembering him and stated out loud:  "Sammy if you could just give me a sign that you can hear me and you know that I love you."  After I composed myself, I went about my day.  Late last night my husband came walking into the bedroom.  He was brewing some tea in the kitchen and came in holding a little plastic bird in a wrapper, a toy he'd found in the tea box.  He told me that he didn't know they were putting toys in the tea box now.  We looked at the box and it had a printed selection of toys that you might find inside, much like a cereal box toy.  Ours was this little chicken.  I used to call Sammy my "little chicken".  My jaw dropped.  It is so obvious to me that my sweet boy was letting me know that he's ok, that he does hear me and knows I love him very much.


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I really needed to read this post because I want so to believe I will see my Cheyenne again.  When I read WooWooWoo, message from 5/28/08 this gave me what I needed to hear.   I just bought several books on the subject because I need the afformation that I will see my baby girl.  I don't think I could go another day if i didn't have that believe, 


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I was just sitting at my desk and started to read the book "I will see you in heaven".  There are 3 prayers that start the book and as I was reading them my overhead lights started flashing.   I've had my desk in this room for 2 years and never has that happened before.  Cheyenne would always lay at my feet in this room or on the bed next to me.  So this is the first sign I've had that she is present with me in spirit.
I put the book down to type this and the lights are not flashing.
I really am a sane  person and in my right mind.  However I do believe in life after death.   I have a strong faith that I will see my baby girl again.

Love you Cheyenne, baby...


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I picked out a song to make a video about Willow's life, Phil Colin's  "You'll be in my Heart". A couple of days after, I had a break down at work and was sobbing to photos of Willow. Then, what came on the radio? The song!

The first words rang,

Come stop your crying
It will be all right
Just take my hand Hold it tight

I will protect you
from all around you
I will be here
Don't you cry

I just know she was here, telling me it will be alright.

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See my thread on triggers in regards to Taffy-thanks!

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I helped my Dottie, a cute little Beagle, go to the Rainbow Bridge 2 weeks ago today.  I've been in a constant funk, crying when I least expect it, still trying to follow the same routine with my girl, like saving some of my food and giving her bites in between.  It hits me so hard when I realize she's not here with me.  I felt almost paralyzed when I'm home, not being able to eat or sleep well.....I was just going through the motions.  Two nights ago, I had the most vivid dream.  In it I was at home and all of a sudden Dottie appeared and was running around like in her younger years.  In my dream I was saying OMG, Dottie's back and was so excited!  I asked my husband if he could see her but he he didn't see anything. I went to pet her and she disappeared then reappeared.  She was running around so happy and whimpered a little.  I told him that he had to have heard that and he did!!  We were so happy our little girl was back and she was racing around like she used to do.  I woke was so vivid and so clear.  I actually looked around the bedroom where she slept over the past few months close to seemed so real.  I don't know if that was Dottie telling me she was fine, healthy and happy and to snap out of this depression I'm in or not but since then, while I miss her like crazy, my heart isn't as heavy constantly.....I think that was my Dottie letting me that she was fine and happy.

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My beloved cat Lester died three days ago unexpectedly from heart failure. He was 16 and I'd gotten him as a kitten. We spent almost every day of those 16 years together and I consider him my soulmate. I was unable to go to work and took several days off. I live alone and have one other cat, Koko, who is 20. I can't describe the love Lester and I shared but he filled each and every one of my days with happiness and pure joy. I feel his absence acutely...the house is so still and empty. I couldn't even bare to look outside at the back yard because it felt like the life had gone right out of it. 

I pictured him in the yard amongst the trees and flowers (and in his catnip garden). I went outside to rake some leaves and I felt a heaviness in the air, don't know how else to describe it and everything seemed to be in shades of grey. I found these message boards and read several stories of others who felt unable to go on because of their deep connection to their pet.

