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My Dear Jasmine:

It's been over a year now and though I've written down most of our life together, some things I've actually forgotten.  That makes me so sad.
The other day your dad brought up just how intelligent you were, as we were
watching a program on t.v. about other animals, who have special skills.
Whenever you would bark too loud, mommy would say Jasmine, "whisper" and you would!!!  It was the cutest thing.  How did I forget that????  We also talked about how I would ask you to bring me a specific toy of yours, whether it was the "new toy" or "toy of a certain color" and each time you'd get it right!!!  You always looked so proud of yourself when you'd bring it to me.

Oh my dear girl, how I miss you.  I know I'll go on missing you for the rest of my days.  Things are so different now, I'm different too.  Though I'm grateful for your new sisters, nothing heals the ache in my heart, I know I'll always have.  I know I'll long to feel your warmth beside me forever.  How hard it is to continue this life's journey, without you by my side.  Will all my memories fade with time??  Oh I hope not. 

I hope you are well and enjoying all your new friends at Rainbow Bridge and I hope you know I will always love you. 

I hope the angels are making all of your favorite foods and you are enjoying the warm sunshine. 

Until we meet again my sweet Jazzy Girl, I'll hold you in my heart because that's where you've been right from the start.

                    Love Always, Mommy


I Love You and Miss You My Sweet Girl!! Til We Meet Again, the Memories I
have will have to be enough!!!

Posts: 1,400
Dear Jasmine's Mom:
I cry as I read your letter to your sweet Jasmine.  Please know that you will never forget her special ways.  I know that from every word you wrote to her.  She is at the Rainbow Bridge in happiness and you will see her one day again.

It is only natural that some of the memories we have will come to us a little at a time but they are all stored in our hearts and never forgotten.  In writing a memorial to my sweetheart Meister there were so many things he did that made me happy and how smart he was and yet every day I think of something else.

Jasmine is watching over you and knows how much you love him and always will.

Many hugs to you

Posts: 1,569

Just as Mary said, by writing them down they are still there. I think that time has something to do with it, however I also believe the memories are always there filed away. Jasmine will always be by your side as she is in your heart. She knows how much you loved her and she is there at the Bridge and will be there on that day of days. That is when all the memories will fade away......... because they will no longer be needed, for you will be together once again for eternity. God Bless.------Jerry in Oklahoma.


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I'm trying to write down everything little thing I can remember now because I know eventually I'll start forgetting things.

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Dear Jasmine's Mommy:
I too have wondered if I am starting to forget many important moments that Christopher and I had.  I am sure I have forgotten some,but only for a brief time.  I think that our grief has been so intense that it seems as if we have forgotten a lot.  As Jerry said, it is filed away in our minds, never to be forgotten.  Hopefully some day as we remember those special times we will be able to smile instead of cry.  Like you, I am different and my life is different too.  What I would not give for that "One More Day."  We will Miss them and Cherish them Forever. 

Sending Prayers and Big Hugs Your Way
Georgeann and Christopher

Posts: 97
Dear Jasmine's Mom - forget - never.  You will never forget. 
  I believe that our heart holds these memories deep inside - when we least expect one come back or someone reminds us - This memory fills us up again with all of their love.

I know how you miss your Jazzy - girl.

lisa - tiger's mom

Posts: 577

We'll never forget them or ever stop yearning to have them by our side.   Time goes by, but the bond and love never fades.    They remain in our hearts forever.   I still hurt and always find it difficult still after a year and a half.   It's so hard.  


Merry's mom

Posts: 2,285

I have written down a lot also, so I can look back on it and remember. I do the same thing with my grandchildren now. I learned with my own children that you do forget a lot of those little moments, then you suddenly remember or someone else does and you say how could I have forgotten about that? It's all in there, just sometimes takes some type of reminder to bring it out. That's why I like to write it all down, so I can remember it any time I want.

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