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I have a 5 yrs old corgi, who has been healthy so far without any major medical issue, beside slightly overweight and occasional small allergy issue. I took my dog in to my vet last Thursday for his regular semi-annual comprehensive checkup. The vet found some enlarged lymph nodes all over his body, so she recommends taking samples from the lymph nodes for further test and suggest my pet likely have lymphoma. I was worried but was still hoping for the best since I thought he was young and he looked perfect healthy and nothing abnormal. 

Yesterday around 7PM, the vet called with the test results, and confirmed it's lymphoma and recommends me to schedule a consultation with an oncologist to determine treatment options. 

I had been devastated since I got the news, and I couldn't sleep or eat since I got the news and when I see my dog's health deteriorate quickly. I also able to feel the lymph nodes below his jaw and behind his knees are getting bigger, he's showing signs of fatigue, and showing lack of appetite. He will not eat anything that request some chewing such as his dry food, as well as most of his treats. I were able to get him to eat when I cooked him some fresh meal I usually made for him with some grounded turkey, fish fillet, brown rice and lots of veggies, but he still would not eat the dry food I topped off and he just push those aside. I am thinking the lymph nodes around his throat are getting so big that might be impacting his ability to swallow. Lymphoma is hitting fast and hitting hard! He also seem more fatigue than usual as he just lay in the same spot all day, he usually follow me around the house where ever i goes and even when he doesn't he will run toward me when I call his name. Right now he just seem disinterested in things he used to love. I took him out to the park for his favorite fetch game, he did show some energy but again he got tired quicker than usual. After a few throw he just drop the frisbee down and lay down to rest, which he don't usually do for at least a good 15-20 min of running. 

I can't imagine the possibility of losing him for good, and feel heart broken each time I look at him and see his healthy going south quickly. Everything happens so sudden and I never had any thought of one day he will be gone since he was still so young and healthy.

I am doing a lot of research for lymphoma and treatment options, but honestly don't know what to do. My goal is to maximize his quality of life for whatever time he have left. I do not want him to suffer any pain as a result, and also at the same time, it's painfully for me because I know no matter what I do, he will eventually face the inevitable. 

Right now, I am leaning toward no treatment option, and evaluate his healthy on a daily basis and prepare for an in-home euthanasia as soon as I notice the lymphoma is causing any pain to him. Some had suggested I look into chemo to give him a little bit more longevity, but I am not sure if I can handle this emotionally if it drag out longer, not to mention the huge cost for the chemo and it only extends his life by a very short amount before we have to go through the pain again. 

I feel like I am not making the best choice for him base on my own emotion, but at the same time I just can't handle this being drag out longer. Also, at the same time I have to act tough in my family since I don't want to burden my family as they are probably going through the same painful process, but I do want to find a place I can vent things out. Are there any counseling hotline that I can call and vent out my pain and frustration?  


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I am so sorry. I wish I could help you and your baby. I will pray for you and your baby. I know you will make the right choices regarding your babies health. Take some time to think of your options. Your baby will tell you when it's time to let go. Chemo isn't has hard on a dog as humans and it may help to give you more time together. Trust your vet, you make it sound as if you do trust him. Take it one day at a time. Cherish every second and make memories.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom
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