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This might sound nuts to some but I've seen it happen wayyyy too many times when humans died. Has anyone gotten a sign from their pet? A gust of wind or anything that made you think it was a sign from your baby? I'm looking for that right now. I need it. My best friend died last year and we were having a little memorial for him at the Yacht Club he worked at when all of a sudden a GUST of wind that almost knocked us over  came through blowing out candles and all. I mean it came from out of NOWHERE. Something like that has happened to me several times when someone has died. Don't think I'm crazy

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Hi Robyn,

I know alot of people here have gotten signs from their pets, but as of yet, I haven't been one of the lucky ones. I am still waiting. Maybe I haven't been watching closely enough. I was in such denial of losing my Baby Bunz. Have faith, as will I. I am sure our babies will come to us and let us know they are ok!

Hugs* Jacki, Baby Bunz Mommy

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No, you're not crazy at all!  I believe I had a sign from my girls yesterday when we were on our way to meet Kona, who we ended up adopting.  We were on the freeway and I was talking to my girls (silently) asking them for a sign that it's OK to bring another fur baby into our lives.  Almost instantly a huge gust of wind hit our car so hard my husband pulled over thinking we blew a tire or something.  The car was fine and nobody else on the road seemed aware of the gust of wind at all.  It was so weird.  Right before I got back in the car, I noticed there was one single gorgeous purple desert flower in bloom in a dirt patch right by my car-side door.  Kona's previous name was Puanani, which is Hawaiian for "beautiful flower."  My husband and I looked at each other and smiled.  If that wasn't a sign then I don't know what is.


Posts: 148
Wow Luna! That was DEFINITELY a sign. I need something like that to happen eventually. I'm so glad to hear things like that. It makes you feel so much better. Hey Jacki I'm sure our time will come. You may need to pay more attention. I'm looking for it big time.

Posts: 2
Hi Robyn,

I have to share this story with you so that you know you are not totally nuts and probably saner than most :)

My Stinky was put to sleep on Thursday, June 26th.  He was having exploratory surgery that morning and we were hoping that it would be something that we could correct (blockage, etc.) but it was not to be.  The morning started off with rain and was overcast and I had a bad feeling so when they called me in the middle of surgery to tell me that it was inconclusive why he was throwing up the past 3 weeks and why he was losing weight the past 3 months, and why no medication (he was on 5 by this point in time) was working.  The vet suggested that we could do biopsies and tests and try more medicine and such, but I made the decision to be kind and not wake him up.  It was like a very bad dream.

So I am sitting outside my deck that evening, having cried the entire day away.  Feeling profound loss and a good dose of guilt, I looked to the now sun streaked evening sky and asked Stinky to please send me a sign that he was okay.  The next morning it was a glorious day with the sun shining but I had come out of the fog of yesterday and the reality of it hit and it was very, very hard.  My 14 year old came downstairs and saw the state I was in and said to me, "I was not going to tell you this but I saw Stinky last night."  Now if you have ever had a vision, you know that they are far different than dreams.  I've only had a few in my life but what my daughter was telling me was nothing unnatural or surreal like a dream and strangely very real.  According to her, Stinky was curled up in her armpit and was fat again and looked at her and said "thank you" and then jumped off the bed, found a favorite toy from her room and trotted off.  I knew that it was a sign.  But it gets better....

So Saturday I am watching my daughter play field hockey and a mother says to me as she points to the sky, "Wow, look, a rainbow and it goes all the way from end to end".  And I'm like, yes, quite rare in this part of the country.  I could not remember the last time I had seen one.  But I didn't think anymore on it.

Monday night I am anxious for the Candle Ceremony.  I had made a few friends in the grief chat room and wanted to honor Stinky.  The phone rings at 8pm and it is my aunt looking for my wayward parents on their way up for their summer migration from Florida.  The only problem is that they would not be leaving for weeks yet so the timing is premature.  I don't speak to this aunt often, she is older without children and doesn't live close and I'm busy with the kids.  But we talk a bit about this and that when the family gets together.  Now this particular aunt is very much into communicating with people who have passed and was into psychics and readings well over 30 years ago.  She also has several cats and I could not imagine how she ever survived the death of even one.  So we get to talking about how strange it is that we have not caught up in so long and then she phones me out of the blue, etc. and I tell her about Stinky.  Did she think it was a sign he gave my daughter? Definatly yes.  She was so supportive but I had to cut things short -- it was 9:59 pm and I needed to get online for the ceremony!

