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Almost a year ago, I lost my cat. He wasn't any significance in my parent's life, nor in many other lives... I miss him dearly though...

My cat stopped eating, most likely from shock. My parents remodeled their room, and it took them a few months to fix it. My cat really loved the way to room used to be... But since it was all gone for remodeling, he probably thought we left him there or something... Well, it was quite some time before my dad decided to do anything... He waited 2 weeks to get him a veterinarian. He waited 1 more week to take him. The veterinarian gave us some food to give him some energy. We fed him that night, and he started to look a little more awake. My step mother picked him up for the last time, and the cat panicked... She placed him over in their bathroom.(nearest to his litter box and nearest place) She placed him against the mirror, and he didn't sleep that night I suppose. The next morning, he was still alive, but covered in a hand towel. He hardly moved. I started having thoughts he was going to die soon around 2:45 P.M. I started crying wishing for him to not go... I cried for 10 minutes, and tried going over to a friend's house to see if that'd help me feel better.

Around 4:30, the doorbell at my friend's house rings. My dad tells me it's about time to go. I asked him if he'd fed the cat. He told me that about 30 minutes earlier, he had died. And that he was there for his last few breaths... And that he'd already buried him

My eyes started filling with tears the moment he said he was gone... I told him I'd be back soon. And I tried my best not to cry in front of my friend and their brother. I ran home crying hoping it wasn't true and that he'd still be there waiting for me. But he wasn't... His litter box was empty and gone, his food and water gone. And my cat... gone... I feel if I had fed him during the night before, he could've had a chance.

I had to go to something at school an hour later, and tried not to cry... It was really hard though...

It was a month before I felt I'd gotten over him... And then I started seeing visions of my cat randomly in places around the house. As if he were a spirit wandering around as he did before he died. They're usually split second visions, and I see them, but have to blink to actually make sure what I'm seeing is true. They've stopped now for a while now though.

But now lately, I've been crying and such again... I guess I just miss him, and wish there was someone still here all the time to keep me company while everyone in the house was gone. Like there's just something missing now that he's gone.

He died August 20th, 2007. My parents say we're not going to get another one... But I'm not sure how I could handle another cat. It wouldn't be fair to my old cat...

I just wish I could've been there for him as he passed on...

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I am so sorry that you have lost your dear cat.  Even though he has been gone for nearly a year, it is natural that you still miss him.
Take comfort that you gets lots of visits from him.  He is coming to tell you that he is ok, and that he loves you.  Much Love, Di xxx
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