I've also lost my husband who was killed in an accident at a young age and my only child who died at birth (he came to me in a dream a few months before he was born and told me he wouldn't be coming home with me....another story but an example of such types of communication I've received over the years).

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and I was home alone, unable to eat much and just sitting there in a daze. I decided to lay down for a bit in the afternoon. I had been sleeping with Lester's collar under my pillow (I know everyone on this board will undertand that :)  It was about 3 in the afternoon and while laying there I felt and heard a heavy thud (Lester weighed about 18 pounds when he was healthy) on the bed by my chest. My other cat is blind and has not been able to jump up on anything for a couple of years now. 

I reached over and began stroking his fur and I could feel the warmth of his body next to mine. In my half awake state I realized he had come to visit and I wanted to hold him closer. As I tried to move the sheet out of the way I accidentally caused him to jump back down on the floor. At this point I was wide awake and had jumped out of bed to see that he was all right. He had gone at that point.

I was actually jumping up and down laughing and saying "OMG! he came back to see me!" I ran to my desk and wrote it all down. As I said previously I have had other such experiences when my husband died and also with my baby letting me know he wasn't going to live (I had no idea anything was wrong with my baby at the time). 

I'm relating this experience because I am left with the clear feeling that when we have a "heart to heart link" with someone that physical death does not sever the love connection. I believe that the pets we cherish also survive death and that we can expect to be reunited with them eventually. It is my firm belief that they miss us as much as we miss them and that they are waiting for us. If anyone would like further details of anything I've written...I would be so happy to share more.

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Koko, I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss, of your furry as well as family.  I also know all too well what it's like to sit home alone during the holidays, you are absolutely in the same boat as I in that area and the rest.  I've recently lost two of my kitties, one of them ran off and the other, I buried his remains a week ago, and the bonds there, life can never be the same again.  I've had several dreams of mine, some felt so real, and I know what you mean on the 1/2 awake, 1/2 asleep state, it makes it that much harder to lose them all over again when I awake.

We face these losses, and reflect upon all of the things that haven't gone right on our lives, and the pain we have to live with daily due to it, even though it's stuffed into a closet most of the time, it's still there and still real, how can it be otherwise, the memories remain in tact, so do the feelings.  That surreal feeling, another thing that strikes a chord with me, and as much, the daze, where you just are sitting there, agas at the situation, temporarily pulled from reality itself, I guess one way to describe it, being eveloped in a thick fog.  You end up facing a reality you never were prepared for, something you avoided thinking about, even though we know our furbabies have a shorter life span then ours, we still think they are going to go on forever.

My heart goes out to you, know that you are not alone, don't feel like you have to hold back, this is the absolute most understanding safe group I've encountered.  We need more places like this, where we are among people that can really understand, not just give us lip service, these are very much part of our family, just like any human child, yet in our society, we don't get the luxury nor afforded the empathies because people classify them as being merely pets, like they are goldfish or something...  God bless you, and I will keep you and your furry in my prayers.

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Gabriel Angel:

I am soo happy you are finding some level of comfort here!! God bless you!


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I lost my dog 5 days ago - almost.  I keep hoping for a sign, for her to come to me in my dreams, but there has been nothing.  I sometimes think it is because I want to have a sign from her too much that I am not able to see her, or feel her presence.
I work from home and she was in my office everyday and I am having a really difficult time without her there.  I don't dare put any picture of her out right now because I would be a basket case and would not be able to function. I just cannot plug the hole that her passing has left in my heart.  

To all those that have had signs - I envy that you have had them as although probably very happy or sad at least you know they are okay.

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Thank you for the warm words of encouragement Myasmom, you are truly the salt of the earth.

iluvkayko, my sympathies goes out to you.  My recent losses, they were always with me, in the shop and office, my boy, he used to burrow himself into my jacket while I did web design, and when they are around us like that, all day long, their loss takes a huge toll over us, it's this piece of our daily routine, that's just gone, like someone took away your left hand and you are supposed to not miss it. 