So I rush to the ceremony and am reading along and low and behold, parts about the rainbow bridge are referenced and whammo!  It's like everything made sense!  My daughter's vision, the rainbow and this phone call from an aunt I do not ever really speak to, all in the same weekend.  I asked for a sign, and Stinky must have known that I need things to be really direct and here it all was laid out for me.  I'm sure that on Saturday, the rainbow was a sign that he had already crossed over. 

Now, I know that you have asked for a sign from your pet but please understand that time at the rainbow bridge may not be the same as here.  Two years ago when I had to put down my Bosco, I asked for a sign and got none.  But since I have put down 3 pets in my life and had 3 signs over that weekend, I like to think that they all sent me one.  Perhaps they were waiting for Stinky to cross not wanting to move on without him.  I will not know but I have comfort and peace in my heart. 

But my point is that weather you get a sign or not (and you may get one and not know it at all), they are moving toward a rainbow bridge. Please don't be discouraged by the lack of an obvious sign or worried about your beloved pet because there are many people who can tell you stories like I just have and you will know that there is a greater being watching over all we hold dear.

Bless you and Saxon.  You are in my prayers. to Bosco, Icky & Stinky and Juno & Jesse

Posts: 237

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Saxon.  Everyone here understands what you're going thru and I hope that this can bring you a small bit of comfort!

Yes, I do believe in 'signs' from both humans and our beloved animals.  My husband and I had to PTS our adored 12-year-old chocolate lab, Gus, on June 18th.  I posted the following on another thread sometime last week but I'll repeat here:

I have spoken to Gus often in the last two weeks when no one can hear me and I asked him to please let me know that he was alright and that he understood why we had to let him go.  I asked him to please let me know it was him in an unmistakeable way.  This past Wednesday (the 2 week anniversary of his death), I believe he answered me.  I was watching TV on Wednesday morning and the special name I had for him - and a name only I used - suddenly appeared on the TV ("Buggles").  I know that the TV show was showing it in reference to a 1980's video they were showing but it was so timely that I couldn't help but wondering if it was his way of showing me that he heard me and that he forgave me?  I choose to believe that it was.

I had been having a lot of guilt about the PTS decision and was very distraught.  On Tuesday evening - the evening before the 2 week anniversary of his death - I begged him to please let me hear from him and on the following morning I got the sign mentioned above.  I know it was from him.  We were so close in life that I refuse to believe that the connection between us is totally severed.

I don't know if you have ever heard of the medium John Edwards but I once read a book he had written and he said that those who have crossed over often give us signs but many people fail to recognize them.  I really believe that you have to be open to receiving them.  Since I believe that my little boy is in heaven waiting for me, I believe that he can give me a sign like any human can (and I do believe that!).  It's not something I would expect to see very often but I think that ALL of our loved ones can give us a sign when we need it most.  I got a sign from my Dad 19 years after he died but it was at a time when I needed it.

Tell Saxon what you need from him and he'll give it to you when you least expect it.


Posts: 17
The day after I had to have my Peppy euthanized, I was at work ( a wreck) and this incredible feeling of him washing over me came along, a feeling a love, not goodbye, but "I'm here, doing fine, don't worry"  One of the most incredible feelings of my life.  I'm a skeptic as far as paranormal, but I don't care whether it came from my mind or there was something else going on, it gave me a sense of peace and acceptance.



