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My name is Christon. I am twenty-two years old, I am engaged to the love of my life, Madison, and we're living in a nice house that my family owns. I live in Kentucky, USA, and I have lived in the same house all of my life until five months ago.
I grew up with beagles most of my life. My father used them for hunting Rabbits. They were amazing dogs, and they're very nice and sweet. We've had about 10 or more of them in my life. Unfortunately, they have all passed.
We eventually stopped Rabbit hunting, and we got two dogs that are not meant for hunting. Izzy, and Annie.  Christmas 2017, we got a new young dog, Mara. She's a elk hound, mixed with blue heeler. We also just got another pup for Mara to play with about a month ago, her name is Tamari. She is a mut, several mixed breeds, but she is mostly hound. I believe she has coon hound in her.  These two dogs live inside with us, the first dogs to ever live with me. I've never had an inside dog. I love it. 
Izzy is a Black lab mixed with chocolate lab. She was almost completely solid black, but had some dark brown chocolate spots on her. She was a very active dog. Extremely intelligent. We used to throw a tennis ball on the top of our roof, and she could listen to where it was rolling and then catch it before it hit the ground. She was great at tricks, and loved to go on four-wheeler rides. 
Izzy has been hit by a truck before, and survived. She was miserable for a week, but we nursed her back to health. She had a good life. My mother is the one that got her. She got her in the summer of 08, if I recall. She fell asleep at my great grandfathers feet, as he fell asleep on my front porch, in a rocking chair, in the middle of the summer. IT's one of the best memories I have. She was so sweet. Eventually, after she got to be about 12 years old, she got extremely sick. This was around November 2017, right as winter started. She got extremely sick, and you could see her bones, she could barely walk or move. She passed away on March 10th 2018, two days before my birthday, almost exactly half a year ago. After she passed, we buried her in the back yard next to the beagles. Half a year passed, I still have not completely cried and gotten my grief out yet. 
Annie is a Black German Shepard mixed with Black lab. She was a very defensive dog, but never got physical, as she was only scared, not protective. She barked when she didn't know the person pulling in. She was very sweet, loving, and extremely loyal to me. She hardly went up to anyone that was not family, and she almost always stuck by my side 100% of the time. She was extremely smart, as well. She did not know tricks, although she would chase a ball or stick if thrown. After Izzy died, about one month later, we moved across the yard to our family owned home, my mother and father got a divorce, my father got that house and my wife and I moved into our first house, the family owned home. Annie lived with us, out there, she slept on the porch. She always stayed in the back yard. Never went anywhere else this past half year, unless she went somewhere to use the bathroom or played with our dogs we got now. Annie has been ran over, she's had mange, she's got ear-mites in both ears, she has a tumor in her left ear, and she is deaf. She's been through hell. Nobody else could imagine her pain. 
Yesterday. September 5th, 2018. My wife came home around 3:30 PM, and she didn't see Annie come to the car like usual. I was asleep from a 24 hour wake time. She couldn't find her at all yesterday. I woke up this morning and got a empty milk jug and washed it out and put some water in it, and then put the jug in the fridge to get the water cold, so that Annie could have cold water. I had thought about her the instant I woke up.  My wife told me this morning at about 4:30 AM, that she couldn't find Annie at all yesterday. I instantly felt my heart hit my stomach. I knew it was time. After so much, Annie was running away because she knew it was time. I looked on both porches, under both, and walked around the yard and looked. I then went to my fathers house and looked on his porches, and her old dog pen. She was nowhere to be found.
Izzy and Annie grew up together since they were puppies. When Izzy died, Annie got depressed. They have lived their entire lives outside, but they stayed in the dog pen a lot... a LOT.  .... as soon as Izzy died, I knew Annie was gonna go soon. She was so sad. I could see it, she didn't know where her sister went. she was looking for her. Then When we buried Izzy, Annie tried to grab her and pull her back. ....  I had to put Annie back in the cage for around a month or so, then when we moved out here, she was never caged again. Shes lived half a year without being in a cage. She was happy. I could tell. 
Half a year after Izzy died, today, she's nowhere to be found. I fear the worst. 
I still have not grieved for Izzy, probably because I knew it was coming, but... I'm not sure what to do. I've cried a lot, but my wife is at work so she is not here to support me. 
Annie was an outstanding fur baby. She was so loyal, and we love each other so much. Just like Izzy. I played with these dogs so much. I will remember them for the rest of my life. I will NEVER forget about them, and I think of them every day of my life. 
You two puppies will be loved forever, in my heart, in my wife's heart, in my mothers heart, and in everyone's hearts. You were both the best dogs that a boy could ask for. I cry constantly for you two and I would do anything to have both of you back right in front of me for just 5 minutes. Words cannot describe the pain I feel for my babies. I wish I would have spent more time with them. I wish I would have done more for them. I wish... they were here with me again so they could play with Mara and Tamari and see all four of them play with each other 
No matter what they will always be in my heart FOREVER. 
                              Rest In Peace Annie 09/06/2018          Rest In Peace Izzy 03/10/2018
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Hi Christon

Your story about Izzy and Annie is beautiful and sad at the same time. I’m sorry that they have gone and for your loss.

They both sounded like gorgeous dogs. It’s so hard when one goes and along with your own grief, you witness your dogs grief as well.

Have you managed to find Annie yet?

I hope you and Madison are doing as well as you can be under such sad circumstances. It hurts so much when our furry family members go. Izzy and Annie must’ve had happy and wonderful lives with you.

I love the pictures you’ve posted too. They look so happy!

Thinking of you xx
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