Dreams are remembered only if you wake up right afterwards, you never know if your loved one has indeed visited you in them if you sleep through it, but you may get some indications, or it may come back at some random time, where you remember at least a tidbit of it later on.  The day I buried my boy, I asked God to at least let him visit me in a dream that night and that I would remember it, and he did.  I guess I can suggest right when you lay down, to ask God of the same, and see what happens.  There is this other kittie I lost a few years back, and he comes back to me in dreams from time to time, even accompanying my other kitties at times.  His story is tragic, bit ironic and appropriate with the wolf names on this place, as being the people that have a special roll on this board, his name happens to be "wolf".

Don't lose hope as to getting a sign, it's not if, but when, and know that he's by your side right now in spirit, and he'll be there for you in the next life, to greet you there and that you two will be reunited in paradise forever.  Our own lives are just brief whispers compared to the grand scheme of things, it's important to complete the work we have here, and never lose sight of the big picture, the love you have never is wasted, it is one of the few things that make our existence worthwhile, and it's something we get to take with us onto the next one.


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We lost our 14 year old dog, Darla two days ago.  The day after she went to sleep, my husband walked down our driveway to get the paper.  It's a long walk and Darla went with him nearly every day for 14 years.  Of course, he missed her very much.  On the way back to the house, he heard a noise in the woods and saw a smallish deer walking in the woods along our driveway.  We see deer often, but they always sprint away the moment they see us.  This one looked at my husband and walked along the driveway past our house.  She continued to the back of our yard, walking near our Darla's grave.  My husband went into the house to have breakfast.   A few minutes later, he looked out the kitchen window and there was the deer, not 10 feet from him standing by the side of our house.  She saw him in the window and stared at him.  I joined him at the window and proceeded to take pictures of her while she just looked at us.  She ate leaves and looked at us for 2-3 minutes before she bounded away into the woods.   This was not typical of any other deer we had seen before. 

We feel that Darla sent the deer to tell us she was OK, enjoying nature with other creatures and that she would be with us always.  She's with the birds, the squirrels, the turkeys, the bunnies.  


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Thank you for all the wonderful replies and for sharing your experiences. I'm so glad I found this board and I am also lucky to have some very supportive friends/coworkers and family who understand as well. When I first called my mother to tell her of Lester's passing she cried on the phone along with me...and today bought me some flowers. He was such a loveable and gentle cat with everyone..even though I am his favorite "person".

I have my other cat Koko (also my username) sitting on my lap as I write this. She is 20 now and I dread the loss of her one of these days as I've spend pretty much half my life with her. I also have a very deep and special connection with her and cannot imagine my life without either of them. 

Regarding the "dream" yesterday (I regard it as a visit and not a dream) ... I have only had a few of these "real as life" type of dream experiences and they always held a message of some sort. I truly believe anyone capable of love (this includes out pets) also has a spirit and soul and this energy continues in the next world. For those of you who haven't received a sign from your pet...I believe with all my heart they are watching over you and waiting in heaven.

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Good Morning,Karen,

Absolutely with no doubt do our beloved companions communicate with us. Whether it may be through dreams or signs, as everyone in this wonderful commnity will attest, there is a true bond between us and our beloveds that transcends time and place, and our friends' contact with us just serves to confirm that.....

The timing of your question is especially personal for me, as just a couple of weeks ago, after three months that my little buddy Van Gogh went on his journey, I received a sign from him, which I knew was his way of letting me know that he is okay, purring constantly (just like when he was here with me), healthy, happy, and thinking of me, as I had prayed so very much for a sign from him to let me know that he was okay. I posted the experience on this site (The title of the thread was "A sign from Van Gogh"). Karen, if and when you may be so inclined, I ask you to read it, as I was so moved to tears and smiles from his signal to me. in addition to the wonderful experiences listed on this thread, I promise you that there are so many more.

Do not think that your mind is playing tricks on you. Your being reached out to in a very special way, and it just shows how strong the bond you share....

