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My beautiful cat Amber , became ill and I had to make the decision to put her to rest, I organized a put to sleep in the home, thinking this would be more peaceful and less stress and anxiety for Amber, all was going well , vet and assistant arrived, they asked were I wanted it done, I choose the sofa were Amber liked to sleep. I wanted to hold Her but vets assistant advised better I go to the front of her, I followed her advice, Amber began licking her favourite treat, the vet went in with a needle, was a big needle , Amber struggled and screamed like I never heard before, it was all over in seconds. I didn't know what to expect, I expected it to be peaceful, I wanted her to fall to sleep peacefully, iam haunted by this, I wish I had stopped the vet, when I visited the vet after to try find out as to why this happened to my Amber, it was very disappointing, vet said he didn't expect a reaction like that, he said that a sedative would have been more appropriate in Amber's case. And apologized , I'm haunted by this, I've just started councilling in the hope to help heal, I feel so guilty. I wish I'd stopped the vet. Poor Amber. I wanted better for my beautiful fur baby. She is so special.

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I’m sorry you had to go through that. I also just had to put my cat down a few days ago. I took her into the vet to do it even though I know she hates traveling and hates the carrier. The vet was so caring and sympathetic though. He gave her a sedative and left me with her for 10 minutes. I went to pick her up and she was so limp from the sedative that it was terrifying. I thought seeing her go peacefully would be helpful but I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the loss that I feel.
By the sounds of it, you treated Amber like a queen and I’m sure she had a wonderful life. You did exactly what you thought would be best for her.

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Dear fur baby parent, thank you very much indeed for your kind response.
Iam very sorry for your loss, I've come to the conclusion that there isn't any easy way to say goodbye to something so beautiful, the deeper the love bond the worse the pain is.
Yes I try to remember the life we shared together now, and try to leave those few awful seconds alone, I am having councilling . I must share with u that about a week ago, Amber came to me in a dream, this dream was different to the other dreams, lots of cats were all playing, didn't recognise any of these cats until one come to the side of me leg , I was sitting on a chair, I looked down at the cat , the beautiful tort markings were familiar, Amber looked straight in my eyes, her amazing eyes looking into mine, it was the look of reassurance, it was telling me that she's ok. Since this dream I have become more calm.
My friend your cat will send you signs , look up Brent Atwater and Cherokee Billy. It helped me though low moment's, Amber transitioned in 2018, I have suffered so much after seeing her final struggle, I have to let it go for Amber and for myself and other fur babies, I still have Amber's mom Nancy. If I get sick I can't look after them, Amber wouldn't want that. Thankyou for your support, contact anytime you like. 🌈😻

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Dear marialitto123,

I don't care to go into my own story of "euthanasia gone wrong" but suffice to say it did..and like you there was a horrible outcome when I had anticipated something peaceful.

I fully support you in how you feel and how you are reacting. My own experience which was somewhat like yours was quite traumatic and left me with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which is just now starting to clear up after many years.

I wish you well as you seek help and I am really truly sorry this series of events occurred. 


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