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Hi, my dog Nugget is still doing fine. I am a Christian, but I do not know if animals go to heaven. This question of whether or not my dog will be there with me has been eating me alive lately. If I knew that he would be in heaven with me then it would help me cope after he does die. I keep turning this question over and over in my mind.

If anyone has Biblical evidence that animals go to heaven I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Steve,

       I have often wondered the same thing. I choose to believe they do. I have to, it is the only way I get through the days. There is a story on the homepage of this website called " A Meeting at the Bridge", please read it, it is wonderful. I have also done searches on the web, looking for ST. Francis of Assissi, my Dad told me about him. Everything I have read has convinced that all animals have a special place in Heaven. We will see our pets again one day. I hope you will  find comfort the way that I have.

                                              Jacki, Baby Bunz Mommy



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Here are some passages in the Bible as you requested:
PSALM 36:6 "Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your judgments are like the great deep; you save humans and animals alike, O LORD". 
ECCLESIASTES 3:19-20 "Man's fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath, man has no advantage over the animal. Everything is meaningless. All go to the same place; all come from dust and to dust all return."
LUKE 3:6 "And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.'"

May this info be helpful to you.

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Hi Steve

We all would like to believe there is a place for our beloved friends so we can deal with the loss better.  Not sure any one has 100% knowledge but I have listened to mediums talking and they mention animals in their readings.  I was told by a well known medium my Rupert, who died 19 weeks ago today, is around me and his sister and I believe it to help me deal with his profound loss.  A book I read was   "Animals in the Spirit World" by Harold Sharp.  He was a spiritiualist who loved animals and saw them in his readings.

I guess it doesn't matter what we believe so long as it helps us to cope with our losses.  On this website people talk about animal communicators.  Maybe they could help.  Don't know how you go about that.  I would be interested in that too. Don't know if this helps.Take care Ruperts Mum

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Steve, I'm also a Christian and I believe in the hope of the resurrection of life for people.  That we can find in I Corinthians.

As for animals, the scriptures seem to be silent on their afterlife. However, I hope that we will be able to have our pets once again.  I see nothing in scripture that tells me we will, but most importantly, neither do I see anything that says we won't. 

Knowing God to be loving and caring, so much so that scripture tells us he is mindful of the smallest of creatures, I think we will. 

I can't believe that they all have a spirit of life and are so extremely individual if we aren't to be able to have them once again.  I've never had two cats remotely alike in personality.  So, I, personally, do hope for a time when we will have them once again.

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Here are a couple of links that may help ease your mind...

Biblical References to Animals & Heaven

MUST READ --- Why Weren't We Told?????


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Hi there Steve,

I don't read the bible, but I do believe with all my heart that we will see them again. we just have to...heaven wouldn't be heaven without our best friends. That is my only hope right now. I can't believe that I will never see my Nugget again (yes, the same name! :) ).

I hope you find what you are looking for.

Nuggetsmum Alana

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I believe they are all angels sent to us to help us through this life. When they die...they either go to heaven or go back to being angels to help others. I hope this helps.


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Dear Steve, I'm also a Christian and I know for sure that animals go to heven. All creatures God created are made of spirit and they will be saved. Animals are sweet innocent creatures and they will directly enjoy heaven. In the Resurrection time not only people will be united to their bodies but all animals, including our wonderful fur-babies. They will be restored and they will stay with us. Also in the Bible is written we would be able to comunicate with them. So we can hold on to that, we will see them again, I'm sure.
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

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I dont believe that our beautiful babies do not go on.  I am not a christian, but I just believe that love transcends all.  How can it not be, that our beautiful, innocent babies do not have the right to enter heaven.  They are our teachers in unconditional love, surely, that is all we transpire to.  Di xxx


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In Heaven, all things are perfect and there are no more could this be without our beloved fur babies?  So, yes, I truly believe they go there.


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I am a Christian, and although I have not seen scripture mentioning them, I also do not see scripture NOT mentioning them in Heaven.  That's when Faith takes hold.  What does your heart tell you?  I had a very profound dream about my Girls in a green field with yellow flowers. In the dream I was there with them.  It was a very real experience for me and I now have absolutely no doubt in my mind that they are in Heaven waiting for us.  Or they're at the bridge waiting for us to cross over into Heaven together.  Talk to God too - ask him to send you a sign.  You may be surprised.  I cannot imagine that God would create these creatures, who come into our lives and change us forever, to not allow them in His kingdom when they pass on.  It's inconcievable to me. 

God Bless,
Gerlie (Gypsy and Luna's forever mom)

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All animals are innocent with kind and gentle souls. They all go to Heaven! Look how Beautiful it is at the Rainbow Bridge where they wait to be reunited with us. Blessings!
Angel xoxoxox 

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This too, has always plagued my thoughts, as I was brought up Catholic and the stupid nuns used to say only people go to heaven, as animals do not have souls!

That has always stayed with me, and I've not been a very good practicing Catholic by going to Mass every week, etc., because they were so cruel.  Yet that doesn't mean I'm not a true Christian, and I live my life the best I can, and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

As the other poster said, if heaven is supposed to be so wonderful and we are all supposed to be in eternal happiness, why wouldn't we be with our furbabies who were part of our lives?


