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I wanted to write earlier but I just couldn't. My baby is gone for almost 6 weeks and I'm amazed that time goes so fast. Yesterday I was visiting a friend and she has the most adorable girl, a little jack russel called Bambi. In the beginning she was afraid and went to hide onder the couch but then later she came and started to lick me and she sat on my lap and looked at me... I was about to cry... I thought of my baby Jessie. I think that somehow Bambi sensed that and she gave kisses and stayed with me all the time. Oh... how much I miss my baby Jessie. I cried yesterday for her I still cry everyday in my hart for her. I don't know when it would get better... I'm dreading so much to go to my parents next year... then I would realize she would not be there to receive me... how to go on... I don't know yet...
Diana Jessie's mom.
My Jessie, I miss you so much!!!

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I am so sorry that you are feeling so sad.  How wonderful that little dog came to you like that.  Animals are so much more aware than we are, they sense things so easily.  May you soon find Peace, Di xxx


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Dear Diana,

I am so sorry you are still hurting so much. I know how very much you miss your precious Jessie.

I think little Bambi recognized that you are (what I call) a "dog mommy".   Before I adopted Betsy and Ralph I always noticed cute dogs.  After I got them, doggies started noticing me.  I would see a dog on the street and it would come up and want to give me kisses...and more kisses.   I just think a dog senses our hearts and how much love we project to them.   Little Bambi saw you were hurting and sensed your tender heart.  

Please don't forget your little Jessie's strong and living spirit is beside you every single day, my friend.

Betsy's forever mom

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Dear Diana,
I am so sorry you are missing your beloved Jessie so much and I am so sorry you are still hurting so much.  It is so very clear that you and Jessie shared such a special bond.  You've written in my threads about my Blackie that one month is such a short time, and I say the same to you - six weeks is not that long and it is completely understandable and natrual that you are still hurting over her absence such a short time after her passing.  Give yourself time, let the tears flow and come here and write about your beautiful Jessie as much as you need to.  We will always be here to listen and to support you as much as you need for as long as you need.

I'll be thinking about you & Jessie tonight as I light my candle for Blackie.  Take care of yourself and many hugs to you,


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Dear Diana,

Jessie is just a cutie. I am sorry that you are still so sad. I think it was wonderful that Bambi sat on your lab and gave kisses.

Kuggel and his bros give lots of kisses. We send some your way.


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 Dear Diana,

   Jingles, our dog died almost 3 months ago and it is still very hard. I made a scrapbook of Jingles and that did help. I look at it every night before I go to bed.
    You had a strong bond with Jessie and she will always have a special place in your heart.When I first joined this site the other members encouraged me to write about some of the good memories I have of Jingles
and that has helped alot.

                       I will keep you and Jessie in my prayers
                                   Jingles mom

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Dear Diana,

I know how sad you are missing your Jessie so very much.  It surely seems that the depth of our love is the measure of tears that we shed for our sweet babies - no wonder we just can't stop crying, our love is endless. 

I loved what happened to you with Bambi.  I think she recognized a loving heart, and also that you needed some little doggy kisses and cuddling.  I'm so glad you had that special moment.

Sending hugs,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever


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Thanks so much for your replies. It really helps to write about our beloved furbabies and share the experiences we live everyday. I try my best to remember all the happy moments together, I know it's not so long since my baby went to the Rainbow Bridge and to give some words of comfort to others who recently lost a pet helps me a lot in this healing process. Of course we all have our "bad days" but we try to do our best and be happy. That's what our little babies would have wanted from us... thanks for reading my messages,
Diana, Jessie's mom.

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I'm so sorry Diana. Your baby girl Jessie is just so beautiful.  Isn't it special how other animals can sense our pain and try to comfort us?  That was very sweet of Bambi to do. She definitely knew you needed some "love."

I'll keep you in my prayers.

Big Hug,

Piggy's Mom


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Dear Diana –


Oh they are so smart, these special angels. They know when a heart is aching. And I know that you heart has been aching so terribly since your Jessie left you. You love your Jessie so much and I know how much you meant to one another – that’s why the pain of her loss is so profound.


I wish there were more words of comfort I could provide . . . I feel the same way about time – where does it go? I can hardly believe that 10 weeks and 6 days have gone by since my kitty Rusty left me. I keep asking myself, “How am I going to go on without you?” and yet, I do. We all do. Of course it’s not without sorrow and grief.


Please know I’m sending you a warm hug today Diana.


Rusty’s Mom.

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