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Glory is back at the Hospital. I noticed last night that part of her incision had opened. They have stapled it shut and is on antibiotics (2 different kinds of) and on pain med again. We are hoping and praying that infection didn't set in. If she makes it through, I am going to have the Vet keep her for the next 12 to 14 days. She is not a good patient. And they can keep visual on her and handle her in a Professional manner. Like they should of in the first place. I am so tired, stressed and I have to admit angry. I am not complaining about the money... we have spent thousands of dollars on this. But I do expect them to take care of her until she is well enough to be cared for at home. I had to crate My Girl, because with the collar on.... she just went crazy. Even with her being crated, hand fed and watered. God I did my best. I feel like I failed My Girl. They put dissoluble stitches in something I feel like should of been stapled. Please pray for her healing and to know that in her heart, her Mommy is doing the best thing by having her stay in the Hospital. We won't know for a while if she is going to make it or not. I got some Valium induced sleep last night but today I feel like I have been ran over by a train. My heart is utterly broken. I will keep you updated as I learn how she is doing. God bless you all, Glory and her Mommy.


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Mayme, I'm so sorry to hear about the set-back!  You have taken exactly the right steps to ensure that Glory will make it through this!

Please realize that you have done everything (and beyond!) humanly possible to help Glory to heal.  Be kind to yourself.  You and Glory will continue to be in my prayers.  God Bless!  Rick

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      Hang in there. We are in there with you. Glory will have a special blessing in my prayer tonight when I am up at Gizmo's grave.


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Dear Rick,

Thank you so much. We have done all that we can do. We have a Doctor Doom I think. She finds a problem in all that we try to come up with in trying to help Glory. It's so hard to leave her at the Hospital for so long... but they can give her the care that I cannot. It helps so much to hear you say that. Thank you for your prayers too.

Thank you so much Jeff. Your prayers are powerful!!!

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Dear Mayme-

I was saddened to read that your Glory is back in the hospital. Obviously, this is where she needs to be so that she can be fully healed and you have done nothing wrong.  I would do the exact same thing.  My prayers are continuing.

ConnieV(Jakies' forever mom)

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Thank you so much Connie. It's a hard fact in life that we have to do things for our Babies that hurt so bad. Human or Fur. I asked Our Father God to tell Glory's Heart that I Love her and to get better for Mommy. Thank you so very much for your support and prayers. You know, you all are the only one's that I can lean on. Truly My Family. God bless you all.


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Mayme, I am so sorry Glory is back in the hospital. I can imagine how heartbroken and frustrated you must be. You are doing the absolute right thing for Glory by leaving her where she can have the care she needs on hand at all times.

I hope you get some rest and will be able to relax some. I am sure you need it. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and with Glory.


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mayme-i am so heart broken to hear of this set back when everything seemed like it was going in the right direction.   even though glory might be a little ticked at being back at the vet and having to stay there, this is what she needs in order to heal properly.    she would not be there if you did not love her so much and deep in her heart she knows that.    you can always go there everyday and spend some loving time with her so that she will not get too lonely.   and maybe take some special towel/blankie/toy in so that she still has the smell of home around her.

please be as kind and loving to yourself as you have been to glory.   we're all behind you there mayme with our support and prayers.


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Mayme ~ I am very sorry Glory is back in the hospital.  You and Glory will be in my thoughts and prayers.



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Dear Berta and Dawn,

Thank you so much for your loving kindness and prayers. I have Faith and I just know Glory is Healed In The Name of Jesus. She is doing good and eating. She's a Christan Kitty. God bless.

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Oh Mayme I am soo sorry for Glory's set back! {{{{hugs}}}} oh how i understand the emotional toll of a sick animal. I remember them sending Lenny home only to have the worst possible night ever. I will say a pray for her and for you on this journey. xoxo


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Dearest Mayme!

I think God knew you were pooping out chasing her around the house so He took care of things for you!  That girl is a Stinker!  At least now she'll have to stay put and you can get some well-deserved rest!  She's our baby're she's got all of our prayers to get her better!  Keep trusting in Him to see her through this! She's eating and that means healing, so.......I know it's hard to do but try to relax!

God Bless You and Miss Glory!
Donna (Rudy & Rileysmom:)

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your precious Glory... I now what you are going through cause my last months are a continually back and forth to the vet...
God bless you and Glory... Keep on having faith and try to be strong..


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Dear Mayme,  I am so sorry that Glory is having problems again.  She will be in my prayers.  Hang in there, honey, and she will be better.

Love, Diane

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Dearest Mare, Katie, Donna, Maria and Diane,

Thank you so very very much. No signs of infection so far. Although they say it might take a little while to show up (?). She is eating and drinking. Donna- believe it or not... she was acting this way kenneled here at home. When we got her home and she went Kitty gone wild, I ran out and bought the biggest Dog Crate I could. She is a "Stinker"lol!!! Loudpurring PM'd me last night. What a God send she is. She has no idea. Yes!!!! Glory does belong to all of you Beautiful Wonderful Faithful PL Family. You all are a Testimony!!!!! As onry as she is, she is going to have to stay at the Hospital until the collar can come off and my handling her is not a threat. She's an 11 lb. Kitty but has the strength of Fancy the 2200 lb Belgium I fostered for 2 years. My Goodness!!!! I am getting a little more strength and actually starting to get a little hungry. So, I'm ok. Our God is a Good and faithful God. I love you all so very very much. God bless you with His Favor today.
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