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Pope John Paul II officially declared that animals have souls and that we are to treat our smaller brethren with kindness as we are to treat other humans.
There are references in scripture which gives us some insight to animals being in heaven. One I'm sure you've heard is "the lion will lie down with the lamb".
God created animals the same way he created us. They lived like we do-meaning they breathe, eat, sleep, feel and perish just like us. The Bible doesn't mention a whole lot about the life of animals after death. The Bible is written for humans to read. We humans need the guidance of the Bible--our animals do not. They did not break God's command--man did.
I, too, am Catholic. Yes, we've been taught that animals don't make it to heaven. We were told that animals do not have souls--but the Pope stated differently. Now the Church has to view this as well, as the Pope is our leader. Also, Billy Graham answered the same question with this answer...
"if my idea of paradise is to have my pets in heaven with me, then God will see to it that is so." Remember, "ask and you shall receive."
Have faith my friend. I can't believe such wonderful creatures would just die away when they bring such joy and comfort to so many people. If we can expect to see our beloved humans in the afterlife, then we should expect to see our beloved furbabies. The emotional connections are no different.
Blessings and peace to you.



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{{{{{{{Laura}}}}}}} Guess what? I am also Catholic and know all about those "mean nuns" since I attended Parochial school as well. Would you believe that one of them told my brother who was 13 years old at the time that my Mom was going straight to Hell because she had never been baptized? This was right after my Mom died in 1960 and my brother's first day back to school. Pretty gosh awful, eh? Especially awful since my Mom had been baptized. My poor older brother was so traumatized by that.
Well, nuns are not the "see all, know all" authority on which people or animals go to Heaven. Remember too that they are human and have human faults. Some of them have more faults than others. I think we've both opened our eyes to that fact.
Look into the eyes of your beloved pet and tell me he or she does not have a soul. I don't think anyone here can do that. Many animals like dogs and other canines, dolphins, elephants, pigs, some apes, some species of birds and various other species of animals have been researched for years and show genuine emotions, intelligence, power to reason, behavior, cognizance and more very much the same as humans do.
No, I'm not being anthropomorphic either. I'll be glad to provide Websites from objective sources regarding different species of animals, how some shed real tears when sad or mourning. You do know that dogs smile. Right? Cats even get embarrassed and I'm not sure what other animals do right off hand without googling. Oh, I could go on and on but it would be like a novel.
Dearest Laura, I'm so sorry you experienced what you did ... And that I experienced what I did from certain nuns. Who was it that said, "If pets don't go to Heaven then I want to go where they go!"
Actually, the Bible is pretty "silent" regarding if animals go to Heaven and that's understandable taking into consideration the point in time that those inspired people wrote what we now read. Just remember, "If He'd come today, He could have reached the whole nation. Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication." Know what I'm saying? And that was a quote from a song, by the way. You probably recognize it.
I hope I've helped even a little. Please let me know if you'd like to have those Website links to the many species of animals both domestic and wild then you can judge for yourself. As for me? I've studied books, documentaries, journals and in real life as an Animal Rehabilitator. I know that they do possess souls. That's my claim and I'm sticking by it. ;^)
Here, isn't this lovely? I thought you might enjoy.

Many Bright Blessings of Love and Light to You and Yours for Laura and All! More Hugs!

Angel xoxoxox

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Here's my two cents worth:

God is Perfect Love. 

A God of Perfect love would never exclude creatures that love perfectly and unconditionally.  After all, He loves us perfectly and unconditionally. 

So, I ask you, who do you really think has the better chance of making it into heaven?  A creature who lives to serve and love his Master unconditionally, or imperfect humans who wreak all types of havoc all through their lives?  I have friends who are good Christians, good Jews, good Muslims, good Buddhists.  Then, I have a few friends who call themselves Christians and live like pagans.  They should follow a furbaby's example.  

Anyway, some famous person once said something to the effect of "If dogs aren't allowed in heaven, I'm going where they're going".  


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Melissa, that's the best explanation and reasoning I've ever heard that animals do go to Heaven and I applaud you!




Angel xoxoxox




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I'm new here and haven't felt able to share my story, but having lost a dog that meant more to me than anything, this was a question that was paramount in my mind to try and resolve. The Rainbow Bridge is a lovely story that I wish I could believe, but I wanted to have a more authoritative source to know that my friend is not gone forever. I've read a couple books on this subject, prayed and searched my own heart for truth and feel quite confident that our animals live on past their death. Scripture does not answer this question directly but it gives us many clues about how God loves and cherishes all life and that life is eternal and not something created and then destroyed. One need only to look at the story of Genesis. In God's perfect Garden, man and beast lived in harmony together. How then would a perfect heaven not be the same way? The book of Job says "In his hand is the soul of every living thing and the breath of every human being!" That's a pretty clear indication to me that our pets have souls and will have eternal life. We know that we are special to God and I think that is where this idea that animals won't go to heaven comes from, but it is not having a soul that makes us different from animals. Animals are the creation of God but we are literally his children. What makes us unique is that we are given a knowledge and understanding of God and must obtain redemption in order to have eternal salvation and enter heaven. Our pets our innocents, they do not worship God or seek enlightenment or even really care about bettering themselves or living according to God's rules. Just as we love them in spite of all their quirks and flaws so too God loves them. So I often tell my friends, I have no doubt that my furbaby is in heaven...I just have to be sure to live a good life and hope to be able to end up there too!

Mary Jo

Taz, Dearly loved by Mary Jo, 4/28/95-5/25/08
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