All is well with love,


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Thank you for your thoughts and the kind words.  It is difficult to work in my office without my Kayko.  She was always either lying beside my chair, or in the middle of the floor.  Anytime I would move away from my desk she would raise her head and make sure she knew where I was going.  It has taken a lot these 3 days just to focus on my computer screen and not the environment around me.  I look forward to the time when I receive a message from her and I know her spirit and love are always with me, but it doesn't change my hearts desire to touch her once again.

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I have messaged before on another post about my experience but I have to explain what has happened to me the day my boy died.  It was three days ago October 10th he had to go to the vets because he had a tumor on his leg and could not walk properly.  I could not go to the vets I was just too distraught to go I was with my mom.  The appointment was at 9.45 am and at 10.19 I said to my mom he has gone now I have felt his spirit go through my body and rise up, it was the strangest feeling but a feeling of relief as he was in pain no longer.  At 10.30 I had the phone call off my partner saying he has gone now and I said I know he has.  I said what time was he given the injection he said about 10.05 and I know it takes about 15 minutes for them to finally make the journey to rainbow bridge.  I felt him pass over so I now believe there is an afterlife and he is waiting for me there. I did not imagine it I was not expecting it the feeling came out of nowhere, he has gone to be with god the same as everone elses beloved pets on here I truly believe this.


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I had to put down my dog Jasper yesterday. He was diagnosed with kidney failure two years and despite responding well to his medication, three days ago he took a turn for the worst.  He stopped eating, his hind legs were weak, and he slept a lot.  The poor guy hung in there though, and on my last day with him, he actually woke up, and pushed himself up the stairs, just to be with me.  
I looked hard for signs of a communication from him.  I dont know if I was looking too hard, or they really were signs, but the first thing I saw was a red star balloon floating in the sky.  And then, when I wasn't thinking about it at all, I saw a rainbow, as I was taking a walk- nothing grand or spectacular, just a wide smudge of rainbow colors in the clouds.  
My dad said he had a dream of a black puppy ( jasper was a black dog), running in circles in my parents' room. 


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Yes, absolutely have had signs that I know are from my Lexi!  I also experienced the same thing when my mom died, still get them occasionally.  I think that they are able to communicate easier right after they pass then after that there are times the "veil" between their world and ours gets thinner and they can send us messages.  

After Lexi died the first sign I got was the back door opening slightly when no one was there.  Lexi's brother, Lucas, can open the door with his  nose  when he comes inside and he sort of barrels in (he's 139 lbs!)  but Lexi had a door phobia and would only very occasionally open the door and then only just enough to skittle through or get my attention.  So this one day I was feeling very bad missing her and Lucas came in and I heard the door shut as usual (it's on a spring) then suddenly, the door opens again, just a few inches.  I got goosebumps and I know it was her.  The next sign came when I took my oldest daughter to the doctor.  She was closest to Lexi and they basically grew up together.  Lexi had this tiny stuffed tiger, a webkins, that she would put in her mouth and sort of go into a trance with.  We saved her last two and they are on display with her memorial stuff.  Over the years there have been many "babies" as we called it because they would get lost or destroyed so we'd get a new one.  Well this day at the doctor I go up to the front desk and on the wall is a poster with a picture of the very same tiger that Lexi had, some kid had lost one apparently.  It sent shivers down my spine because that very morning I kept looking at the tigers and missing her like crazy.  Next I was looking out in the backyard one day, sadly thinking of how Lexi would run around back there when all of a sudden I saw a red cardinal just outside the window.  Red cardinal's are said to be messages from our loved ones who've passed.  I saw many after my mom died.  Later I was driving to school to pick up my kids and I kept remembering Lexi's last ride to the vet that last day.  Suddenly I see a flash of red and there again, is a red cardinal!  Just this weekend I had another sign, while I was cleaning the yard up.  I was scooping poop and felt sad because Lexi always loved to be outside with me when I cleaned yard up, she liked to chase butterflies.  And I looked down at the ground and what do I see?  A beautiful black and tan butterfly, black and tan, just like Lexi.  