Posts: 10
My baby had to be PTS to start his journey to RB June 24th.  I miss him so terribly.  He is my little soulmate and his loss has ripped my heart and soul to pieces.  Here is what has happened recently with us. 
July 2nd morning I was sobbing so hard people three houses from us could probably hear my heart and soul breaking apart.  Then I heard a sound that I knew but could not believe it was real and still am not sure if I was just crazy from the soul wrenching crying or really heard my Ewok shuffle his way into the bedroom (he could not walk well without shuffling the pads of his feet along the tile).  I heard the tags on his collar jiggling.  He came from the hall into the bedroom and stopped at the end of our bed.  I looked over my husband's side of the bed (husband had left hours earlier for golf) and Chewie was in his bed and sound asleep.  I heard the collar one more time and then it was all too silent again.  Am I crazy OR is this just my wishful thinking??  
Then July 3rd we went to our last bowling until Sept- I missed the two prior weeks of the league because I just could not do it - but had no choice tonight since I am secretary and had to pay the money out.  When we arrived home and opened the door into the house/laundry room the area rug that is there was all twisted up like Ewok used to do when he was healthy because that is where he would lay and wait for me to come home.  He did that every time I left for over 14 years.  Chewie has never crumpled a rug to get comfortable (he is over 7 years old) - he just goes around in a circle and then lays down.   So, again I burst into tears and sat down on the rug.  I felt like I could smell Ewok.  How did the rug get messed up and who did it???  My girlfriend and her husband (from Tucson) have been here the last two days and tonight when we got home from dinner, the rug to the garage from the laundry room was again messed up.   
My girlfriend had called me on the 3rd in tears and said she has never in her life picked up a penny off the ground.  She had heard a saying years before that if you pick up a penny from the ground you will get a sign from someone.  That day she walked from work to her car and there right at her feet was a cruddy penny which, for reasons she cannot explain, she picked up and then saw Ewok face in her mind's eye.  She said she cried most of the way home.  She put the penny with the other items I have on top of the entertainment center which will form a little memorial to my baby. 
She went with me today when I picked up my baby's ashes and brought my little Ewok back home to me.  My heart has broken again with the extreme pain. 



Posts: 117
so wonderful to read and hear all these signs from our loved ones. thank you all for taking the time to share. each story brings more and more comfort and peace.

We've received a few signs from our precious Daisy.

first, when looking for her, i prayed and prayed that i would be able to hold and touch her bear mitt paws again. i did. while not in the way i wanted- at least we found those precious paws and somehow they brought me solitude in knowing she was home again and not lost out in the woods somewhere.

the second sign, came when the morning after we found her. i had driven to publix to take down the last of her flyers. when i hit my left turn signal next to the stop sign that had her photo on it, the blinker went crazy and loudly started flashing very very very fast- pointing right to Daisy's picture! ironically enough, the turn signal never did this before and hasn't done it since.

then the friday night after we found her- because i was off work now i could let it all out. i was a complete and total wreck. i was on this site, and thinking about Rainbow Bridge. just then my wife came to tell me that we just got a sign from Daisy. I went to the living room and the TV had turned itself on- to a static channel that we can't get to and have never seen before. this channel had horizontal multi-colored lines mixed in the static. all i could think was "rainbow"... "bridge"... i left the TV on and slept next to it the whole night

the next sign was the rain after her funeral. so beautiful and calming. just like the tale of rain after a funeral goes...

followed by the biggest sign of all- me walking by the pool the next morning, and finding BOTH a possum and starling- floating in the pool right by the diving board where Daisy always sat. this was incredibly profound for me. I was very confused at how this could happen and the odds of it happening! then i remembered that death comes in threes. and Daisy likely had asked the Lord why her friends couldn't be with her. Unable to resist her adorableness, he complied. Daisy grew up with that possum, and went outside at night to spend time with it. and she just adored watching the birds. i laid them both to rest with Daisy.

scattered in past weeks was the white butterfly that would circle us, and land and rest on Daisy's grave- which was cute because we placed fake Daisy flowers there because it's in the shade and real ones won't grow there. we very rarely see white butterflies.

this past weekend we observed that the upstairs bathroom light comes on whenever someone opens and closes any downstairs door in the house. this light has a motion sensor and has never acted up. i tried banging the door and jimmying the doorknob hard- but that wouldn't turn the light on. then i would ever-so-gently open the door, then carefully close it- the second the latch quietly clicked, the light upstairs went off again. the upstairs bath was Daisy's room. we left the tub water streaming all the time because she only drank that way. next to the tub was her ottoman that she slept on when she didn't sleep with daddy. all i could think is that Daisy's spirit is coming in and out of the house as we open each of the doors that she would frequent, and is somehow connected to her favorite room and turned on that light that had always in the past told us that Daisy had just entered her room.

I hope we all get even more signs from our children. Sometimes i feel I might be asking too much or be too demanding when i get a sign, then say "send me more! please!"

