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My little dog Liberty died from AIHA. It was one month after her yearly booster vaccine and I believe that is what tricked her immune system into attacking her own red blood cells. The doctor at the vet hospital tended to agree with me because no underlying cause ( cancer, tumors, infections, toxin, etc ) were present, but would not openly admit it, she can't throw her colleagues under the bus after all.  After extensive research and reading several hundred articles on the subject of over vaccination I was wondering if there are any groups or associations that I could contact or join to help expand and proliferate this opinion held by so many people. Holistic vets say that after the puppy shots have been completed no more shots should be done for the rest of the dogs life. I realize I am creeping into the gray area of what you might allow posted here, but I would like to get the word out (somehow) that every dog, every where does not need to play this crap shoot and possibly die from it. There are some hot zones in all North America where certain vaccines are required by law. I was ignorant of these facts a month ago, and it cost my pet her life. No one else should suffer the untimely death of their pet. I am in agony about the lost of my Liberty (3.5yrs old) and I want to help others with knowledge, to empower them to act and not just react. In her honor I want to do something! 

BTW, your website has provided much needed comfort to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

RIP my sweet little girl.

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I am unsure on that topic, and will need to do some research into it to come to a conclusion.  My girl had her shots every year of her life.  She got her last vaccine in September, passed just 2.5 weeks ago.  We took her to the vet just the day before her passing, full gamut of tests (no organ failure, slight elevated white blood cells, and definite anemia).  She got an antibiotic shot, and a vitamin b shot to help with possible infection and anemia.  The next night she passed.  I can't say it was from over immunization or something else entirely, but I would really like to know what it was!!  It just killed me knowing she had such a good prognosis the day before!  Granted, she was almost 15 (2 weeks shy of her birthday) when she passed, we still feel we didn't have her long enough! I think I will always wonder what I did or didn't do that caused her to pass.  Thank you for your thoughts, and I am truly sorry for your loss.

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   The doctors actually gave me an article they already had printed out ( from a research journal ) on AIHA. It explained the blood disorder and how it affects your animal ( dog or cat )  Even on this site AIHA is mentioned under the dog disease section. Just google "vaccine induced diseases in dogs" and you can start reading all about it and others. There is also IMHA ( Immune mediated hemolytic anemia ) which is similar.
 I am sorry your girl has passed and I know it hurts      Libertydad

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amazing web site I found ….explaining in great detail about vaccines and many other things.

I'm sure many people have read about "Liberty". She was my heart dog. I feel immense guilt, because I took her to the vets for her shot.
You assume your doing the right thing and your doing the exact opposite.

Please visit this site and take the time to research. If only I knew about this before, my little girl would be here beside me now and I would be
happy and not in the deep dark world of agony and grief.

She died from vaccine induced immune mediated hemolytic anemia at 3.5 yrs of age.

I miss her so much, feel so sorry for her and I am going through the "if only".
I can not accept the fact that she died needlessly.
Please research your vaccine ideas.  Get a titer test done prior.

I love you sweetheart.    Libertydad
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