I hope I keep getting the signs from both Lexi and my mom.  They always seem to come just when I need them!

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I truly believe our non-human family members send us messages and sometimes visit us. Several times I've been in my sugar glider playroom, lying on the floor reading while one of the sugar gliders played. I then feel someone rubbing along my leg or arm, look up and the sugar glider I let out to play is on the other side of the room, not rubbing along my leg or arm. Maybe one of my past babies just wanted to say hi. My beautiful Barney was assisted across the RB a month ago, since then I've noticed several of my gliders have been more affectionate, almost like Barney were whispering to them. "You take care of mom ok, she's missing me and needs you to tell her you love her."

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It has been three months since the day I had Barney put to sleep. I feel tremendous guilt that I didn't give him more time. I'm sure my vet thinks I'm a horrible person for not giving him more time to recover. I asked a few nights ago here if Barney could ever forgive me. Less than an hour later while my other gliders were playing and I was sitting with them crying, I felt a small tickle on my chin then another next to it. Just like the kisses my Barney gave me, until I would laugh. Was this my sweet sweet boy telling me he forgives me? I like to think so. I miss his kisses and snuggles.

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I've never had anything like this at all since I lost  my beautiful Beagle, not once. I have hoped for something, but no.

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I think sometimes it's difficult to see the signs - especially if we're still deep in grief.  For a week or so after my Piggy died, I was so distraught that I couldn't hear, see, think or feel anything BUT the grief over losing her.  (oh lord, tears coming again) - anyway I kept begging her to give me a sign, anything - but as I said before I was so distraught that nothing could pass through that horrible wall of grief.  then, as I posted what I was going through something shifted.  The overwhelming pain eased a tad, enough for me to be able to sit quietly.
That evening as I was sitting on the couch, Piggy was suddenly cuddling next to me - gold surrounded her.  This happened 3 times that evening, and even tho it didn't change the fact that I would never ever be able to hold her again, or feel her tongue licking my face - I knew she was ok.  I've had "Piggy" days, grieving days, and suddenly on the tv pugs are mentioned 3 times or I see a pug 3 times.  some of these signs are very subtle. 

Just don't give up.  Your baby is still with you.  don't give up.

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I am not a super religious/spiritual person, but have a couple of stories to share that I like to believe are signs from my deceased fur-babies:

1) On June 1 2009, my family and I were on vacation in San Francisco, and one of the things that we did there was take a tour of Alcatraz. While waiting for the tour to begin, I was thinking about my gerbils Amethyst and Mayflower, wondering how they were doing, and had a sudden urge to look at my photos of them, which I did. On the boat ride back from Alcatraz (or was it to, I don't remember, but I think it was back from) my dad received a phone call from his friend who was the pet-sitter. The next day, we left San Francisco for Napa Valley, and that evening my parents broke the news to me that Amethyst crossed over the Rainbow Bridge the previous day.

2) Recently I have been thinking about Amethyst and Mayflower (who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on September 29 2009). Now this is nothing unusual, as I fondly remember them all the time, but what was unusual was the high focus I specifically had on their deaths. At first, I did not think much of it, other than the fact that 2019 was the 10th year anniversary of their deaths (wow that is hard to believe!). But on June 25 2019, my dog Hershey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I now wonder if those thoughts were from Amethyst and Mayflower letting me know that it was time for Hershey to join them on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

3) Today was the first time that I went back to work at a doggie daycare since Hershey crossed the Rainbow Bridge. During my shift there was a moment where all of the dogs (even the ones who are always hyperactive) in the room I supervised went completely silent, and there was very little play (most of them just stood/sat/laid where they were). I like to think that they were all having a moment of silence for my Hershey.

I hope to receive more signs from Hershey and the gerbils in the future.
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