Pat (Daisy's forever daddy)


Posts: 205
I truly believe in signs.....We had to assist my Tai-Chi to the RB on Feb 10th she was a beautiful collie/chow...well anyway I always looked on petfinder looking for a dog that resembled my Tai (I've been doing this for about 4 yrs and she was well at the time)and I NEVER found one...well on Tai-Chi's 1 month anniversary...I was talking to her telling her how much I was missing her and what popped on my computer screen ...a puppy who looked just like her, who needed to be rescued...I definitely took this as a sign and knew I had to have this puppy...she has sooooo manyyyy mannerisms of Tai...see for yourself
      Tai-Chi                              Kelee

Posts: 4

We helped our Boxer boy, Mugzy, to the Rainbow Bridge just yesterday evening.  The vet came to our home and it was peaceful and calm.  One of Mugzy's nicknames was Mug-Bug, or just Bug.  Because of a couple of other experiences (not pet-relate), fireflies have always been a mystical/spiritual symbols to me.  About an hour after Mugzy had passed, I looked up and realized a firefly had gotten into the house and was hovering in front of me.  I said to it, without even thinking, "Oh silly Bug, what are you doing in the house?  You need to go outside and fly free."  I captured it by cupping it in my hands and tried to let it go.  It just sat on my hands.  Then I put it on a basil plant and it crawled away to fly off.  Then it hit me that the firefly was sending me a message from my Mugzy.  It was lovely, sad and comforting all at the same time.  I am happy the message hovered right in front of me, so I could see it through my sadness.   


Posts: 148

Keep on telling these stories guys. I really enjoy them. It makes me feel better. I know my little man will send me a sign eventually. We were way too close. He was extra extra cuddly with me in his last couple of months.


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I know I got a sign from George about 3weeks after he passed.I have a table in the livingroom and on the bottom shelf is a pic of me and my parents.George loved to play aroung there moving and sometimes knocking the pic down.One night I cried out his name and the next morning, the picture had been turned sideways and right behind it was fresh paw prints in the dust.I know he heard me that night and came to let me know he was ok.


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my Oscar ( a bichon) left us last April, a little over a year ago. I miss my guy so much, but he sent me some signs. the first one was in May- my husband took me out to dinner for mother's day ( we have no kids, but I am mom to the dogs). he knew I would be bummed because I always got a funny card from Oscar. just as the waiter put my plate in front of me, a perfect rainbow was on my plate from the window. I know it was Oscar. 

the second sign was in May also- my husband said to me "hey look, bluebirds are finally building a nest in that box I built." we put that box up 13 years ago, the same spring we got Oscar. never had bluebirds til he was gone. they raised 4 babies too

the third sign was a few weeks later, I was sound asleep and around 2 in the morning I woke up and heard two distinct quick barks. it wasn't either of my other dogs, I would know Oscar's bark anywhere ( any of you dog moms would agree). and it was his happy, excited bark. maybe to let me know he was fine

and lastly- I planted some gladiolus bulbs after Oscar left. when they bloomed I wanted to take a pic of them. call me nuts, but I circled what looks like a little white dog on the picture


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When my 14 year old cat Valentina left me, she left a very huge hole in my heart. We had to assist her to the Rainbow Bridge, but she was ready to go. She had had gastrointestinal cancer, which we thought we'd arrested with chemo, but apparently, it had metastisized to her brain and it eventually made her so weak and completely changed her personality. She hadn't purred for me for a while until the night before she left us.

The next day, we were driving home and there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky. I know that it was a sign from Tina that she had arrived at the Bridge safe and sound and that she would wait there patiently for me. All of the others who had gone on before were there with her, too.

A few weeks before she left, we were at a local pet store and there was a kitten there who was the spitting image of Valentina. She was very cute, but of course, we couldn't adopt her at the time. The next time we went back, she was gone.

The week after we lost Tina, we were at the same pet store, there was the kitten again! She had had a slight case of conjunctivitis, so they had taken her out of the "adoptable" room and treated her, and now she was back, waiting to be adopted. The interesting thing was that she was born at about the time that Tina was diagnosed, and the temporary name the adoption agency gave her was "Nina". These coincidences, coupled with the fact that she looked so much like Tina, convinced us that she was meant to be with us. I think Tina arranged for her to be there when we needed her.

Of course, we took her home and named her Jasmine. She isn't a replacement for Tina (there can never be a replacement) but she has helped me to heal.

I've also had many dreams where Tina has come visited me. It's always a comfort when she does.


Posts: 148
Kburchfield  that story is wild. I love it!! The paw prints. You should have taken a picture of that.  If I see a rainbow anytime soon I think I'll pass out. I love going to pick out a new puppy. They always let you know that they are supposed to be with you. I had a dog named Max (Saxon's daddy actually) and when I went to look for a puppy I was set on a girl. I wanted a girl so badly until I saw him and he looked up at me with his big beautiful brown eyes. I knew instantly he was it. I will never forget it. Out of all of those dogs he let me know I was supposed to be his mommy.

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My first post here...our beloved soulful rotty, Stormy Lee passed today at 3:30pm.  I am crushed.

At work tonight, was driving, listening to the radio and trying to focus on the job.  The sky was darkening.  I picked up on a strong scent.  A good scent.  A warm feeling came over me.  The scent was the beautiful scent of Stormy.  The scent I would smell when I would hold her close and bury my face in her fur.  The feeling of closeness to her, of pure canine warmth was almost overpowering.  It was the incredible feeling of love that always shined from Stormy.  My eyes started to water.    The heavens opened and amidst thunder and lightening the rain poured down in torrents.  A storm.  For Stormy.  I actually stopped the vehicle and got out and stood in the downpour and cried my eyes out (smiling!).   Rain never felt so good!

I know I'll never see that so-human look in her eyes again, never hold her tight, never run till we drop and roll around on the ground again.  But that feeling of Stormy....I hope and pray I never lose that. 


Posts: 156
Nicholas had been gone two days when a dear friend (and my massage therapist) made a slot in her busy schedule to give me some much needed TLC. As I lay with my face in her table's face cradle I felt the tempo of her massage suddenly slow and stop. She called my name softly and I thought she was just checking to see if I was still awake.

Instead she asked if Nicky had had a gray grizzled muzzle, which he did indeed. She told me a large black dog with a grizzled muzzle was "leaning" against her thigh trying to reach my face in the face cradle.

On two occasions after that Nicky "visited" while Lori was massaging me. There is something spiritual about her room and she has healing hands. She has seen him sitting beside me or lying by my feet. I feel he's still with me and will be waiting for me when my time comes to pass, and I'm not afraid.

Posts: 1,205
I am extremely blessed, because I have always had visits from my loved ones over the years, human and animal.

The other day was my Dads 95th birthday, he passed a few years ago.  I was at the kitchen sink, and I felt what I thought was my Ben walking out of the utility room, where his food is.  I even heard the sound of his paws on the mat.  I turned around and there was nothing there.  When I looked, my Ben was outside.

Then I gigled, it was my big, greedy girl Sorcha, she had come to see me because it was Dads birthday, but even in spirit form, she couldnt resist checking out Bens food dish.

Love Di xxx

Posts: 153

No your not crazy at all!!! I get little signs from my babies all the time but the most significant one was from my rabbit Rudy who passed in the summer of 02. He died suddenly one night. We didn't know he was even sick at the time. I dreamt about him that night he died. I was holding him in my arms and he was struggling to jump out of my arms. I held him closer. I was afraid to let him go. I didn't want to let go. Finally he spoke to me. "I love you mom, but I have to go now. Don't worry I will be OK." So I did and I watched him hop away. I looked ahead to see where he was headed. Before me was a tree lined road and at the end of that road a huge rainbow arcing into the sky. When I awoke the next morning he was gone. To this day I am convinced he came to me to say goodbye. Since then he has sent me rainbows. to let me know he is still with me. My favorite is when I was having a bad day. I was driving in my car and I turned on the radio. The song that was playing was the Rainbow Connection. As I went around a bend in the road ahead of me was a BIG beautiful rainbow. YES!! Rudy I know you are still here.


Posts: 117
that is so beautiful. hank you so much for sharing the story. :)
makes me smile

Posts: 36

Yes I got a sign from my George about three weeks after he passed.I have a table in the living room and on the bottom shelf is a picture of me and my parents.George loved to play around that table and would move or even sometimes knock the picture over.Well about three weeks after he passed I got up that morning and the picture had been turned sideways and fresh paw prints in the dust.I know in my heart that was George telling me he was ok.


Posts: 148
This day a week ago I was still playing with my angel. Tomorrow will be tough. I did see SAXONS on the tv today and I thought that could maybe be a sign. I was flipping through stations pretty quickly and it caught my eye and I went back and they were talking about the Anglo Saxons. I thought hmmmm!
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